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Where to Find Jobs in Film & Television

hi everyone welcome back to my channel

I know a lot of you are interested in

working in the entertainment industry I

worked in the industry for roughly a

decade and I thought one thing that

would really help you out is knowing the

sites you should be using to find jobs

in the industry I'm going to go through

a couple of different sites that I think

you need to be looking at to find jobs

first entertainment careers dotnet so I

love entertainment career net is where I

found my first internship I worked as a

production intern at honor with Ryan

Seacrest from an interim a posting that

I found on entertainment careers net

they have everything from you know

production as crew to development they

have a whole separate section for

internships they post things shows under

entry-level and assistant so I really

like the way they divide things up and

they have really large corporations

local news stations as well as smaller

production companies so it's a great

place to get your feet wet I highly

recommend going on there

next is scat me up if you want to be an

unscripted staff me up is your place so

staff Gnaeus will have listings for

three days in Austin to work on

something and two day shoots in New

Orleans and plenty of things in LA in

New York but they will look for

everything from production assistants

and segment producers and associate

producers to casting people and makeup

artists and grits and a camera guy so it

is a great place to look to get some of

that production experience out like on

set production experience as well as

some of that office production

experience so I highly recommend them as

well it's Daphne up comm and I forgot to

say it earlier of course I will put all

these links in the description below so

don't worry you can find them there all

right so next up is indeed if you are

not using in these you are totally

missing out indeed is the Google of

career websites it's not just for

entertainment industry jobs not just

film and television

everybody but essentially what indeed

does is search the way Google searches

all web pages indeed searches all career

jobs pages for companies so if there is

a company you'd love to work at like NBC

and you can go on that NBC Universal

careers page right but Fox has one and

Disney have one and you have to go

around and check all of them or you can

go on and eat and indeed will search all

of them for you so the one mixing with

indeed is you have to play with those

search terms for example if you put in

production assistant and - indeed it's

going to come up with production like

production of product jobs as well as

entertainment so I would definitely play

with those searches to use words such as

film television entertainment to make

sure you're getting the search features

that you want so that the right jobs

will come up my other suggestion would

be when you find search terms that work

for you go hits a little button on the

right that says send email notification

and every day or you can send its every

week but I would recommend every day

every day you'll get an email with the

new job that matched based on those

search terms so you don't have to keep

doing this all the time you do it once

and then it'll start doing it for you so

I think that's a great way to be looking

for jobs especially if you're looking

for something more on the studio side

the agency side not as much physical

production and more of the development

or a marketing person that's just in the

industry things like that it's going to

be a great spot for you all right next

up LinkedIn LinkedIn is something you

have to be on you have to have a good

profile start making connections I will

talk about how to make a good profile in

upcoming videos but for now just know

you got to get on there put your

information on there put your job

experience on there and use their jobs

feature their job section has become

amazing so you need to be on their job

section checking for jobs every day you

can fill out what types

industries what level where locations

are that you're interested in but the

cool thing with the job on LinkedIn is

that they will say it will give you so

much more information than just the job

description they will give you sometimes

the recruiter name so you have that for

your cover letter they will give you

meet the team and you can see who else

works there and you can start contacting

those people you can see if you have any

connections that work as a company so

it's just got all these great additional

features but you definitely need to be

using it plus I don't know if anyone's

told you but the way people really get

jobs in this industry is networking so

even if you use all these sites if you

don't know someone working there it's

going to be hard to get a job just by

applying blindly online links and can

connect you to people so you have

someone on the inside pretty good lastly

and this is what I don't think people

really know about if you are one of

those people watching this video that

you really want production you want to

be a PA and work your way up to an AP

and a segment producer and things like

that or you want to edit Facebook groups

are going to be your place so there are

shocking amount of Facebook groups that

are legit that are all based around

television film jobs one is I need a

production assistant one is I need a

producer there's I need a PA there's I

need a PA unpaid there's I need a

casting producer I need a casting

assistant if you put in

I need a and then any sort of TV word or

film word crew related something will

pop up

I know there are ones that are I need an

editor I need a paid ad etre so you can

get all these great kind of gigs there

that might be two days might be five

months I had a five months drop off one

of those and

for a syndicated game show so don't

think that this is just like shady

student films everything is on there a

ton of them religious so you want to

start checking out those Facebook group

if that that concludes this video if you

guys have any questions please leave

them in the comments below if there are

sites you've been looking into make sure

to add them let me know what other ones

you thought of and Noah and we can talk

about those too but thank you for

watching and have a great day bye