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What and Where is the Kingdom of God?

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I'm Scott one ale the concept of the

kingdom of God has long been a fixture

of Christianity it's a phrase often used

by Jesus Christ and other apostles

including the Apostle Paul yet as

prevalent as the term is in modern

Christianity there appears to be

confusion about what the kingdom of God

is and where it is or where it will be

the Encyclopedia Britannica states the

following about the kingdom of God the

phrase occurs frequently in the New

Testament primarily used by Jesus Christ

in the first three Gospels it is

generally considered to be the central

theme of Jesus teaching but widely

differing views have been held about

Jesus teaching on the kingdom of God and

its relation to the developed view of

the church why is there so much

disagreement about this Central

Christian tenant some say if you love

Jesus the kingdom of God is within you

some say the kingdom of God is the

church while others say the kingdom of

God is a real place and we'll even be

here on the earth how would you answer

the questions what and where is the

kingdom of God and more importantly how

does the Bible answer these questions

and how will this kingdom differ from

mankind's attempts at peace today's two

returning guests will lead us to clear

biblical answers for these age-old

questions I'd like to welcome back mr.

Dexter Wakefield mr. Wakefield is a

longtime minister and Bible teacher he's

a tomorrow's world writer who has

written many kingdom of God related

articles including God is creating a

family he spoken on this topic

extensively for the last thirty years or


mr. Wyatt's ahsoka welcome back it's

good to have you with us as well today

mr. selca is joining us via Skype from

Raleigh North Carolina he's a pastor and

former university theology faculty

member he also holds a Master of Arts

degree in theology theological studies

from Liberty University and he's a

tomorrow's world writer who has written

and spoken on this topic a great deal as

well so it is wonderful to have you both

back on the program today I'm really

looking forward to our discussion and I

know you'll have a lot to add to it for

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today's program all right let's go ahead

and get started gentlemen I think we

need to define a couple of terms briefly

as we start so mister Sissoko will come

to you first what is a kingdom we talk

about the kingdom of God what is a

kingdom right well hello dr. Scott and

mr. Whitfield glad to be on the program

first I will quickly define it or at

least give a quick summary but first I

would just agree that it's it's an

important vital subject Jesus Christ

told us to seek first the kingdom of God

and His righteousness in Matthew 6:33 so

if that's a Christ's instruction to seek

it then what is it

so I think that one way to quickly

describe what a kingdom is is a kingdom

is something that exists and must

contain four different aspects we know

that a kingdom must have a king or a


we know that a kingdom must have laws

that is how it functions we know that it

must have a territory you know a king or

a ruler with laws but no territory

that's not really a kingdom and fourthly

it must have subjects it must have

people that are subject to those laws

that live within that Kingdom so those

are the four components and whether you

look at ancient kingdoms on the earth

regardless of the type of governmental

structure right whether it was a

dictatorship or

democracy you'll find those four

components a ruler subjects laws and of

course a territory okay and why is this

important well it's a very big reason

why it's important because Jesus Christ

preached the gospel of the kingdom of

God and some people say well that's the

church or other people say us and have

it or they disagree on what the kingdom

of God is so which gospel do you believe

do you believe the true gospel if the we

have to know what the gospel of the

kingdom of God is we have to answer the

question that I think mr. so silicon

absurd very well let me add real quickly

if I can this was this topic was

expected understood the the Jewish world

was excited about this topic and that's

evidenced by the fact that very very

early in the gospel account of Matthew

when John the Baptist sees Jesus Christ

you can you can read in Matthew chapter

3 in Matthew chapter 4 John the Baptist

mentions the kingdom of heaven and then

and then Jesus Christ mentions the

Kingdom of Heaven to their audience this

was a topic and I know we're going to

get further into the topic but this was

a topic that was literally at the very

beginning of the recorded Ministry of

Jesus Christ even before he was was

baptized even before he started

functioning officially in that ministry

that topic the Kingdom of Heaven or

we're also sometimes referred to as the

kingdom of God it's mentioned 86 times

in the Gospels alone kingdom of God so

it's a it's a topic that we should

become very familiar with you know you

mention 86 times repetition we know the

cliche repetition is the best form of

emphasis and for it to be mentioned 86

times means it must be critically

important to God in to Jesus Christ this

is to jump in on that add a little bit

is that it's the kingdom of heaven not

the kingdom in heaven the

people say the kingdom is in heaven but

this is God's kingdom on earth so the

gospel of the kingdom of God and the

gospel of the kingdom of heaven are both

both very consistent but the problem is

if you watch Sunday morning TV you'll

see as many different versions of the

gospel as you see preachers and it's

very important that we sort out what

that means well I think to do that we

don't want to have a philosophical

discussion today we want to ground our

discussion in the Bible because the

Bible is where it all comes from so what

I'd like to do is I'd like to ask you


Sissoko you can start off with this what

does the Bible teach us about the

kingdom of God we've talked about what a

kingdom is but what does the Bible have

to say about the kingdom of God and for

to preach the gospel of the kingdom of

God as you're saying right well the

Bible in the Old Testament as well as

the New Testament is very full of

references to the kingdom of God and

you're right let's not get too

philosophical at all and and really we

only can barely scratch the surface on

this topic even from from a scriptural

perspective but revelation of chapter 5

verse 10 is a very should be a very

well-known and it is a very important

scripture which talks about Christ

reigning on the earth that is a time in

the future which is referred to as the

Millennium that's just from the Latin

meaning thousand-year reign now that is

one coming future aspect of the kingdom

of God when the kingdom of God and God's

rule will be brought to the earth and

Christ will rule there's old testament

scriptures that talk about that as well

so anyways we we know that we can become

heirs to that kingdom Christians true

Christian Saints can become heirs Romans

8:17 James 2:5 talk about Christians

inheriting orbit

Aires to that Kingdom so without going

much farther one aspect of the kingdom

to talk about is the fact that that

there is a kingdom of heaven in heaven

now but Christ will bring God's

government in God's reign to the earth

in the future and that's very clear from

a lot of scriptures and I won't continue

much but that time God's law will you

know will will will pervade the entire

earth okay we just appreciate the

comments let me just mention a few of

them of course it says in revelation

5:10 has made us kings and priests to

our God and we shall reign on earth on

earth is refers to the Millennium and

isaiah two three and four it says people

say let's go to let us go up to the

mountain of the Lord to the house of the

God of Jacob that's referring to

Jerusalem out of Zion shall go forth the

law he should judge between many nations

rebuke many people are there numerous

scriptures like this is talking about a

kingdom on earth where the Messiah rules

a kingdom on the earth zechariah 14:8

living waters flow from jerusalem shall

flow from jerusalem it says after the

eastern sea after the western sea that's

not an allegory that's talking about

something happening geographically in

the future all nations will go up to

Jerusalem to keep the Feast of

Tabernacles well is that like a million

spiritual thing or is the many many

scriptures like that it's important for

the listener to know that when we're

talking about the gospel the kingdom of

God we're talking about that Kingdom on

earth from Jerusalem let me if I can let

me add I love we all love the Psalms and

the Psalms are something I've you know

enjoyed studying a lot and a lot of our

audience may be interested to know that

a lot of the Psalms are prophetic and I

just always found it very interesting

that Psalm to our our audience might

want to look at Psalm 2 later but Psalm


talks about Jesus Christ coming that

that the holy hill that hid that he as

king will be set on the holy hill of

Zion and and this is not a allegory or

metaphor about it being in our heart or

God's kingdom only in heaven we know God

currently does rule in heaven obviously

but it reads on - it's very clear that

the Lord Jesus Christ my God calls him

my son today I have begotten you in

Psalm chapter two we'll return and the

nations of the earth will become his

possession and the kings of the earth

will rejoice and fear and tremble and he

will rule on the earth so I just want to

reinforce what mr. Wakefield was saying

that that you know the kingdom of God

coming to the earth that that teaching

biblically goes back to you know to the

Old Testament it's it's all throughout

the Old Testament let me just clarify

quickly or ask you to help me clarify so

when we're talking about the kingdom of

God certainly God reigns supreme and

he's on his throne right now but the

gospel of the kingdom of God this

concept is really pushing us forward

Christ wasn't talking about something

right then and there necessarily but he

was telling his church to preach this

gospel of the kingdom of God about this

future coming Kingdom on the earth is

that correct that's correct and it's the

gospel of peace it's the kingdom that's

going to come on the earth we're going

to have wonderful things happen we can

go through some of those scriptures that

we've got here the description of what

it's going to be like on earth and that

is indeed good news gospel means good

news and the fact that Christ is coming

as Messiah to rule on earth with this

Saints I came in that grows and fills

the whole earth like a holy mountain a

holy mountain of God grows to fill the

whole earth the doctor talking about

something that's an abstraction they're

talking about something that is

literally going to happen and that is

good news indeed that is the good news

of the gospel of the kingdom of God yes

so the you know Jesus Christ used


and parables are a great topic to

discuss another time but there's the

parable of the - and to reinforce what

what mr. Wakefield is about Luke chapter

19 yeah

so the parable of - is interesting

because the parable of the - was given

in response by Jesus Christ to the

disciples who were asking if the kingdom

would come immediately

I think it's Luke 19:11 where they asked

if oh I'm not gonna look it up right now

but I think Luke 19:11 they asked if the

kingdom would come you know soon or

immediately and Christ gives this

parable of the nobleman going into a far

country and he'll return after a delay

so so the earliest disciples of Christ

believed and were asking Jesus Christ

who is the Messiah they were asking him

essentially will you establish your

kingdom on this earth a real government

this is not metaphor a real government

are you going to do it you know really

really soon in our lifetime and the

parable the - was actually given to

teach a few things about you know

putting forth effort as a Christian and

so forth but it was also in response to

to that belief that it was imminent and

Christ was helping them understand it's

not imminent it's going to be in the

future so they saw it as real Christ it

it did not correct and I say it's not

real he said no it's real but it's going

to be after a delay I just an

interesting thing to pick up on what you

were following up on what you said I'm

reading from Gibbons of defining called

the Roman Empire a lot of footnotes on

this thoroughly researched this is

Volume one says it's about the church

the ancient and popular doctrine of the

millennium was intimately connected with

a second coming of Christ

and again the Millennium is this

thousand year reign of Christ on the

earth that's correct this thousand year

reign of Christ on the earth which was

understood to be exactly that he said he

would reign upon the earth until the

time appointed for the last in general


he goes on and talks about this how

later on it was thought that for wise

purposes this error was permitted to

subsist in the church called as one guy

called it a pious deception of the say

it was allegory and metaphor in other

words in second third fourth centuries

things changed much changed and what the

belief in the first century church had

and it turned into what we called the

modern orthodox church and they have a

different view of the gospel of the

kingdom of god than the first century

church did so the first century church

actually preached something quite

different than what modern Christianity

teaches today about the gospel it was a

physical thing whereas now almost

everything that you read about it has it

as an abstraction I'll just give you

Catholic friends and the Catholics

cyclopædia say the ruling of God in our

hearts principles the badeen sway of

grace the church itself all abstractions

that's how they express it I could go in

to several more here yes that the

concept was of the kingdom of God is not

one of space a territory of politics I

think the Pope called it Christ is not a

political Messiah it's almost a little

contemptuous of the idea that he would

reign as a king on earth but it says one

of rather kingly rules reign and

sovereign control abstractions abstract

you you know this is um this is easy to

prove and easy to with some research to

see these these older writings of course

you know Scripture is god-breathed and

that you know scripture is what we teach

and what we believe so the following are

not scriptures but just to reinforce

what mr. Wakefield is saying that the

earliest church teachers including after

the original apostles believed in a real

physical coming Kingdom I mean named

Clement Clement of Rome died around 97

AD now

this is not Scripture but there's a book

called first Clement and second Clement

and so this would be written in in the

late 90s and here you have Clement who

is considered a you know a church father

who said shortly after the Apostle John

would have died that right I mean this

is this is about as early as you can get

post a post apostle age post John John

you know the Apostle John and he wrote

in first Clement 42 verse 3 that with

glad tidings the kingdom of God should

come he wrote in second Clement 5:5 the

promise of Christ is great and marvelous

even the rest of his kingdom that shall

be and of eternal life and and he taught

it being on this earth just to go on and

get one more reference many of our

listeners may be familiar or have heard

the name of Eusebius it's a it's it's a

spelled eus eb i us

Eusebius wrote the first very

comprehensive history of the church and

i can't remember exactly when he he live

i think it was in the 400s but but he

saved a lot of writings from earlier

people one of the people that he saved

the writings from in you see basis

church history was a gentleman named

Pappy SP Apia s now Pappy as' was a

student and a friend of Polycarp and i

don't give me everybody lot of names but

Eusebius is a historian he recorded the

writings of many people including patias

PAP IAS who was a student and friend of

Polycarp Polycarp was john's disciple

and so this this would be around the 150

AD time and happiest is recorded as

talking in the 150 time of the kingdom

of god being established on the earth

with christ's return that there would be

a time of great tribulation that would

precede that and then Christ would

establish the government of God on the

earth so my point is you've got well

into the 100 130 150 AD

where this is being taught Tertullian

taught the same in the in the

hundreds of pushing the 200s Tertullian

taught a literal coming kingdom of God

on the earth

so in conclusion my point is that today

so many people think the kingdom's in

your heart or it's allegory that is not

what the Apostles taught and that is not

what the church or even the the second

generation of the original Church

regardless of whether or not they were

perfect in every doctrine that's not

what they taught they thought a tie

would be real and they taught that well

into the two hundreds everything that

you're saying about that is spot-on and

when you read these old early church

fathers from back then you don't know

what it sounds like our booklets mm-hmm

you could the same beliefs the same

doctrines we we read these things and we

then open up our of the booklets where

we are showing what we teach about these

what is the kingdom of God

Christ's coming and all of these things

are going to happen the millennial rule

of Christ on earth that grows to fill

the whole earth that's what we teach

perhaps you've got a booklet there that

we can show to people the number of

these things that you can get free if

you want to read about it and the world

ahead what will it be like that goes

into many of these subjects just go to and look at the

booklets and a lot of things you can

read about this in great detail dr.

Scott let me this is exciting

so in the booklets mr. wickfield's

mentioning we will mention a few things

that the church teaches that are true

and that are biblical about the kingdom

for example a thousand years a literal

thousand year so remember remember these

points a thousand years we'll mention

that that era that will teach that a

reign of Christ on the earth for a

thousand years will even we'll talk

about the resurrection that the that the

that people will be changed the Saints

will be changed that's another point

we'll talk about a a great white throne

judgment after the thousand years when

all who ever lived will have a chance to

you know to have will have a chance that

God will open their their eyes I just

led actually given his given quote just

a minute ago mentioned

right you call it the general

resurrection by the way Gibbons goes

into a lot more detail than what I read

about I mean it's he almost sounds like

what some of our booklets but he's

critical of it so well he is critical

but so okay so those three points

Tertullian mentions those three points

in a book he wrote around 210 ad called

against marquis on and this is book 3

chapter 25 and I won't read the whole

thing but he mentioned he says this is

in the the 2 20s Tertullian writes of

the heavenly kingdom this is the process

after its thousand years or over which

period is completed the resurrection of

the saints so there you have a thousand

years there you have the resurrection he

says after that there will be a great

conflagration which means a great

burning of all things and the judgment

and there will be a judgment so right

there we don't believe that Tertullian

understood everything perfectly but this

is this is 1,800 years ago right this is

200 years AD this is 150 170 years after

Christ's death you've got really the

truth being taught that the kingdom is

literal a thousand the millennium is a

literal thousand year reign and so forth

well it's interesting wise why is it the

truth being taught well if they're

basing their teachings on the Bible

itself then that's the truth they're

going to come up with I'd like to just

make a comment to our audience we do

really appreciate you joining us today

for this discussion about the kingdom of

God in the gospel of the kingdom of God

we know that some of what we're saying

is not what you're used to hearing about

this topic we but we do challenge you to

take a look at the scripture prove us on

this don't believe what we're saying go

to your Bible prove us on this you're

going to have a couple of questions and

I think we know what some of those

questions are in fact I think we need to

address some of your questions so

gentlemen what I'd like to do mr.

Wickfield let's come to you first John

18:36 talks about Christ actually made

the comment My Kingdom is not of this

world now we're making a case in the

last 10 or 15

minutes for the God's kingdom Christ's

Kingdom coming to the earth what was

Christ talking about his hour weeks

preaching against Jesus Christ when he

said My Kingdom is not of this world

well he answered his own question he

said right my kingdom is not of this oh

this world if my kingdom were of this

world My servants would fight so that I

should not be delivered to the Jews but

now my kingdom is not from here the

answer is now at that particular time it

is not from here where they were

standing with Jerusalem in the future it

will be but he was not saying that he

came to overthrow the Roman Empire and I

don't think Pilate understood that quite

well yeah I mean Jesus Christ also made

a very clear statement in John 14 verse

30 that is Satan this is according to

Jesus Christ himself his own words he

says listen

Satan is currently the ruler the prince

of this world

he did not say the Satan will remain the

Prince of the world forever

the gospel of the coming kingdom of God

is just that it's a gospel of a coming

kingdom of God where Satan will be

displaced and overthrown but yeah people

who say well you know the kingdom is

established on the earth already or the

kingdoms in the church Jesus Christ's

own words contradict that and says

listen you know Satan is currently the

the ruler of this world that's John 14

verse 30

so this master that you're talking about

the parable of - this master is going

away but he will return with his kingdom

at some point well right it says he's

going to he's gonna return and receive

his kingdom in Luke chapter 19 right

okay so he's going to return and in in

in he is a he you know the master is

Jesus Christ and there's no contest

between him and Satan there's no contest

but when he's when Christ at God's time

when he's ready to send Christ Christ

will return and Satan will be displaced

and who's going who's he going to

receive this kingdom from well it's a

great question because it's the kingdom

of God

god reigns supreme so so all power is is

God the father's God is supreme God has

allowed Satan to rule temporarily over

the earth okay just to add to that God

has his throne in heaven

we're told that but he also said that

Christ his throne as the throne of David

which he will come and take he will sit

on the throne of David which is his

throne and that is on earth okay let me

ask you another question because I know

our audience as many of them have this

burning within them as well Luke 17:21

and mr. Wakefield we'll start with you

if you would like the kingdom of God

Christ makes the observation the kingdom

of God is within you

that is one of the prevalent teachings

that we see today was Christ wrong are

we saying that Christ was wrong well I'm

saying that the King James and New King

James translators were wrong about that

if you look at the more modern

translations like the new American

Standard when you say it's in your midst

the kingdom of God is within well it's

within your group they say the kingdom

of God is in your midst Revised Standard

Version and others in the midst of you

he was referring to himself he was

saying that the king was there he's

standing but within your group in your

midst at that time that's what that the

kingdom yes the King was there was what

he was saying do you have anything you

want to add to that mr. selca no I it's

as simple as that it's it's a poor

translation as mr. Wakefield said most

modern translations say that you know a

render it has the kingdom of God sorry

as the kingdom is is a among you or or

in the midst of you referring to him as

that coming King that the one who who

will be the king of that Kingdom he was

referring to himself not the fact that

it's literally inside our bodies not to

the fact it's inside of our bodies

correct okay other scriptures that you

can think of that tell us more about

this kingdom of God on the earth

this gospel that Jesus Christ taught

about because when we think about the

Gospel accounts did I guess I could ask

you this question

did Christ teach about himself in the

Gospel accounts when he was preaching

about the kingdom of God this gospel of

the kingdom of God well of course he is

the king but he will have a kingdom he

will have subjects he will have

territory he will have laws that go out

from it it says here in that's the which

one like a four to four out of Zion

shall go forth the law of the word of

the Lord from Jerusalem so God's law was

going to go out he's going to spread

this throughout the whole world it's not

just about the person of Christ it is

literally a kingdom that's going to fill

the earth unfortunately many people do

not believe that and they turn it into


well he's sovereign his love he's in

your heart he's uniting the world one

heart at a time maybe it's up in heaven

it's anything but when the good news

that he announced it was going to be you

said that the kingdom of God is not just

about the person of Christ it's about

this this coming Kingdom so as crew what

relevance does Christ have then is is he

not important in this kingdom or is he

important well the king is important and

of course what is extremely important to

each of us personally is this King came

early he died for our sins so that we

could be resurrected to immortality and

be kings and priests in that Kingdom he

makes it possible for us the fact that

he did that for us so it's something

that we will be eternally grateful for

but it's because of his death and

resurrection that makes it possible for

us to also be resurrected to eternal

life okay mr. just just to touch on what

Christ's function will be as the coming

king of that kingdom Isaiah chapter 11

is that beautiful chapter that talks

about the wolf and the lamb and the

leopard and the young goat

you know dwelling together and the cow

and the bear will graze together and so

forth there's a lot of beautiful imagery

there but some of the nature of animals

being changed right and so that passage

is also very literal and it talks about

Christ who is referred to as a rod there

that he will come back in with strength

that he will judge I'm just paraphrasing

you know but he will judge the nations

with righteousness he'll judge the poor

he'll judge the meek but he'll also

strike the earth with a rod of iron I

mean he's going to come back in power

this is overlooked or ignored or just

very wrongly ignored by by too so many

you know preachers out there who who try

to say well the kingdom is now that is

ludicrous the kingdom is not on the

earth now do we have nature that's at

peace now do we have God's law and peace

around the earth you know now well

clearly we don't so you read Isaiah

chapter 11 and dr. Scott back to your

question what is one of aspect your

question what's Christ function it says

in Isaiah 11 verse 9 that they will no

longer hurt nor destroy in my holy

mountain for all the earth shall befall

full of the knowledge of the eternal as

the waters cover the sea in the kingdom

of God when it's established on the

earth there would be a time of amazing

peace where there will no longer be

conflict and and and and hurt now at the

beginning of the kingdom at the

beginning of the millennium there's you

know not everybody will immediately you

know behave but without getting too deep

and all that the knowledge of the Lord

will cover the earth and people will

learn to live at peace obviously that's

not the case now okay yeah that's a good


where who were far from that vision that

Isaiah was showing mr. Wakefield looks

like you're ready to go somewhere I was

actually gonna ask a question then we

started to touch on this where did the

confusion come from why why

does modern Christianity not teach what

we're talking about which are very clear

scriptures in the Word of God

well this problem apparently existed in

the first century church I was just

looking up galatians chapter 1 and verse

6 he says i marvel that you are so soon

removed from him that called you into

the grace of Christ unto another gospel

people were already getting off into all

the versions of the gospel they decided

other things about it

I think people simply don't want to

believe what he said what the Prophet

said they they don't want to believe

that Christ is coming to have a physical

Kingdom on earth they want to say where

things will go on forever as they are

now and Christ is in our heart somewhere

or we'll die and go to heaven somewhere

but they don't want to believe the

gospel they have another gospel that

they believe you know the Apostle Paul

just has a very quick little history

reminder the Apostle Paul was very clear

in 1st Corinthians 15 verse 50 that that

that mortal people flesh and blood

cannot inherit the kingdom of God so so

human beings cannot enter into the the

kingdom of God

1st Corinthians 15:50 Peter says the

same thing in 2nd Peter

1:11 that that he prayed and and he was

talking to Christians Peter was talking

to the Saints this was to the church and

he essentially said you know you've got

to remain faithful in hope that an

entrance will be supplied abundantly for

you into the everlasting kingdom of our

Lord and Savior Jesus Christ so Peter

and Paul and Christ and all the apostles

understood that the kingdom was a future

you know real future coming time again

early church you know leaders like

Justin Martyr and I rainiest and

Tertullian and others continued to teach

the same thing without getting too much

into the history when Constantine

hijacked Christianity and corrupted it

and so forth

you then had some others like now origin

came before Constantine

but you had also st. Augustine who came

after Constantine so around the 300s and

400s when the Roman Empire hijacked

Christianity and all the sudden

Christianity became the state religion

and it was very corrupted at that time

extremely corrupted what happened then

is that the church leaders and these

were corrupt leaders at that time

started saying well hey we're not

looking for a Christ to return and

establish the kingdom on the earth the

kingdom is already here

you know the Roman Empire's the kingdom

the Roman Emperor is the head of the

kingdom and that's bringing peace to the

world right and which you know so so

it's interesting

Constantine I'm sorry uh st. Augustine

Augustine originally taught that the

kingdom would be a future thousand-year

that there'd be a future thousand year

millennial rule Augustine originally

taught that but under pressure from the

Roman government he changed his teaching

and said it was all allegory so honestly

what I think our audience should think

about is it was the Roman government and

the Roman emperors who hijacked

Christianity and this is around the 300s

and so that's why today so many

preachers think it's all allegory okay

thank you for your feedback and for your

insights gentlemen we are running at a

time so we need to bring this

conversation to an end

for now what I would like to ask you

though as we as we wind down here is is

there a thought or an idea or a concept

that you would like our audience to take

away from the conversation that we've

had today mr. CISO can I come to you


sure I'll just make it brief and just

say that you know many scriptures tell

us that there's a future reign or rule

of Jesus Christ on the earth we've

touched on some of those today

revelation 11:15 is another one that

people could could look up

and my question I guess I'll circle back

to the the parable of the talents and

the cities that Jesus Christ gave

himself in Luke 19 in Luke 19 verses 17

18 19 my question and my concluding

thought would be the Bible says that

this is going to happen that Christ will

return and establish his government

based on God's laws a time of peace and

and and and and blessings on the earth

and Christ said in Luke 19 that the

resurrected Saints those who follow him

who believe what he said the resurrected

Saints would be used in in leadership

positions to to rule and to serve and to

reign and to teach in that coming

Kingdom a my concluding question is do

you believe it and and is that what your

church teaches because that's that's

core to the gospel of the kingdom of God

that's what Jesus Christ Himself taught

and it's exciting and it's the truth

okay mystery field well basically just

to summarize some of the things we've

said the Bible itself describes the

kingdom of God as a physical Kingdom a

physical thing with Christ ruling from

Jerusalem he grows to fill the whole

earth and the first century church

agreed with that that's what they

thought and I don't think that's

particularly controversial that that's

what the early church believed but

Orthodox Christianity today usually

describes it as an abstraction because

they don't believe in the actual

physical Kingdom maybe Jesus is ruling

in their lives maybe now maybe in the

future perhaps up in heaven they usually

reject the kingdom of God is some sort

of allegory they don't believe the

gospel of first century we as a question

what if they're wrong what if they're

wrong and there actually is a kingdom of

God on earth and that is the good news

of the kingdom of God as it was taught

by Jesus Christ and promised by by the

apostles and of course the prophets as

well don't go to another gospel we're

trying to teach them the gospel of the

first century and my question is as mr.


said which gospel do you believe

gentlemen thank you for being here today

mr. Cecile go thank you for joining us

from Raleigh it's good to see you again

thank you I miss having you around here

in Charlotte mr. Wakefield thank you so

much for being here today and for your

time well I hope you've enjoyed our

conversation today I'm guessing you

might have found it a bit stimulating

you know the kingdom of God is a

powerful biblical concept as you know

and as we've been talking about and it's

one that many calling themselves

Christians value greatly it's also a

concept many misunderstand yes Jesus

Christ is absolutely the king of this

kingdom but his kingdom is far more than

an idea that exists in the hearts of

those who give their hearts to him God's

kingdom certainly does exist at God's

throne in heaven at this time but his

kingdom in government will expand to

literally be governed from his throne on

the earth one day in Christ will sit on

that throne and it will reign over the

earth and the peoples of the earth as

we've discussed today God's kingdom is

real and it will be everlasting it will

be under girded as we've talked about by

the ten commandments which bring

unprecedented peace and prosperity to

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might be surprised at the number of

articles and videos you find there's

lots of information on this topic for

you again don't believe what we say but

use your Bible to prove what we say or

to try and disprove what we say the

kingdom of God is real and it is coming

and you can be a part of it that's the

exciting truth for more biblical

insights into today's news and pressing

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tw now next week we plan to address the

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