find the


my guys in the second video I'm going to

show you how to get the jack which you

would need in the library to move those

bookcases now I have been playing this

game since as long as he came out so

it's not really that long but I've

always struggled try and find it every

single campaign though you can't really

remember what it is I've done Leon a

I've done Claire's and I'm on the second

run now for Leon and I've always

struggled to find it but in today's

video I'm gonna be showing you guys how

to find it you will need the club key so

if you do need that a tutorial on how to

get the club key I will do a tutorial on

that but what you want to do is you want

to come to where I am right now

so we reception is and where the store

is right here's the main homes there

you're gonna come through this door and

you come through the store what you want

to do is run all the way down you will

encounter a few zombies just want to

kill them they're not ready much all you

want to do is come here now you need the

club key to put that in I will do a

video on that if you really wanted to do

you wanna do is come in in in this room

here you'll find with gunpowder which

obviously I'm gonna put on quickly but

also if you come round you see a jack

right here on the table so you want to

do is pick that up and then put it in

and that's all you need then all you

want to do is you want to go straight to

the library you want to put it into the

bookcase and then from there you can

actually move the bookcases now I am

going to start doing I think a few of

these just let me know in the comment

section what you need to find in

Resident Evil because I've found in the

campaign twice I kind of know where

things are there are certain things

which I don't really know but I'll find

them for you and I'll make a video on

them so if you did enjoyed today's video

leave a like comment subscribe and I'll

see you in the next video