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HOW TO ROB The New JEWELRY STORE *EASILY!* (FULL GUIDE) | Roblox Jailbreak New Update

okay so for the blue laser room on the

third floor what I recommend doing is

running along the outside like to the

left and right through this window here

alright guys welcome back to a brand new

box everybody my name is creek and in

this video guys I'm gonna show you guys

how you can successfully rob the jewelry

store the new jewelry sort in the new

update because it's really hard it's a

lot harder than it used to be it's

pretty complicated and I'm gonna show

you guys step by step what you can do to

rob it and get the cash from it so the

first thing I wanna do guys is get a

doughnut it's gonna be pretty much

impossible to run the new jewelry store

without a donut simply because of how

difficult it is so if you have like a

comp brand or if you want to take a stop

buying the donut store I highly

recommend it because otherwise you're

gonna have a really hard time beating

the jewelry store know what this means

is every time you do rob the jewelry

store I do recommend having a donut so

you know you can pickpocket off of a cop

or just take a detour right into the

jewelry store our to the donut store

every time before you go to the jewelry

store alright it's how do you rob this

thing so the first thing you'll want to

watch out for guys I'm gonna show you

right here okay this laser right here

okay one shot for it whenever you're

going into the jewelry store lay down on

this side because if you lay down close

to this laser as you can see right up

there in the top right it's going to

hurt you okay so one shot for that laser

even on the house site it can hurt you

other side is fine but one shot for that

laser and then crawl in here jump over

these here and what I recommend doing is

breaking the cases on this side simply

because there's more cases to break you

don't have to worry about any of them on

on the other side no for the sake of

this video I'm gonna go ahead and turn

off the music and vines simply because

the music is so loud but like I said go

ahead and break these that we don't have

to worry about any of the lasers if

there are other players here which often

times there will be what you can do and

I'll show you here in a minute let me

finish breaking the rest of these here

this one is the last one right here on

the end what you can do is go for these

here in the middle these two right here

the ones on the end are a little bit

harder to get and basically you want to

take no damage on the bottom floor

because you're gonna eventually take

damage in here it's pretty much

impossible to not take damage but sell

it try avoid going for this one for

example because it's so hard to actually

land in there and with like a bunch of

players around you it's gonna be pretty

hard but once you have all your

what you can do is go up to the first

floor now here's how the new Droid Store

works guys okay it's random lines which

means every floor is going to be random

so whenever you rob the jewelry store

it's not gonna look exactly like this

but I'll show you how to get into every

floor and through each floor so whether

my third floor is your first floor or

your first floor is my third floor

you'll be able to know how to get to

itself this first floor here let's see

what it is it is the camera room with

the I guess like laser walls up so this

room is actually really easy all you

gotta do avoid the cameras wait for the

camera of the past and then once it

passes you know you can take your time

through here just once it passes then go

for it or you can rush straight through

it it's actually pretty simple this part

right here just go straight down the

middle go straight this way and then go

to the right and boom no damage at all

so for the second floor let's see what

we've got so this floor is a little bit

more difficult all right this one one I

recommend doing guys is jumping on the

jewel because nothing can hurt you while

you're on the jewel now if you grab the

jewel then you're gonna fall down and

stuff can start hurting you as you can

see there but you know if you're not if

you're not on the way if you're not not

on a jewel you don't have to worry about

if you're on a jewel don't worry about

it so what I recommend doing is

literally just park chorong from jewel

to jewel just like this that way nothing

can hurt you and then boom it just like

that you've made your way through the

through the room now if you want to

actually robbed the jewels as well what

I recommend doing is holding me and then

immediately like you know getting ready

to jump as fast as possible once you do

rob them otherwise you're gonna have a

bad time but that's that floor there now

for the third floor it how this one is

interesting because this one's actually

kind of bugged and this is the laser

floor now this one's actually really

hard because if you crawl under the


you're gonna take damage even though

you're underneath the laser its kind of

bugged right now so I'm gonna go eat my

doughnut and I'm gonna show you guys how

you can do this so what you want to do

once you go underneath this floor this

little room is go to the right okay go

to the right right here okay and then

once you're gonna do is jump over this

laser like that and then jump over this

laser jump over this laser jump over

this one jump over this one and then

crawl underneath that one just like that

and that is how you get through the

jewelry store also my username is

destroying my server and spammed a bunch

of owls up there so that's great

don't crawl under any of these lasers if

you do you will take damage and just

like that bada-bing bada-boom you are

through the jewelry store just like that

and then you can parachute all the way

right on over here and boom just like

that your robbery is a success six

thousand dollars and I'll go ahead and

rob it again because there are some

floors that didn't show up and I'll show

you guys how to do them no real quick

before I go over the next few set of

floors if you guys are new to the

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and tutorials like this alright before

the second set of floors here I went

ahead I reset the server and um I'm

gonna show you guys the jewelry store

again hopefully we get some different

floors here so I'm gonna go ahead I'm

gonna break some of these I'm not gonna

get the full mount simply because this

is for a video and let's go right on up

here and see what floor we got so right

off the bat the first floor we got again

was the camera one it seems I get this

one a lot maybe you have a higher chance

of getting this one than the other ones

but again really simple to get through

that one just you know run right around

the cameras and you're good to go

this one it looks like maybe we got the

exact same layout actually as we did

before which is really weird we did

maybe it's bugged actually right now

maybe this is the maybe this is it

maybe this is all you get maybe they

changed it they must have actually

updated it that's so weird

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like that he got a vault safe and let's

go let's keep going alright here we go

guys I'm gonna go in and rob the jewelry

store I've reset it one more time this

is the third time and let's see want

floors we got because the first time we

robbed it there obviously we're the

second time we got the same floor as the

first which is really weird so let's go

back in here and see if I can find some

of the other floors it does look like

it's a little bit different this time

and it is so same thing here for this

floor actually are gonna do is jump on

the Drew

fools use the jewels to kind of like

parkour your way through the floor and

this one's actually pretty simple again

if you want to get the jewels you can

just hold E and try to try to avoid the

lasers as much as possible so that one's

actually really easy

second floor what do we got so yeah this

is the parkour one this one looks

intimidating but all you have to do guys

is jump over the squares and then make

your way to the right side here to the

door actually pretty simple

and yeah you can't really mess up - well

I just messed up there but you can't

really mess up too much on this floor

pretty simple let's see what the third

floor is here now if I think so yes this

is the hardest floor in the game oh my

gosh okay so for the blue laser room on

the third floor what I recommend doing

is running along the outside like to the

left right to this window here and this

one's actually really hard it looks

intimidating and it is intimidating it's

really scary and I've never went through

this one without actually ooping and I

actually forgot to get a donut so this

is actually gonna be pretty scary but

basically what these lasers do is they

kind of like zigzag and criss cross into

each other if you guys kind of notice

that so what I recommend doing is

running and timing it let me just show

you guys so here's what we're gonna do

we're gonna we're gonna stand right here

alright as you guys can see lined up

right in between either like these

little lasers right here we're gonna run

the forward alright just like this

alright jump over and jump and go and

jump and there we go we got hit twice I

don't really know any way to avoid

getting hit twice there but um that's

pretty much the best way I've found to

actually get around that because like I

said you actually have to kind of jump

twice to get around these I guess you

could do that actually just kind of like

jump and jump and then avoid them both

like that I guess that does work and

make your way successfully through it

I'm actually almost dead already

that floor is actually pretty hard but

that is so yeah that's how you can

complete all of the joists or floors no

problem oh except for maybe that last

one that's why I suggest bringing a

donut with you and you can get through

it no problem if this video helped you

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