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How to Get The Grappler and The Jetpack in Fortnite Party Royale! - Party Royale Gameplay

what's going on fellas how you doing am

i drooling and I'm welcome to the video

we're gonna be looking at the grappler

and the jet pack both available now in

Party Royale there was an update earlier

on today on the 20th of May 2020 and one

of the updates included a few changes to

pilot right out we're gonna go in we're

gonna have a look we're gonna show you

where to find them and how to use them

and all the rest of it it's gonna be


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maybe alright let's go and have a look

chewy so I do apologize if I sound a

little bit Haroon today I sort of don't

feel fantastic but if we carry on

nonetheless all right we're in the main

loading screen here at the moment

because I want to show you this every

now and then epic change something and

everybody's always a bit confused

there's a new mode selector here

available to you pretty much it's sort

of updating it all the same things

pretty much it solos your squads they've

been in the game forever team rumble

also been in the rotation forever

creative and battle outpost there as

well as arena game modes they're sort of

standard party royale available now this

screen is no different in functionality

it just looks slightly different alright

so don't worry if you're a bit confused

oh my god what's going on it's exactly

the same it just looks a bit different

alright so anyway to get into Party

Royale you just choose that and click go

alright and that will dump you in the

middle of the party royale island

a nice little feature to fortnight

that's come along recently and it is

effectively a free roam fortnight which

you can't enjoy this you know it's like

come on man it's just gonna be fantastic

alright so what we have here is the new

edition of grapplers and a couple of

other changes it seems they remember

they were saying some stuff about more

changes the grappler and all the rest of

it isn't the only one it's just the only

thing that they put in the thing so what

we're gonna go ahead and do is is we're

gonna go and find ourselves one of these

grapplers because why wouldn't you a hmm

this guy has a grappler here it is look

that makes sense so it's basically a

vending machine with the grappler in it

pretty straightforward there's a lot of

vending machines that have been put into

party royale for like dur burgers and

stuff but if you want to get yourself a

grappler you just walk up to this one

look peel ease up rather than absolute

where at the time this is a fan favorite

I'm not gonna lie people really do like

a grappler and it appears to have a

limit of ten uses so can I claim more or

am I only allowed one no I have more

than one okay that's cool so I can carry

as many of these as I can I don't have

to have only the one which is kind of

nice to see I suppose and then it works

very much the same as a normal grappler

in the battle royale one thing I am

curious about is whether or not there is

full damage so let's have a bit of a

peek Joey

obviously you've got the glider

available to you let's have a look see

if I can see if I can find anything that

might give us full damage this card's

having a way over time these guys

I don't think there's any for damage

because there's no health

there's not even a pickaxe so I don't

think full damage is really a thing I'll

look at our man pili pili what a trip

for that guy so yeah basically operates

exactly the same it is just you know

it's in a Roy out instead of everything

else and then of course you've got like

the ability to link things together you

know so like you can let's imagine you

might want to do some sever think

something that might be jazzy dude jazzy

here we go

buying a wing yeah I'm so good oh my god


yes oh yeah they go is it good is it

good yeah you can mess around with it


holy Pengy oh no way Benjy yes oh it's


so yeah you can have fun you can have

fun with it she can get it in this game

right what was the other one the jet

pack the jet packs the one you're all

looking forward to really isn't it

because the jet pack hasn't been in the

game for a little while so I'm gonna

have to do a little bit of sitting

around for this one I think

alright the situation is if you would

like to get yourself a jet pack there is

a way of doing it um it's a little bit

hidden and but I don't see hidden you

gonna look for it it's not like a secret

but it is effectively in the victory

arcade alright now you've got all sorts

of stuff on the bottom floor sure what

you really want to do is come upstairs

here and you've got one here how amazing

this just press claim and you've got one

oh my god guys jet pack I don't think

you can carry more than one if I have to

guess when you take this it swaps out

yeah so it swaps out there you go and it

tells you how much you've got one side

to use this and deploys the pleat some

of the HP I swap that and there you go

yeah makes sense right and then in order

to fly around are you gonna do is double

jump and hold it and you'll stay up now

I don't know how there you go it's

running low of course if you fall you'll

take full damage but you don't die

because there's no full damage but yeah

you can just go up and of course you can

move around and I'm guessing if you've

got a grappler you can use the grappler

as well you can see on the back actually

how much you have left in one usage