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All Legendary Pokémon Locations in Pokémon Sword & Shield (Guide & Walkthrough)


there are far less legendary Pokemon to

catch in pokemon sword and shield

compared to many of the previous games

in the series in fact there are only two

per version and it's unlikely you'll

miss them in your playthrough of the

game but just in case you're curious on

where they're found we're here to help

in any small way we can

the first legendary you'll be able to

catch is eternity but it's impossible

not to catch it as it naturally happens

over the course of the story once he's

defeated in the Ray battle you'll be

able to throw a Pokeball and catch it to

catch either zombies enter or zeyzea on

return to the altar at the slumbering

Weald in order to initiate the postgame

story over the course of the events

you'll eventually have a chance to catch

your box legendary this one does need to

be battled but it's a fine choice for

the master ball if you want to make it

easy on yourself and that's it the other

legendary will go to hop but those are

the only legendary Pokemon in the

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