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The Forest | HOW TO FIND THE KATANA | Updated Location

so you're new to the forest and you want

to find that katana follow me my friend

I'll show you the way upon starting the

game your plane is going to crash at one

of these locations on the map now for

most of these tutorials we're going to

be looking for the same indicator on

where to go and that is the north-facing

mountain the north-facing mountain can

pretty much be seen in any clearing on

the map so let's get started let's jump

off the plane I have no clue where we


so let's mosey around and have a gander

and we are right on the shore so let's

just follow the beach until we see

something and voila as you can see off

in the distance above the canopy is a

north-facing Mountain now we know

exactly where to go so when you want to

try to keep straight and what we're

looking for is a river or a lake that

splits all the way through the map so

let's go ahead and take off now upon

your journeys you may run into the

butthole this is an indicator that

you're going the right direction you

just want to keep kicking straight past

the butthole until you hit the lake or

the river okay

there's a north-facing Mountain here is

the lake

what you want to do is you want to

follow the lake to the right until you

come to an opening and here we are

you're gonna see a bunch of cliffs off

to the right and what you want to do is

you want to cut in between the little

path right here and what we're looking

for is a hole which is right there now

there is another way into this cave but

you're gonna have to put up with a

couple cannibals and fight a mutant this

way we avoid all that so let's go ahead

and make our way down okay here we are

at the bottom of the cave now this is

what its gonna look like for you I'm

gonna turn up the brightness of the cave

so that it's a little bit easier for you

to navigate okay so here we go you want

to walk straight into a rope you wanna

climb up that rope now as you can see

here there are two paths the front way

in this is where it would have taken you

and as you can see we have a mutant

friend just around the corner there we

want to go left and follow this little

wooden path right here it kind of

corkscrews down you just want to follow

it and get some little cramped in mother

nature's butt hole but you want to just

keep pushing forward and here we are

what do you know the samurai sword that

was easy right now I make tutorials on

how to find everything in the force be

sure to check those out and maybe take a

gander at all the series that I've made

on this game as well I'm pretty sure

that they'll tickle your butthole and

give you a nice sensation in your

bellybutton that does for now be sure to

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ah the power of myth show shall we do

how to find the items in the forest bro

if you follow me I'll show you

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simple math don't you dare get your info

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woods and they're all flamers rip the

forest apart limb from limb

although your rest to the Sharks hope

you can swim

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and try again

if you need help hang up and then dial

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