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How To Find New Music (A Guide)

hi so one reason why I make youtube

videos in the first place is that I love

sharing music with people if I find an

artist that I think is super talented

but they're not getting enough attention

I want to show them off to the world and

so with this idea of discovery being

such a huge theme within my channel I

often get the question of where I find

new music and that question kind of

surprises me because there's so much new

music around us all the time like I

seriously get stressed out because I

feel like I'm not gonna be able to catch

up with it but hey not everybody has

time dedicated to trying to find new

musicians and that's fair they just want

to hear the music and so to make it

easier on those people who want to find

new music but don't know where to look

I'm gonna make a little guide on some of

my favorite places to find new music and

I want to be very clear these things are

not revolutionary by any means a lot of

people are going to be commenting saying

that this is common sense and yeah it

might be for a lot of people but I'm

just trying to be helpful and guide

those people that are always asking me

where I find my new music at least first

and foremost YouTube is an extremely

powerful tool for discovering new

musicians and one of the easiest ways to

have new music handed to you is by

subscribing to channels that always are

uploading live performances of

up-and-coming musicians

take for example NPR's tiny desk concert

I can't even begin to explain how many

new musicians I've discovered because of

tiny discs and so basically what happens

is they bring in musicians bands

whatever they play around three songs

within their office space and it's one

of the best shows on YouTube and they

honestly probably have the widest

spectrum of genres of any of these

channels they bring in everybody from

popular rappers to smaller ndx it's

fantastic the sound quality is great you

get to experience a little bit of the

personality of the given musician or

band and all around it's the perfect

introduction to new music tiny desk has

introduced me to bands like

superorganism and moon hooch and singers

like Julian Baker and Galan another one

of my favorite channels is a color show

I made a short little video about this

channel a little while ago and I could

go on and on

about how much I love it basically an

artist comes in a singer or a rapper

they do their song in front of this

beautiful monochrome background and

that's it it's simple but it's so

effective they really value diversity

they've created this unique aesthetic

and they bring in talented people from

all over the globe this channel has

introduced me to people like James

Vicary and lava LaRue and from there

there are a ton of different channels

that put out great live performances the

Australian public radio station Triple J

has some incredible content recently

they featured people like hockey dead

and mall rat KEXP is another great radio

station that puts out some amazing stuff

they featured everybody from snail mail

to James Blake and the next obvious

place to go is the music reviewer route

and the biggest music critic in the

world lives on YouTube and I'm sure

everybody that knows my channel is

pretty familiar with the needle drop

critics are valuable for a number of

reasons but here's one of the main

things that I love about following

certain critics so you find one that you

like whether it be the detail that they

go into the passion that they have for

the art that they review whatever but

after a while you start to get a very

keen sense of their tastes there's a

meme that follows around fantana's

channel and it's basically a reaction to

him disliking a lot of sleepy music and

so now you know this about him after

you've been watching him for a while you

know this about his tastes and so say an

album comes out and it can be

categorized as sleeping music and he

likes it that is a really good reason to

check out that album in addition Fanta

knows end-of-the-year lists are always

super helpful he listens to a ton of

different stuff and he's super

knowledgeable about genres that I don't

really pay attention to so there's

always bound to be some good stuff in

there that I would have never thought to

check out this next part sounds pretty

dumb but it's a hill that I'm willing to

die on I think YouTube's recommended

system is honestly very spot-on

if you're just browsing around and

looking at music videos and YouTube

keeps recommending something I'd say

check it out the YouTube algorithm is a

huge reason why people even know boy

Pablo or half-alive

outside of YouTube you can obviously

check out any of the

hundreds of websites that have sections

dedicated to talking about music some of

my favorites that I browse from time to

time include pitchfork the a/v Club

stereo gum and pigeons and planes from

there you have one of the most powerful

music websites in the world in

not only does it have great little

statistics on what people are listening

to what's trending etc but they have

these amazing profiles for artists

musicians bands as well so say I type in

Charli XCX and I hit Search

so I click on our profile I scroll down

I can see her top tracks her top albums

if I wasn't familiar with her that would

be very helpful but then one of my

favorite sections is similar artists and

so I click this and this whole page has

probably half the people I haven't even

heard of so that's a great reason to

check out I don't know 10 new artists

and honestly there's still so much stuff

that I haven't even gone over streaming

services are a great way to find new

music Pandora was literally built for

this idea of discovery Spotify and Apple

music we're constantly putting out these

featured playlists there are a ton of

ways to find new music most importantly

last but not least this is my favorite

way of finding new music and that's just

talking to people talk to your friends

ask them what they're listening to see

what they like about what they're

listening to and I don't want to sound

like a grandpa here and saying that Oh

Technology ruins everything

but there's something about talking to

your friends about music that you'll

never find within an algorithm or a

corporately made playlist there's

something really beautiful about talking

to your friends about art and I think

it's more helpful than any of the other

things that I mentioned so far thanks

for watching go find some new music and

I'll see you again soon