find the

How to find your Canon Copier IP address (ImageRUNNER, ImagePRESS)

hi this is Gabriel duplicating systems

and in this video I'm going to show you

how to find the IP address for your

Canon device so the first way I'm going

to show you is to look for a button on

your canons control panel it's going to

be marked with one two three or

countercheck in my case is located here

on the side but in other instances it

might be located elsewhere on the panel

and it will either have a one two three

or a counter check so for mine I got a

click on the side and it brings up this

menu and in the top right corner it

shows my cannons IP address the IP

address might also be located on this

lower bar as well so that was the first

way of finding your IP address there's a

more complex way of doing it the first

way to get there is to click on settings

and registration preferences network and

output report when I click yes it'll

print out a report and on the first page

it'll show you your printers IP address

so here on the first page I have the IP

address and there is listed as one nine

two one six eight one six seven if you

have any questions feel free to ask us

in the comments down below or contact us

directly at duplicating systems our

contact is information is in the

description of this video anyways I'm

glad I could help you and thanks for