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How to find the RIGHT TATTOO ARTIST for your next tattoo

an artist can make or break a tattoo

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so in my opinion it is the most

important part of a tattoo and that is

finding the right artist for the job you

really gotta find that guy that

specializes in what you want to really

go from having a great tattoo to having

an awesome tattoo now in this video I'm

gonna be showing you all my tips and

tricks into finding the correct artist

for the right job so let's get to it

guys let's go


now I want you guys to go in the

comments section and this is gonna help

me and everybody else up because I

really want to make this somewhere where

people can go and find an artist so I

want you guys to go in the comments

section and list the name of your

artists list their Instagram list the

name and country where they live and

work out of and also the style that they

are really good at this will help a lot

of people enter and not only meet and

finding maybe an artist that by some

chances in their city or country that is

close to them so please guys go ahead

and do that for me I really would

appreciate it

so I've had many of you asked me how do

you find a right artists or how do I

find an artist that's near me what

artists do you go to now it seems that

many people don't know the tools or

tricks needed to find an artist so I'm

here today to help you guys find those

artists that are actually probably and

right in the back of your your

neighborhood today we're gonna be going

over gonna be going through we're gonna

be using my laptop we're gonna go into

Google we're gonna be going onto our

phone and using Instagram we're gonna

hop it to my computer now we're gonna go

onto Google and we're gonna start the

whole process now what I want you guys

to go into Google and search you can

search a couple things it can be tattoo

shops near me or tattoo shops in the

city that you're actually in so you can

I I'm a Toronto Canada so I would start

out by saying tattoo shops in Toronto I

would say I would say look for your

whole city or even a greater distance

because sometimes an artist is located a

little further out and it's worth

traveling that little extra distance to

get that quality so we're gonna hop in

now and we're gonna start doing we're

gonna start looking for them so first

thing we're gonna do is type it in and

then what I like to do next is I like to

go to the maps the best thing I do after

that is comb through them I like to go

from anything you can go to three point

five or four and up I like to go four

stars and up and then I like to look at

the reviews that are left so if they

have a lot of reviews that are left that

shows that a lot of people went a lot of

people want to leave their opinions and

depending on the stars that are given it

usually depicts how good of the reviews

are you click on the shop and then

usually all of them will have a website

direction you can save them then once

you do that you're gonna want to head

the website so I got a couple listed

here already for you guys we're gonna

check them out this is one favorite shop

near me now I like this shop because

they have a lot of they categorize

everything for you so it makes finding

the artist a lot easier so now we can go

into say if we went to color realism

tattoos we can get a good understanding

of who the artists are what their work

is then we can click on it and then you

can get a good idea and it says Fox by

Lydia now I would write that name down

and then so that's kind of for later for

the Instagram process of the further

looking into an artist so once we have

that we can understand we can go a

little more you can go into black and

gray realism I'm always a fan of that so

that's where I'm gonna go and head to

you can type this guy this is wolf from

Martin so I would write down Martin now

I'm sure a couple you guys are saying

Justin like I don't live in Toronto can

you give me a better example of how to

do this if you know I live in the States

or somewhere so I'm gonna help you guys

though I'm gonna choose the city of New

York it's just you know that's the one

that I know the best and it is very

heavily populated and they have some

great tattoo shops in that city as well

so I'm just gonna hop in and I'm gonna

show you guys how to look for a shop

that may be in your city and not mine

you want to click the maps go to the

rating like I said before like your

stars start eliminating and then get a

better feel so I have a shop for you

guys it is this one right here it's Red

Baron we're gonna click this one and

then you can go to the website so you

click the website I have it right here

for you guys ready so you click it and

then you can get a little understanding

of the shop it'll give you a nice or the

description of who they are where they

are but what I want you guys to do is I

want you guys to go into the artist next

is I want you guys to start looking

through their artists and now most shops

will give you a brief description of the

artist who they are what they do and you

know it really does help you get a

better understanding of who they are and

you know get a little feel for them so

we're gonna look into grant you those

custom work it says he does color he's a

highly saturated work so as you guys can

see and they do a great job on this

website of showing all of his work you

can tell he is very good at his color

custom work like if i zoom into this and

then let's just do one more the wolf

though that looks crazy to like you know

just very nice work and now say you know

what this isn't your style we want to

they have so many artists in this shop

and you're gonna keep one let's go to

Miko right now she is good at fine line

work minimalism and geometric designs

and as you go scroll down you can see

that for yourself now there's a puppy I

love this one it's very simplistic and

if that's your style then you know this

girl would be the girl now again if

that's not your style say you want to do

something else just keep scrolling and

you know process of elimination let's go

to Xavier is the last one

now what he does is watercolor and

abstract and realism and this guy is off

the charts as well so once you have a

good set of potential names from the

websites that you found listed go out to

Instagram and search them up themselves

now if you can't find their Instagram

name on the website the next best bet is

to go on to the shops Instagram scroll

through their page scroll to their

photos and in eventually you might come

across their work that you saw a picture

of and usually most shops will take the

artist in the photo or in the

description next we're gonna now hop on

and I'll show you what I do on looking

an artist I'm not gonna use the same

artist that I had here I'm gonna use my

own I'm just gonna kind of give you the

brief description and some big tips that

I use for the investigation and review

process of finding the artist now let's

pretend that I found evil my artist that

I currently get done let's pretend I

found him online on the website and I

decided now that I'm gonna look through

his page and start to figuring out

whether you know he's the artist for me

or not so I'm gonna open up Instagram

and then once you go you want to start

going through and seeing what he has and

what I'd like to do is get a good

understanding of what his skills are and

you can see off the bat he's very good

at a lot of things he's good at his

animals he's good at his sculptures he's

very good now the trick I like to use is

I don't like to look at the fresh

pictures themselves I like to look at

more the heel pictures now some artists

may do it some artists may not he does

it where he posts the heel pictures and

you can see there's some healed that's

what really gives me a good

understanding of how good an artist is

is how good they're healed the earth the

heel tattoo is now I'm not it's not

fully on them because the healing is all

up to the client but it does

give you a good understanding of how

well they pack their ink in and how well

it will stay now the next tip I have for

you you start you this is a little

creepier but it if they don't have those

heal pictures you can always go to a

picture and sometimes an artist will

post or tag the client in them thanking

them for their work thanking them for

their confidence in their and their

trust no sometimes you gotta go and you

gotta press more sometimes they don't

have it and then you just gotta keep

scrolling until it says thank you and

then there's the name I'm not gonna

press the name because I don't wanna

give that guy I don't want to put his

name Walter no offense to him but it's

just that's my little tricks into

finding an artist so now you found the

artist or you think you found the artist

that you like now I'm gonna make sure

you guys know to make sure you have

about a good three or four artists in

your lineup because you know that one

guy may not be available for another

couple years or you may be away or me

you know what maybe you guys just don't

click but I want you guys have about

three or four people that you really

like it are interested in getting

tattooed by the next step after that is

to DM them on Instagram or better yet

call the shop and see if you can meet up

for a consultation and meet the

one-on-one and see if you know you guys

click if they if they take your ideas

and you know if you want to do it the

next one also is you can email them a

lot of people will have in their

Instagram bio an email that you can

email them at that's how I got in

contact with one of my artists right now

and that's how we're working it out

because he lives a little further away

but you know it's always best to meet

them in person so you guys can really

see if you guys mesh together your ideas

are coming as one and you can get a feel

because so the worst thing to do is go

to an artist and you guys just don't

click and it's just there you know you

grabs your money gives you a tattoo and

that's it you kind of want to have that

bond and kind of make a friendship

because you know you guys you might want

to come back to him after and you know

if you guys do get get along he may be

able to squeeze you in

or maybe give you a bit of a deal for

coming back again and again again so you

know you want to build a relationship

with an artist now if all goes well they

respond back to your email your DM or

you know you met a person and you that

you guys click go ahead and book the

[ __ ] tattoo you guys you're pretty

much done now

there are other things you can do for

searching for tattoo artists you can go

to a tattoo convention they have a lot

of artists there as well you can kind of

get a feel for look into and see and

then also the last one I really have is

you know word of mouth if you have a

friend or a family member that has a

tattoo that's really nice you know ask

them where did you get your tattoo can

you give me their information or can you

give a good word to your artist about me

I'm interested in getting a tattoo and

if you see a stranger on the street be

polite go up and ask them where'd you

get your tattoo done if you guys liked

this video go give it a big thumbs up

let me know if it helped you in any way

and go into the comments and let me know

if I missed anything that you guys do to

find an artist let me know any tips and

tricks you may have and you know I just

love learning it'll help everybody else

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