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GTA 5 Online: How to get Kuruma Armored version

hey everyone new new here and welcome to

another GTA online video now on today's

video I'm gonna try to explain as easy

as possible how you guys can get the

armed version of the kuruma now that's

an amazing car and it will definitely

make your life easier in the future

while you're playing the game so let's

start this game or this video basically

so step number one forgetting your

Karuma you need to get yourself at least

$200,000 that's the first step how are

you gonna get that there's so many ways

of doing it but let's just say that

you're starting the game and you're

still new the best way is definitely to

do jobs and do Rockstar create a job

mission so that's what they call the

contact missions and you can do a lot of

missions now I'm gonna leave down below

on the description I'm gonna leave there

a few missions you can do solo alone by

yourself without the need of the Karima

but basically the best way for getting

those 200,000 dollars for me it's the

contact missions but there's many other

ways you can do races and other stuff so

that's your first step now let's go to

your second step second step you're

gonna buy an high-end apartment and how

you do that and what apartment you're

gonna buy that that's why you started

the the first step to get the 200k

because you're gonna buy the cheapest

apartment that allows you to have to

create a heist Rim so just pull up your

cell phone go to the Internet

go - let's just say dynasty ate real

state and you want to see the the

apartments you want to go to high hand

and you want to buy the Del perro

Heights apartment now it costs two

hundred and five

so it's needed the two hundred K that

you want to buy now the good stuff about

this apartment is it has a high stream

like I'm gonna show you right now and

more than that it also has a 10 10 car

garage which is this one in here so let

me just get inside ok it's full so let's

go let's just get out guys want to see

it you have ten you have a slot for ten

cars in your garage so that's your

second step see you have a garage you

can store cars and it's probably the

cheapest apartment you can buy yes and

as you guys can see there's the heist

room where you can organize heists for

not only making money but also for

unlocking the Karima now your second

your third step is to do the flag Flickr

or flaca heist that's not a hard heist

in fact I I think it's it's quite easy

to do but it requires two friends to do

the heist or at least if you're like me

and you don't have that many friends

online I did my Flickr job with two

random guys from the game I was able to

do it it's not that hard and the best

offer for it is that you get your first

contact with armed Karima and you unlock

so he can buy it later on so that's your

third step fourth step is you need to

get you guys need to get five hundred

and twenty five thousand dollars so the

reason why you need to get that amount

of money is because that's the price for

the car that's how much the car will

cost there's no other way you have to

buy the car now that you unlock the car

with the flicka job you need to get that

amount of money now there's now that you

bought this apartment you have at least

two more ways of making money now the

first way is of course doing still the

contact missions you still don't have

the Karima so follow the same missions I

left Dunville down below in the

description but also you guys can do now

you can do highs and heists are a good

way of making money and you can do like

a lot of a lot of heists right now I'm

on human human labs rate but do rise

with you with friends also not you don't

need to create your own house but you

can do that for for making money and

because you have a garage

ten-car garage you can also steal and

store some of those rare cars that are

worth a little bit of money some of them

are worth up to eighteen to twenty K per

car and you can sell them every 49

minutes in a game so I also will leave

down below the links of those more

expensive cars if you want to see how to

get those cars so and finally the four

the fifth step is to buy the car now the

car is only available on the saturn san

andreas super outer so basically you go

here to travel and transport and you go

to here certain

South turn send Andrea's sand Andreas

super Altos calm and you will find the

kuruma somewhere in here so as you guys

can see there's two versions of the

Karima one is worth 95k this one is not

and I repeat this one is not the armored

version this one in here it is it's five

hundred and twenty five thousand dollars

as you guys can see and that's it guys

that's it

it was really fast video just to tell

you guys how you guys can get the car I

hope you guys enjoyed it please don't

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and I appreciate them and I will see you

guys soon for more videos of GTA online

thank you very much and Cheers