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Galaxy S6 / Edge: How to Access IMEI (ESN) Number: 2 Ways to Find!!!!!

okay I have a samsung galaxy s6 here and

I'm going to show you two ways that you

guys can access or see the IMEI number

first way is go ahead and open up the

dialpad and you want to type in a

special code which is star pound zero

six pound and voila there you go and

this doesn't work the other way to do it

is scroll down go into settings here


and then scroll all the way down to the

very bottom or says about device click

there and it says status click on status

and then from here scroll down a little

bit little ways and there you go the

IMEI number now the thing those guys

take note that you know there's a lot of

websites to offer free check for the eye

and the eye the thing is a lot of

websites they'll be free they work great

and then in next week they'll change

they'll require you to like putting your

email address and stuff like that

the easiest way to find it but phone was

like blacklisted or stolen or anything

is find out where the what carrier the

original carrier was from the phone and

call that carrier for instance this is a

t-mobile or actually is a AT&T call up

AT&T and then give them the IMEI number

and they'll be able to give you details

in regards to that particular phone so

it's pretty much it any questions or

anything just comment below alright

thanks bye