find the

The Forest | HOW TO GET THE KEYCARD | Updated Location

so you're stuck at the vault door and

you're looking for the keycard follow me

my friend I'll show you exactly where it

is it's okay now for this tutorial we're

gonna use the butthole as the starting

location why because it's one of the

easiest markers to find in the map it's

big it's smelly its deep and it smells

like [ __ ]

we are located just west of the butthole

and here we are so first things first

what you're going to want to do is

you're gonna want to run exactly west

now you can use a compass for this or

not it really doesn't matter you can see

the North facing Mountain just behind

those trees and we're gonna run about in

the west direction what we're looking

for is the shipping containers there's a

cave entrance sitting right next to it

that's what we're going for

so let's go okay and here we are

shipping containers are down there by

the ocean and the cave entrance to get

the keycard is right on this pile of

rocks oh you can't miss it

so let's go ahead and enter in alright

now we're inside I've brightened the

cave so it'd be easier for you to

navigate or for me to navigate whatever

let's continue down and let's kind of

bend right you're gonna pass a tent you

can pick up this tape if you want we're

just gonna keep pushing and down at the

bottom of this hole there is gonna be an

armed Z alright you're gonna pass a rope

you want to keep moving just keep making

your way down and one duck through here

oh my god that scared me you're gonna

come to allege you want to go down that

ledge you're gonna find two enemies you

can either kill them from up here or

jump down there and kick their ass we're

probably just gonna jump down there and

kick their ass and here we go all right

now that that's done there's the rope

back there you're gonna come to a

barricade you're gonna want to knock

yourself through that we go through the

barricade and we find another rope as I

stated before there's going to be an

armed Z and some babies let's jump down

there we go

dead as a doornail let's take care of

these babies okay now that that's done

you're gonna find yourself in a room

with a lot of dead people and at the end

of the room right back here you're gonna

see a man holding what is known as the

keycard now a quick note before we end

this the video camera is just feet from

the card so if you want to pick up the

video camera it's right there on the

rock right behind the keycard and there

you have it

I make tutorials on how to find

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little show show with you how to find

the items in the forest bro if you

follow me I'll show you the [ __ ] path

one plus one

- it's simple math don't you dare get

your info from other gamers I'm a beast

in these woods and they're all flamers

rip the forest apart limb from limb I'll

throw your ass to the Sharks hope you

can swim if not another call please hang

up and try again if you need help hang

up and then dial your operator thank you