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iPhone 7 Plus In 2020! (Still Worth It?) (Review)

what's up everyone welcome back to the

channel once again another still with

the video and this time around we're

going to be talking about one of my

favourite phones and actually one of the

phones that I used for about I would say

a year which is kind of I mean I wasn't

the year was PI like six months but it

was still a very long time for me and

that specific phone is the iPhone 7 plus

we're gonna be seeing how it holds up in

the basically the first half of 2020 I'm

going to update this video once iOS 14

comes out which this phone should be

getting and then I'll go ahead and do a

late 20/20 review as well but it's kind

of hard to believe that this phone is

going to be turning four years old this

year this phone came on in 2016 and you

know you have to kind of keep that in

mind when you're looking at this phone

and a lot of other phones that came out

around the 2016 2015 time frame this was

the age where it falls like the galaxy

s7 were still around phones like the

oneplus whatever phone at the time I

mean the phones at the time they weren't

necessarily trying to look the best they

were just trying to be as functional as

possible and I think the same thing at

the iPhone 7 plus totally applies here

so to compare the iPhone 7 plus to like

a 1 plus 7 pro or to a Galaxy S 10 or to

a - 11 that compared to that in terms of

design isn't necessarily fair 100%

because you know this was a whole

different time frame it's cool to see

that evolution and everything but even

looking at the front I mean you still

have a 5.5 inch 1080p red an IPS panel

and that panel itself is actually pretty

good for ping an IPS panel I think it's

still kind of weird that Apple is using

an IPS panel on top of that a 828 P

whatever it resolution a panelist on the

iPhone 11 where they were even having

1080p panels that were actually pretty

good on the iPhone 7 plus so it doesn't

really make too much sense for me but it

is what it is what I will tell you is

there's no true tone on this display

which is kind of a big deterrent I mean

you have something like an iPhone 8 plus

that has true tone and that panel is

actually pretty decent even the iPhone

10 or that panel has true tone and even

though that's a lower resolution it does

give the illusion that it is a better

panel than it really is which is really

cool this phone doesn't have it and

that's really the biggest downside of

this IPS panel you know looking to the

future it's not getting true tone

anytime soon and you can see that

there's still quite a bit of bezel

on these seven plus that that bezel is

not going anywhere and like I stated

earlier it's kind of a

thing compared to what we have now but

when this phone was released you have to

give it the benefit of the doubt it

wasn't trying to be the best looking

thing and I don't even think it was a

bad looking device but obviously you

know it still has a bunch of bezel on it

home button on the bottom front earpiece

being a speaker which is really cool on

the bottom a lightning port no headphone

jack this was the first iPhone to get

rid of that and as you can see that it's

been pretty much transpired to every

single iPhone after that so take it as

you well I'm already kind of over it but

I'm sure there's still a lot of you who

don't really like that at all however

looking on the back this was actually

the first iPhone to bring a dual camera

setup which is really cool and I think

that specific thing in and of itself

really future-proof this phone quite a

bit honestly the biggest downside I've

been seeing for a lot of these older

iPhones and just older phones in general

that I've been reviewing is the lack of

hardware features and this thing at

least has a telephoto lens which is

really cool and that really pretty much

covers it up in terms of the outside

that there's a couple little things one

ip67 does from water resistance we now

have ip68 on basically all phones but

this one still has a bit of dust and

water resistance which is really cool

this was also the first iPhone to bring

that which is awesome another cool thing

and this is more of an opinion but I

personally believe that the jet black

version of the iPhone 7 plus which is

the one I owned for a while I don't own

it anymore I own the matte black and

matte pink one whichever that one is but

the jet black version is probably my

favorite version of any iPhone the host

ever release it wasn't like glass it was

like fraud I don't know how to describe

it but it was one of the most premium

feeling things ever and I am so glad I

owned it it was so cool and hopefully

Apple will bring that back with some

later iPhones but that's kind of an

opinion thing but basically on the

outside familiar design we know what it

looks like so that's why a lot of people

won't really care or think it's ugly

because we were so used and grown to

this design so it's really not that big

big deal but that pretty much covers it

up in terms of the outside now hitting

only software this thing was released

with iOS 10 point 0.1 we were able to

upgrade it to Iowa's thirteen point

three right now now looking into the

future I can probably tell you what's

going to get iOS 14 and on top of that I

think it might get iOS 15 as well and

the reason I say that is because if you

guys know the new iPod Touch the seven

generation that just got released or

announced it was released last a couple

months ago that thing has the same

chipset as the iPhone 7 plus which is

the Apple 810 fusion

now it I've seen this done before by

Apple but sometimes when they release

the device with the same exact chipset

it's not like that it's the Apple a 10x

fusion or whatever like the iPad air 2

was it's the Apple 810 fusion chip on

the iPod Touch 7 it makes me think that

Apple will probably extend that for at

least an extra year of software support

I don't think they're going to cut the

software support at like super early on

that iPod touch time a generation so

that makes me think that the iPhone 7

plus or probably end up getting an extra

year of support it's all an opinion I

don't know if that's 100% true but based

off previous things and based off what

I'm thinking that's kind of what I've

seen Apple do before so we'll probably

end at iOS 15 and that would be really

cool but dude even if it doesn't get iOS

15 it's still getting iOS 14 which is

still you know we're really really going

to be a pretty big update I've heard

they haven't really done UI refresh in a

while and hopefully iOS 14 can bring

that and this phone will be supported

with that 100% so that's really cool

you're getting as at this point at least

another year and a half of support and

if Apple switching to their new kind of

software cycle thing you might be

getting a year security updates on top

of that as well which is really awesome

so in terms of software you're going to

be set for a little bit longer which is

really good what I will tell you though

is that one of the biggest advantages

for the iPhone 7 plus and it doesn't

really revolve around software but it is

kind of important it's more of a

hardware thing but the iPhone 7 plus is

able to be jailbroken on any certain

version of software it can be on any iOS

version and you are able to jailbreak it

which is a really really awesome thing

before just even if my last still worth

the video I dropped last year I couldn't

even say that because this check-rein

jailbreak wasn't released then but that

was a huge development that happened in

the last couple months and we were able

to jailbreak any iPhone 7 plus on any

version so that's a really important

thing that's a huge advantage for

getting this specific iPhone is because

you're able to jailbreak and it gets so

many more tweaks that even the latest

iPhones don't even have which is crazy

so that pretty much covers it up in

terms of the software now hitting on the

performance side of things like I said

this thing has the Apple 810 fusion chip

a quad-core CPU now there were three

different models of the 7 plus in terms

of storage at 32 128 and 256 gigabyte

model all those models had three

gigabytes of RAM and what I can tell you

was in the performance section I think

this is probably one of the best

performing iPhones for the price in the

age that this phone was released I mean


thing was the first iPhone to bring

three gigabytes of RAM they eventually

switched to 4 gigabytes on all models

this year even the iPhone 10 R had 3

gigabytes of RAM and I think the

performance is pretty decent I've been

doing all those little comparisons here

and there with all my iPhone's and the 7

plus included and I noticed that really

these 7 plus sometimes it's just right

behind the iPhone 11 Pro Max or the

11pro iPhone 11 yes those new devices

are faster like I've stated before it's

obvious that's a given but the 7 plus

for considering the price you're gonna

pay for you're not going to pay a

thousand dollars for it anymore and the

updates that it's been through and

everything I think it's a pretty decent

performing phone and I think this is a

really good sweet spot for this phone as

well where it sits in price and age and

everything and I kind of hit on that if

you're doing small tasks you know I'll

tell you it's going to handle everything

fine the 3 gigabytes of RAM is really

really is pretty good for an iPhone I'm

not gonna say it's great but for an

iPhone it's pretty decent you're able to

store pretty big apps in the background

and it's funny because even my iPhone 11

has a hard time storing certain apps in

the background that my iPhone 7 plus can

easily store and retrieve which is

pretty crazy Ram management on the new

iPhone so Apple needs to fix it I think

it's a software issue but in terms of

performance whether you're doing light

tasks big apps or whatever gaming really

crazy whatever for the most part this

phone will be able to handle it but I

don't think you're going to get a 7 plus

for you to just you know go ham on the

performance and try to get as much as

you can out of it

I think it'll definitely handle the task

that you wanted to get out of it but it

might take an extra second or half a

second for you to get into the app

really that's the biggest difference

I've been able to see but ultimately I

think the performance is actually still

pretty decent on the iPhone 7 plus now

moving on to the camera side of things

this thing has two 12 megapixel sensors

a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens

you're able to shoot 4k videos at up to

30 frames per second and 1080p at up to

127 megapixel front-facing camera and

like I stated before really the biggest

downsides of these older iPhones and

just order phones in general or the lack

of hardware features so the lack of a

telephoto lens the lack of a ultra light

sensor at the lack of all these

different things the iPhone 7 plus at

least has that telephoto lens which is

really cool you're still able to do

portrait mode you're not able to do

night mode or anything but you still

have a bit more functionality than let's

say like an iPhone 6s or something like

that so the fact that this thing has a

dual camera setup is really good I've

been doing a lot of camera compared

since this year and you get about 2019

and you guys saw that

I think the seven pluses camera is still

actually really good even compared to an

iPhone 11

I think these seven plus still holds its

own for sure so in terms of the camera

setup and everything

I think the hardware features are pretty

decent for this auto phone I think the

quality is really good still and I think

the video quality is so pretty good for

the price it's not the best you can't do

4k at 60 even the front camera is only

tapped out to 1080 versus what we have

now at 4k 60 on even the iPhone 11 but

it is what it is I'm not freaking out

about it too much and I think the

overall camera quality is actually

pretty good on this specific phone now

ending it off with the battery life this

thing has a twenty nine hundred million

power battery now just like you guys

know battery does degrade over time all

batteries on any device really degrade

and what's surprising is is that I have

I've had so many iPhone 7 plus s but the

two that I currently own the battery

health is actually over 90% which is

really interesting usually I've had a

lot of phones that even it's not like a

crazy old phone but I was expecting it

to be around 80s something maybe even

70% but these are all at around 90 which

is really cool so it's kind of a

testament to Apple and you know the

iPhones in general they tend to hold

their battery health really well but it

also depends on how much you've been

using the phone how much if you're

buying it used how much that person use

the phone whether they let it die all

the time and I light my phone to die all

the time all the time because sometimes

I go weeks sometimes months without

using them and they just dial me but the

7 plus I think depending on you know the

battery health that you're starting with

and if you take care of it I think it

definitely lasts you in terms of battery

life and and if it was at that full 100%

I think it's definitely still a pretty

decent battery life

I don't think iOS 13 took a huge hit on

battery as people might say it is need

to take a hit maybe a little bit but I

think battery life is still pretty good

on the iPhone 7 plus so to kind of sum

up the whole entire video is the iPhone

7 plus still worth it in 2020 I will say

100% yes this phone is still worth it in

2020 it's a very good phone for the

price you're getting soft updates

performance a very decent camera pretty

good battery life as well all in the

package that will probably cost you less

than like $300 to buy however I will say

at least get the 128 gig model don't go

for the 32 that's too much low storage

that's literally nothing go for the

least 128 if you can Bala

get the 256 but that's really all I got

to say if you want it for the cheapest

price I would probably tell you to get

it from eBay that's by the cheapest

place to get it

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