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Samsung Galaxy S6 - how to check the IMEI / ESN

how's it going viewers thank you guys

for watching my video in this video

we'll be showing you guys how to check

the IMEI on a Samsung Galaxy S six the

IMEI number you check it just to make

sure your phone has not been reported

stolen or blacklisted if you are buying

from the store it is most likely clear

this is mostly just like a precaution

for buying used phones secondhand phone

stuff that might have been stolen and

reported stolen if they are selling it

with the original box you will be able

to find it here IMEI numbers the very

top number on the samsung galaxy s six

box and it's labeled IMEI and it has the

number that's not very accurate

sometimes people will try to change the

phone they'll get a different phone and

they'll sell it with a different box

like get a different phone and try to

sell this box if they have both phone in

box make sure that the number matches up

to here just just a precaution you could

take so if you are going to just get the

phone what you want to do is go into

your settings by going to apps and from

apps there's a Settings tab once you get

the settings scroll down all the way to

the bottom till you find about phone go

ahead and select that and once you're

here the second one down says status go

ahead and select that and scroll down

towards the bottom you will see the IMEI


and once you get that number I use free

ESN check comm is a pretty good reliable

source that I have been using for a

while the check yes some numbers if you

are buying a phone just to make sure

like I said again so it's not blacklist

reported stolen because once it is you

will not be able to activate it on a

line so that is how you check the IMEI

number on the Samsung Galaxy s6 I hope

you guys found this video helpful if you

have any comments questions concerns go

ahead put in the comments section below

thanks for watching have a nice day