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Laser Cutter Fragments Location | SUBNAUTICA

Good evening guys, I'm Ben from Chemical Apes and welcome to subnautica

Okay so for this very quick guide we're going be looking at getting the three

fragments for the laser cutter and it's literally one location so for those of

you who have a compass we want to be sort of looking West going West which is

away from the aurora. For those that haven't got the compass yet I would

really recommend getting that compass first. We have a video which you'll be

able to see link on the video now. But yeah okay so let's go west and we're

going to sort of head over into the kelp forests past the kelp forest into the

Grassy Plateaus. Now those of you who have live pod 17 signal that is sort of the

location will want to sort be directing to

and then once you sort of come to this life on here you will then see a

wreckage on your right-hand side over in the distance which is that one there and

this is exactly where we're going to be looking for these fragments okay so now

what you did the spawn location will will vary each time you play but

generally speaking I have tested it. It does spawn you will get one fragment in

one of these containers on the outside of the wreckage so look over in the

records you may find it that it may be in one of different containers.

Then for the other two parts, we will need to go into the wreckage itself.

So doorway at the top. You want to go straight into this here and veer

left and then gets a little bit confusing but point upwards you can start

see the stairwell just follow it around and then the part should be around this of area.

Look in every container possible. A lot of fragments here again. There we go,

theres number two! Come on number three where are you

Heres a propulsion cannon! Great but not what we need and there you go... number three.

So that's it guys three fragments

We now can successfully made our laser cutter

So to make the laser cutter we're looking at diamond, battery, titanium and

encase over so I'm gonna be doing a video on that keep watching for more

videos we do a variety of videos around subnautica resources different guys

different missions and that's it folks so hope you like the video and thanks

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