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Skyrim: How to get Red Eagles Bane, Unique (The Legend of Red Eagle hidden quest)

what's up guys my name is ESO and

welcome to the channel in this video I'm

going to be showing you a pretty well

hidden quest in Skyrim called The Legend

of Red Eagle off you've completed this

quest you'll get two swords as a reward

firstly the honed ancient nord great

sword of burning this sword has an

enchantment that does ten points of fire

damage on hit and then any targets that

you hit who are already on fire take

extra damage secondly red eagles Bane a

unique weapon which makes enemies up to

level 13 flee and sets them on fire for

30 seconds the sword is owned by

somebody called red eagle who

single-handedly killed over 1,000

Imperials who tried to take his homeland

from him I will tell you more about him

as we go on or you can just read the

book legends of red eagle which can be

found during the quest anyway to start

this quest we need to head over to red

eagle redoubt which is close to full

skull lookout is actually a chest over

here so you can go and grab by every


so you need to take care on your

approach in this place because there's

this bloody archer who has like the

dodging skills of some kind of crazy

confu guy I just I don't have to

describe it so basically you want to get

a sneak attack on him otherwise who

dodged all your arrow shots or at least

I don't always hear them now as well

okay then you should be able to take out

the pillaging pretty easy especially if

you stagger her every single hit so I

don't think there's much out here kind

of a quick check just a small force

swarm camp there is a healing potion

there seriously I had to rerecord at the

start of this video because this guy was

dodging every single one of my arrows

and as funny as that would be to watch I

don't think it would have been worth

your time so anyway let's go inside this

cave now I quite like this cave because

it's kind of like you're climbing to the

top of the mountain inside a cave so as

you come in you get this kind of like

you're at the bottom here and then

there's hole mounted which is just in a

cave I know you just said that but I

just can't get over how cool that is

this is what I like about Skyrim's cave

design it's very unique anyway I just

want to point out this stagg and we're

going to see this stagg quite long

within this cave and on this

mountainside I don't know if that's

meant to be a reference to the reach or

to her seeing which is a Daedric god

anyway there's a four swarms here

there's a couple so we can actually

activate this trap over here

and it's gonna set them fire to a little

bit of damage hope whoo was that so

that's got rid of her pretty easily oh

it's not done much damage to you has it

he was also blind they isolated this

truck but I'm not so sure what it did

no I genuinely don't know anyway if we

just continue on as not much loot to be

found on this quest most of its just

kind of like well there's a lot of

forsworn warriors and we're going to get

a large leak oh I forgot about that as a

bold attractors here yeah there are a

ridiculous amount of enemies on the

quest because we're literally raiding

the biggest forsworn stronghold in the

game let's see if we can pick one of

these guys off it's quite hard to kill

them without getting seen because it's

not really dark enough here to be almost

invisible all right we can get this guy

as someone I was coming down as well

- is she's limping your way ah she's

held herself god damn it I'm being

actually there was a there was a comment

on one of my or that I get this comment

quite often which is what difficulty do

you play on right now we are on where as

difficulty gameplay master difficulty

sometimes I play on legendary sometimes

just master just because otherwise you

end up standing there pouting errors

into people and I want to make the video

kind of like interesting to watch but

not boring or let me just go down here

quickly because there's usually a

levelled axe sometimes it's an elven bow

lack sometimes it's still and there's a

chest just under this staircase so make

sure you grab that - we don't need

anything else here so we're going to

continue up

so here we are welcomed by that

absolutely stunning view which my talk

about later there's a campfire and I

think there's a few more forsworn just

on the path ahead so take care when

you're coming out of that door oh

there's another chest over there

actually after God's sakes I'm supported

man why did she go she fought

I do like try and cheat in third person

it's good fun when you pull it off

where's this other person gone man oh

there she is

she's hiding away down there that was

another comment I got about archery

someone saying oh like why when you aim

at someone do you aim just below you

know you don't allow for the drop of the

arrow well actually in Skyrim when you

aim an arrow say for example I'm firing

out that wall it hits just above the

wall so unless you're firing say for

example over there it drops a little bit

at the end as you could kind of see I

know you didn't see the impact what

that's a master okay we're gonna try

this guys we're gonna try this [ __ ] sake

this should why is this a master level

chest what is going on okay bear with me

okay there we go

I just got 12 golden are you what the

[ __ ] no no that that last not fair is

that some kind of a joke like what why

does it have a master level lock on

literally no chests in the wilderness

has master level locks and then you come

across that one it's got masked level

locks and there's 12 [ __ ] golden


I spent a good ten minutes by the way

trying I locate that chest so don't have

any perks in a lock-picking

it's actually a lot harder to do oh okay

who they were like running at me like

they could see me in them they were like

oh no actually I think he's over here

we'll just we'll just pause here and

kind of pose with our weapons out I

think there's another enemy just up

there I think he's got a bow I cannot

see him though or her so I think she's


usually if I get a sneak attack off of

Master difficulty you can kill most

enemies in one here just because of the

three times bonus which just makes you

very powerful really I know I haven't

really been looting their corpses I mean

Force One arrows that they're okay

they're not they're not the greatest I

do like that armor set like for

role-playing purposes it's pretty

beastly armor set to be honest there's

actually a unique version of that armor

set you can get on one of my favorite

quests to take this guy out which also

has like it's loaded with law about the

history of the Force One and kind of

like what they're all about actually so

is this quest

I just haven't spoken about in my chair

why does he have no weapon he trips over

the bench when he died that was funny

yeah so it's a unique on a set of this

and I can't remember exactly what it's

got but it gives you benefits sneak

destruction magic all sorts oh it's

actually quite a good armor set to like

just obtain and then you can like mix

and match it with other armor sets and

kind of get the best bone bonuses so

there's quite a few forsworn in this

camp which I'm going to have to take out

I think because otherwise they'll affect

the miniature boss battle at the top of

the mountainside because they're

probably will come running to help this

chest is usually quite good by the way

so it's worth picking

take out this guy first there's an

archer just at the top of the hill there

I know she she's heard me think about

forsworn is most of them are either

majors or arches so I mean there are

some close combat people usually dual

wield weapons but they're not that bad

skill they're generally they're not

really much of a nuisance

maybe I'm just saying that from like an

archery perspective though come to think

of it so that is the throne of the reach

that's what I'm going to call it but

before we go on I just want to is there

anyone else you can see me up there can

I stand up yeah I'm gonna stand up

hopeful someone's out there I can't

stand sneak out before we move on I just

want to look down this mountain because

you get the most amazing view there you

can usually see the hole above reach

from here but not today not on this not

on this day or at least the rain the

rain is nice it makes it quite

atmospheric I guess now the boss is up

here so oh no that's not the boss sorry

it's someone else

she said the boss is just over here he's

sitting on the throne and now I'm gonna

put a sneak attack on him he usually has

a bow he's the current king of the

regional cool

and that arrow just went over his head

do you see what I mean about it like

rising when you fire it

he's got arrow in the side of his head

on my god forsworn forever

oh yeah Scott he's dead

oh no I got the kill cam but not the

kill shot huh what's going on with these

arrows there we go that's the kill cam I

was looking for so he's got a red eagles

fury on him now this burns the target

for five points and then the target

takes extra fire damage which is of

course normal because it's a firing shot

man and this is like the weaker version

of the sword we are going to obtain so

take that the breyer hot which is a very

good alchemy ingredient you can also

sell it and we also need red eagles

tower key which I'll show you why in a

second this is the throne of the reach

there's a book which I'll come back and

read in a sec and I like how they've

lined this up with the fire pit of the

of the smithing station down there

that's quite a nice feature they come

down here because there is a boss chest

up here so don't forget to grab that 200

gold stars of courage studded armor not

great for me legend of the Red Eagle um

I can I'm just going to overview this

book for you because it's a very long

book so I'm not going to read it you

could really a self if you'd like to but

it basically sums up the whole story of

this quest line the quest is about Red

Eagle who was born in the reach a

village priest foresaw that he was going

to be a warrior and a leader who would

unite the ten warrior Kings who ruled

the reach at the time and indeed he

gained a lot of power and influence as

he grew older at the time of Red Eagle

Hester was empress of Cyrodiil

as a typical Imperial she decided to

invade the reach she was successful too

it was Red Eagle who refused to yield to

the Imperial so he formed a resistance

during his resistance he was approached

by a hag raven who offered him great

power for a price of course

Red Eagle agreed to the pact he actually

sacrificed his heart and his humanity to

become a forsworn Bryer heart and if you

look closely at the briar hot enemies

you can see that they don't have a heart

they have a briar heart which is a

pretty cool detail I actually have a

little Easter egg guide which I'll leave

a link to in the description which

basically shows you that you can

pickpocket briar hearts from forsworn

and if you pickpocket

it makes them die because you've

basically just stolen their heart from

them anyway the rebellion eventually

managed to drive the Imperials from the

reach which is why he's so famous in

fact you'll find a lot of references to

him in the forsworn law so anyway

there's also this red eagles right and

basically this book tells us what we

have to do with the next section of the

quest so we now have ready whose blade

and this is what is referring to red

eagles right which is what we're going

to undertake now having bathed the blade

in human blood presented at rebels car

together with your sacrificed and intone

Lord red eagle ancient one first and

foremost among the Richmond heed the

call of your people still we fight for

freedom still our blades are dark with

blood turn your gaze upon us and

grottoes and grant us your blessing and

new I renew the ancient covenant when at

last our lands are free we shall return

your sword of victory in hand then arise

O great one from your honored to reclaim

my stolen throne roll over us high Lord

of the reach forevermore

so that Keys used to open this master

door yeah if you've read this book you

will understand more so what that little

passage we just read in that book meant

now there's nothing at the top of this

tower so it's going to lower this and

run over to the next tower and there's a

chest in here so oh it's a novice I

thought that said master and I almost

had a heart attack I was like nope that

chest isn't gonna get opened Wow come on

man are you kidding right 20 gold grand

soldier and potion of healing potion of

strength that's quite useful take that

is there anything else useful up here

now there is not so now we are going to

move on to the next part of this quest

so this is Thunder towers which is where

we are at the moment just down the hill

is rebels Karn and is pretty

appropriately named because it's where a

red eagle was actually buried and

obviously the people of the reach were

rebels so rebels Khan right so go back

down the stairs

just come down here as a health potion

here which you might need boss fight and

there's a black soldier which if you're

a dodgy kind of player you might find

that useful so it's just down the hill

we're just going to walk over there just

want to point out this location over

here though it's an unmarked location or

what to what I consider to be an

unmarked location it kind of looks a

little bit like Stonehenge and maybe

it's positioning has something to do

with the Sun because like lots of

columns around it almost like a sundial

but I'm not sure so it's one of those

locations there's nothing there nothing

tied to it it's just have they done this

to piss me off or something I don't

understand it anyway rebels car is just

down here just over the hill they would

bury the king of the reach on top of the

mountain when they make sense so here we

go rebels car so let's go inside now

there are no enemies in the first part

of this dungeon do you know what I've

actually heard other people in like less

plays and stuff say oh yeah this is just

a pointless location like it was meant

to be part of a quest but they never did


actually now we've got ready hill sword

we're going to activate this weapon slot

stuff it in there

secret door opens oh my goodness there's

nothing else in this room apart from

this guy and he's holding the legend of

the Red Eagle

so it's kind of like if you do happen

across upon this location there's a

subtle hint that there's actually a

quest tied to it

not a lot of people kind of a lot of

people kind of missed this quest oh make

sure you leave this in the stone by the

way because otherwise you kind of make a

bug happen which isn't a good bug

because it means you can't get one of

the swords that we're going to obtain

yeah anyway because it's a miscellaneous

quest a lot of people actually miss this

one so here we are in the main boss

chamber and as soon as we step forward

lots of skeletons are going to spawn and

now what you can do is kill Red Eagle

and then the skeletons will just die or

you can just kill the skeletons and then

Red Eagle which is what I'm going to do

because I like to be awesome and we're

not going to do this quest and sneak

Modi that we're going to do balls-deep

oh my god he's driving

that makes it so we're going to take out

these skeletons with the slow time shell

and if I get a lot of people asking me

about this this build I will leave a

link in the description to my full guide

explaining how to use it but I could

right now Pelt him with arrows but it

would make the boss fight very easy so

we're going to wait until the slow time

shouts over he's using a spell Ward Ward

rather der Ward for some reason and I

was attacking his own skeletons what's

going on anyway

I I'm a bit annoyed about him being a

dragon and the reason for that is is

because he was like an amazing warrior

from the reach right so why the hell

would he be a dragon please that just

doesn't make sense in sounds of law the

reason why he's dragon free is that the

game randomly decides whether or not

depending on your level sometimes but

I've been here at the same level

sometimes he will be a Nordic like an

ordering Nordic overlord or whatever you

call them kind of like the Hyatt the

highest level of Nord wielding the Red

Eagle sword and then sometimes he'll be

this dragon priest which just doesn't

make sense when he's the dragon priests

but it's because the game hat uses a

radiant quest line what that means is

that it randomly decides what he's going

to look like but it shouldn't be like

that obviously so this is the ancient

nord great sword of burning which is

what he would use if he was a humanoid

but he's not obviously burns the target

ten points of damage and then the target

takes five extra fire damage over time

so make sure you go and loot the

treasure trove behind red eagles coffin

then I'll show you how to get the last

unique sword I hope you guys enjoyed

this video I've been trying to put a lot

more lore in and kind of explaining the

quest and the story behind it I think it

makes it more meaningful and interesting

that way and I know that a lot of people

like it when I do that I actually have a

whole quest series about little hidden

quests once they usually

overlooked so I'll leave a link in the

description to that playlist so you can

check it out also make sure you

subscribe for new ones anyway the last

unique sort and now this is why I wanted

you to leave the sword in the stone haha

King Arthur reference read eagle's Bay

so the sword has now changed and notice

how the okay so let me find it where is

it ready who has been where are you here

we go

so undead up to level 13 are set on fire

and flee for 30 seconds so it's kind of

like an upgraded version of that sword

does even more damage so it's kind of

like a better version why wouldn't you

want the better version make sure you

leave it in the in the stone you can use

it to open the boss room again I don't

know why you'd need to but and you can

take it out again I was worried then I

was clicking it and I was like why can't

I take it out but you actually just had

to wait for the door to open they closed

thanks very much for watching guys let

me know if you enjoyed the video and

what it is about it that you like or

what you want to see more of in the

comment section below I do try to read

all of your comments it takes a long

time but I do care about what you think

so I'll catch you in the next one