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My Little Pony Game Part 179 MLP - Quests and Keys Kid Friendly Toys

hi friendly fans this is part 179 of

them my little pony game and we're gonna

go through some of the quest for cloud

days so let me just collect from my

shops here alright so we have a couple

of new quests here there is one from

Applejack called

order up without my family around it's

rough doing all this planning and bacon

on myself if Ponyville had a proper

restaurant though I think it really

helps speed things up

alright so we're supposed to build a

restaurant that is 15 gems I have 90 so

let's go ahead and build it first I have

to make room for it I want to put it

near my other shops let's see I'm gonna

go ahead and expand here I can just

clear up this road alright so let's try

this oh it fits perfectly right there

I'll fix it up later really quick I'm

just gonna fill in everything I do this

in case you wonder why I always have

pops filling up everything this keeps

those pesky plural items from

reappearing all the time

I really don't like to spend all my bits

on clearing them up all right so the

other part of the quest is to kalau is

to collect 8,000 bits so collecting from

my shops will help with that all right

and there is a new quest from Pinkie Pie


never knock a gift Pony cheese sandwich

wants to thank us for all we're doing to

save Equestria he's got something

special for us in Ponyville so let's go

check it out all right so I just healed

the tree of Harmony and we need to

collect the gift from cheese sandwich in

Ponyville we're already in Ponyville but

I guess you have to do it through the


all right let's click on it and we get

the rubber chicken this is one of the

keys this is great thanks cheese all

right so now we have a new quest from

Twilight Sparkle this is called the calm

that follows the thorns Equestria is

going to need our help to recover from

the everfree forest invasion but if

everypony works together I know we can

pull through collect a product from

shops ten times alright so we just have

to keep collecting from these shops

I wonder if we can collect from other

areas as well we'll find out as we play

and this one from Rara we've got 10

magic shards and we need to produce

pizza in the pizzeria so let's go that

will take us to Canterlot and I I have

reached a level 78 we get two gems

forty-three thousand five hundred bits

and my piggy bank is full

so let's collect that let's collect our

pizza which is why we came over here

we'll collect from these other shops and

I've already collected from ten shops so

great job now we're ready for anything

and we get a special delivery

dear rarity I wanted to give you this

special gift to thank you for your

generosity so look for a special package

in Canterlot all right let's try the map

thing again hmm do you see a gift

anywhere it didn't fall out of this guy

like the other one I'm gonna just look

around here oh but I did find Derby we

have a new quest from rarity oh ok so

maybe this will make it appear like the

other one Coco pomelo think she's got

something that'll help us get back on

our wolves let's draw it over to

Canterlot to see what she's got for us

so we need to collect the gift from Coco

pommel there we go let's collect ooh

we've got a beautiful spool of rainbow

thread here thanks Coco and thank you

for your help and now we have a new

quest from Twilight okay so I am going

to wait to start this Tirek battle in

the everfree forest you have to have a

lot of shards saved up to actually beat


so I don't want to start something I

can't finish

let's just go through our quest here in

Canterlot real quick and see if we can

finish anything else we've built the

observatory and I haven't been very good

at visiting Canterlot so I still need to

do that three more times

we need to collect loyalty shards in


we need to collect honesty shards in

Canterlot so let's go ahead and visit

the crystal Empire


alright so did I build any shops here

nope I haven't built any shops in the

crystal Empire yet so let's check on

this one from rarity we need to rescue

the cream crystal pony we can actually

start to release this pony now but I

think I'm going to save up all of my

shards for the battle with Turek we

definitely don't have enough royalty

shards we'll make some of those when we

go to the everfree forest

oh we've used up all our magic shards

and we don't have enough kindness shards

all right well we will catch up on the

crystal Empire no need to worry about

that let's go to sweet Apple acres


I'm just going to use the magnet to

collect on all these bits alright so

we're in luck we do have some vampire

fruit bats to clear for this quest the

bats are back

we need to clear a lot though so let's

clear these and these and these so

that's three groups only ten more to go

and let's go to the changeling Kingdom


and I finished

stand up showdown oh geez get off the

stage you hack is this his secret weapon

alright so discord was telling terrible

jokes to distract the changelings

I am I don't think it's working you can

say that again

oh I'm embarrassed for him not just you

Trixie I think he's at least embarrassed

those changelings into submission okay

so next we have sad case of slapstick

we're gonna send discord to perform it's

silly pranks all right

tough crowd huh well lucky for you the

physical comedy bit is just the


who doesn't love a bit of slapstick eh

eh all right so let's go ahead and send

discord to perform silly pranks I can't

be right and this is going to take six

hours and let's go ahead and visit the

everfree forest we could make some

totems and make some shards can I help


my name is Twilight Sparkle and is he

friend or foe the pony wanders I can

assure you I am no friend I am Lord

Turek Lord Tirek oh oh I know about this

guy Twilight if we don't defeat him

quick his health restores okay so that

is very true let's go take a look at in

if you don't save up your shards and

defeat him quickly he just comes back

and you've wasted all your shards so

that is why I want to save up a bunch

before we start to defeat him let's

collect our ingredients all right we can

go ahead and collect these loyalty

shards so let's go ahead and make this

superior magic totem we need the joke

plant the black iris and the sticky SAP

so joke plant black iris sticky stop

that's going to take three minutes to


and let's see if anybody is available to

work on bringing back these Cluj town

directions we can assign Applejack and

Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash our totem

should be finished now we need a magic

totem so let's go ahead to the shelf

over here and now we could use it and

I'm also going to make a couple of more

but that is the end of part 179 of them

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