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Black Ops 2 Zombies: Tranzit Power Turbine Buildable Tutorial + LADDERS for Bus and Diner ROOFTOPS!

all right so this is how to assemble the

turbine and there's also some ladders

that I'll tell you how to use on transit

zombies green run black ops 2 beginning

there's these zombies you want to knife

them to get some points the first part

of the turbine is this mannequin and

you'll find on either side of the sign

and you just build that second part is a

fan which is on that chair get that

build that and the turbine is really

good for opening any doors that says

power is needed and you don't have the

power on and stuff it's really important

it powers the turret to last part is

this tail and that's on the ground

they're always so yeah it powers

everything it's a really important piece

to have zombies are attracted to it and

it does kind of have a lifespan so it

does die out it's not unlimited power so

to use it you just place it with the

shoot button right on right next to the

right in front of the door and it'll

open and if you look to my right behind

me now if I look back there yes back

there there's usually a piece and pieces

are found on the map so in this case is

the ladders and there's two ladders

there's a square it's not even a ladder

it's more of a hatch it's a square

hatched ladder type thing and the other

one is the tall climbing ladder the tall

ladder oh by the way here is the is a

meteor for the jet gun if you crouch you

can pick that up

so square ladder looks like that you can

see my friend just got down and square

ladder can either be used to open the

center of the bus you can climb on the

roof from the inside or to open up the

Galvan uncle's in the diner so here's

the spot on the bus you don't want to

use it on the bus because this tall

ladder is used only for the bus if you

put it on the back left on the outside

of the bus that's how you can climb up

onto the roof but if you don't use the

square ladder for this diner part to get

Galvan uncle's you'll never be able to

get up there and get

knuckles so you really want to use a

square part for that because the

galvanized really help is running

through the fog and you encounter the

babies if you don't you don't really

have a good way of doing that so yeah

this is the tall ladder and so that's

how you use them