find the


Michael come on dude we've been here for

three hours and we haven't caught a

single fish you promised we'd see loads

of stuff today that's the only reason

why I came out with you I could have

been playing video games yeah I don't

care if this one on the way Michael you

haven't caught one now you didn't catch

one three hours ago I've just been

standing around doing nothing Tracy

aren't you bored Tracy Tracy now she

must be sleeping

that explains why she hasn't been

speaking much then my days this has been

such a boring day we could be playing

video games Jimmy just hold him there

buddy Michael can we at least have a go

at the fishing rods you haven't even let

me fish yet what seriously I can't be

trusted with a fishing rod now grace why

and why am I even here someone please

tell me I don't need fresh air I've got

a window so boring this is so boring

this is so boring this is so boring this

is so boring this is so I can pull sorry

Tracy I won't walk into you this is so

boring this is so boring Michael look at

me I'm bored

Michael I'm going I've got Michael I

will go I will find my own way back

I don't need your car I don't need

anything I'm going yeah yeah I will go I

will go Michael

good luck catching fish oh hang on we

could be really really rebellious here

uh yeah let's do it let's take his car

he won't care won't care at all he left

his keys in here so why not guys hey

Michael I'll just be borrowing this

alright you listen to me there's no

place we're not gonna catch anything

ah yes hey Jimmy you know how to drive

right let's go crash this duck really

Jimmy really did you have to go and

crash these things well Michael's not

gonna be happy Jimmy I don't think you

really cares about that right now uh

don't know how we flipped it oh my

goodness Michael are we broke his window

as well he's still got his collar though

okay well we got this unstuck now do you

know how to drive this thing no don't


Jimmy sue me why are you duckies no

Jimmy Jimmy don't you know Jimmy Jimmy

Jimmy it's why no no days next time you

want to show off don't do it in Michaels

car next to someone oh gosh we broke the

car guys it's not working oh my days

well let's just pretend someone

install the car what's that thing you

guys see that that's really strange okay

one second I gotta get some air that's

something in this seat from above is

that dude did you see that do you guys

there's definitely something down there

did you guys see that okay let's go back

down what's that thing it's like some

treasure oh my days that's so cool wait

can we get this let's see it can't be

that heavy right what is it dude I have

no idea okay back up for some air it's

right there guys I have no idea what

that is that looks so cool I gotta get

this I gotta get this alright Jimmy

we're gonna dive down and we're gonna

grab this thing cool check this out

hey Jimmy I think is a little bit too

big for you but surprisingly it fits is

like a bar or something which we're

holding but I dunno who this is men

affair I mean did that how big do you

have to be this makes Jimmy look tiny

it's so heavy as well hey Jimmy okay

let's see what this thing does my screen

is like filtering stuff this is soli

days what is that it's lighting up oh oh

my god whoa I'm gonna we stop time and

we slow down time oh my days

oh my goodness all my days this thing's

insane we can slow down time okay okay

what else can this do what there's a

whole array of things oh my goodness we

can steal Souls resurrect the dead oh oh

uh meet here wait hang teleport a

car-crash make up black holes throw fire

and change gravity no this can't be real

this comic mind control mind control

mind control mind control mind control

more mind control telekinesis telic whoa

oh my goodness okay wait this thing

comes with a sword I

okay okay well we found the swords we we

found the sword ah hello yeah this thing

okay thank you very much thank you thank

you thank you I yep yeah let's carry on

infinity guys oh gosh what what even is

that noise okay let's do this again no

no I can't do it I can't I don't okay

let's do it over the sea all my days oh

my goodness what is this this is so cool

Kali's we can create our own infinity

beam what what does they even do Wow

power shoot okay that's pretty cool I

could do that power wave yeah not bad

and ground wave oh my days we've found

we've found something incredible I don't

know if I can even tell any what about

this guy's I honestly don't know let's

change the gravity that work I don't

know if that'd work guys let's find out

wait since when can we go super fast

since when was that a thing it's the

goal of doing that as well what what is

this who who made this thing it must

have come from like the ancient times

you know you know the gods

the builders create those mythical items

I think we found one of them guys and

we're wearing it who is it oh god hello

hello hello can I help you guys um we've

just found like a chaise okay like oh my


oh my goodness all my days what are we

doing Jimmy Jimmy what are we doing what

let's stop stop

I don't know what we've done we've we've

I'm sorry guys like I can we can we stop

this I I don't know I don't know just I

don't know how to bring the gravity back

I'm so sorry give me a second

oh oh sorry so sorry about all my days

now they're after me no no stay up there

for a second just while I figure this

out um okay right that's the gravity one

I now know that's the gravity one let's

just give me a second guys we have this


we've already we've already got it he's

now apologized you're welcome you're

welcome guys well no not the officers

Jimmy get the car get the car that's

them there we go

well that was fun Oh oh my days stone it

oh this sounds quite cool is he still

alive yeah he's alive okay let's sort

you out you're the bad guys and now

you're a pile of rocks hey you stop stop

right there I'm not messing about that

stop right there sir I won't ask again

well I got the police car don't let them

do anything let's use the powers that

did the job hey officer you can go home

now doosh doosh doosh doosh doosh doosh

doosh doosh doosh oh sorry yeah I'm

still getting the hang of all my days

like really keep that guy so far away

from me is he still flying oh I'm very

sorry can I help this guy maybe hey hey

oh no it's too late guys he's gone it's

burnt to ash even this thing can't

repair that hey Michael Michael you're

gonna love this oh please Tommy he's

back home please tell me he is you've

gotta be amazed dude hey Michael you're

never gonna believe this look what I

found dude

oh no come on don't be angry at me dude

come on don't stop talking about the car

look what it got my arm it's not a toy

if no Michael it's not a toy

don't don't pass Michael you know I'm

not gonna listen

scream and shout you really want to see

what this does yeah I will show you how

yeah I will don't don't you dare talk in

my face like that Michael you ripped it

did you giving me no you know what I

don't want to listen to you all day I

don't want to listen to this what can we

do that's pretty amazing

hey Michael you searched my days hey hey

look Michael I've had it up for you yeah

yeah yeah let's see let's see how you

laughing now huh you're covered in

stones really listen do it what have you

tried all my days okay well this isn't

quite working okay B now at least now

how do you not but I just magic two

sword in my arm how do you not do this

is not part of a video game if you can

act as tough as you like Michael I don't

care this thing is not a toy stop

shouting dude come on I came in to show

off what I had to listen to you scream

and showered me away we haven't done the

snap fingers things yeah okay let's give

this one a go Michael look check this

out oh no no Mike Michael Mike Michael

don't do it again Oh Jimmy Jimmy your

real need to pay attention to the power

button okay it's not just a toy with my

conflict oh gosh okay let's put that


no no this is really weird this is

really a Michael if you're playing a

joke on me can you please come out

Michael Michael

come on this isn't funny Tracy wait what

was Tracy gone she was definitely here

rooms completely untidy Tracy

Amanda hello is anyone here

what is everyone nothing's gone oh sorry

about the table Amanda she's gonna be

very annoying me about that no I've lost

my family I don't know where they've

gone they've just disappeared haha guys

very funny joke I bet through hiding in

the toilet got you where are they this

isn't funny guys let's go wait is that

them are they driving away from me I

think that's Michaels car it's a

tailgater see this is really weird guys

hey Michael Michael this is you I saw

you I could see you stop trying to drive

away from me Michael come here that's

not Michael's number play Michael it's

not even Michael is that Amanda hey

Amanda is that you it's not even Amanda

I'm sorry lady I'm so sorry oh my

goodness we've destroyed a car oh my

days what have we done

where's my family gone maybe Franklin

can help me let's go and visit Franklin

this is really strange guys I and you

you saw that as well Michael just not

turn to dust right in front of me I

don't I don't believe we've taken him

out I mean I know we have a few

arguments here and there but I don't

mean to turn Michael into dust oh look

this chop-chop-chop-chop

what am i you running away from the

house what's going on this is really odd

Franklin are you here secretly my

Franklin hey Franklin are you in

Franklin it's always inside going on

Miss downstairs have we done Oh No maybe

that snap fingers thing was a bad idea

maybe we shouldn't have used that one

still discovering a few abilities here

guys my days no even Franklin isn't here

why was chop running away can we do we

something I'll take out Franklin as well

whatever we did a spirit shop okay we're

not gonna do this snap finger thing

again I don't know what it did but it

did something really bad so we're not

gonna use that what instead we're just

we're just gonna have to find some more

bad guys and you know just just sort out

the bad guys you know like any other

superhero would do in any sort of video

game or movie but we're gonna go after

the bad guys right there's got to be

someone around here something going on

I'm a little bit

to be honest I feel like we may have

just accidentally taken out my family

yes something going on 400 meters away

we can get there we can get there let's

go jump there right there that was quick

oh my day so what we thinking of using

guys I think it's 100 Neil if the

vehicles that sounds quite fun hey guys

you do realize it's rude to drive way

from the police officer sorry

oh my day we still got to work on the

controls here we just through the police

car away okay we're gonna use on these

guys instead oh my days why am i picking

up other people's cars well at least

that sword it um there's still one guy

left oh so I'm just gonna sort out youth

there we go and this guy as well anyway

guys I'm gonna end the episode here but

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