find the


what's going on guys welcome back to

warframe in today's episode I'm gonna

talk about the incubator and how to get

pets now there's two ways go go about

this so if you did a cool bro mission

you would have got an egg you would had

an open state of slot and you need to

get one last thing it's an incubator

power core and it says the power cores

can be built in the boundary but the

recipe is available in the market and

you go to your market and you're

wondering where the hell is it so online

people say if you've got the equipment

and go to components you'll find it

there but I didn't find I didn't find it

here I was having trouble so I press are

free search there and I found it and

I've added it to my wish list which is

over here now to get this you have two

options however you get blueprint or use

it on money in my Platinum's and you get

4:35 but the easy route is actually

buying it with your own money and paying

35 and just getting it and having your

pick however if you don't want to put

your own money into a beta game then I

suggest you do the blueprint round

blueprint cost 50,000 okay there's not a

lot but you do require nanos Poor's 4500

control module two argon crystal one now

you might be wondering where the hell do

I'll get those or again you have two

options option number one you go to the

market search each of them and buy them

with Platinum's again you'll have to buy

a platinum from the PlayStation Store if

you don't want to go that route there is

another route but it is grindy as hell

so let me go back to navigation I'll

show you

so you're wondering how men to find out

what planet has what so for example

let's go on earth wouldn't find out what

kind of you know materials can I get or

resources can I get from this planet so

you press are free if you're on the ps4

you get ferrite rebid or new roy's there

tonight and if we can wait I don't need

I don't need those materials I need what

I won so this is why I did to save you

you know the trouble I went through each

and every planet and I checked what

resources each planet has and I found

out Neptune has the nanos balls I need

and the control module right and the

only other planet with algún crystal is


i winged cristo and it also has control

module what you need how do I get to

these planets well if you know if you

highlight a little line going across on

the side right this line hey lights up

now how to access that so you have to

unlock Mars first then you unlock Sirius

which unlocks Jupiter unlock Saturn

which unlocks Uranus which unlocks

Neptune the other way is either you go

through more serious Jupiter a lot

Europa unloyal void and void unlocks

Neptune as well and the other way is go

for Mars Phobos directly to void entire

Neptune which was a shortest way really

but the good thing about other way is

you unlock all these planets so yeah

guys that's like really the only other

way you can actually get those materials

anyway guys are for let me show this

quickly tutorial of how to get certain

stuff in the game if you do require more

just let me know in the comment section

and I'll try my best to get care for you

anyway see you guys soon