find the

How to Find your Printers IP address

it many questions about finding an IP

address on printers because you need the

IP address to set up a printer on your

computer I have compiled a list of a

bunch of YouTube videos that I'm going

to play for you on how to find your IP

address on various printers turn up a

little bit

start with the Xerox work center and go

full screen and hit play

at the machine status there's the IP

address right there that was one video

there's another one it's a little more

detailed machine status machine

information wired IP address there it is

also you can print up an information

page a configuration report the page

prints out and shows your IP address

awesome thank you and Marcy this is for

an HP printer so we'll play this


the configuration pages

so this puts up prints up a

configuration page and the configuration

page will have your IP address on there

some this is a general thing for HP

printers sometimes it might be a network

configuration page but generally you go

to setup you go to what are the

configurations and you print up the

configuration page to get your IP

address from an HP printer Thank You HP

for putting that out there for us now

we're on to Brother printers this is the

only video I could find that explains

not a very good video but it it does the

trick there we go

so he's explaining how to change your IP

address but if you look here it shows

your IP address right here so again you

go to menu go to network go to wired

Network go to tcp/ip and that will show

your your IP address on a brother

printer Thank You Steven Ambrose and for

a Lexmark printer I found this

this is a video on retrieving your IP

address from a Lexmark multifunction

printer if you do not see the IP address

in the top left corner you can retrieve

it by going through menus reports and

you can print out the asset report it's

generally a one-page document and the IP

address will be listed on that

so as we can see for most printers you

go to the menus you go to reports you go

to settings you find the configuration

reports and if you print up a

configuration report it will have your

IP address on there I hope this video

was helpful for you thank you and thank

you for a compro managed print solutions

for putting out that video and thank you

to Xerox support for their two videos