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How To Attract The Right Woman | 5 Tips To Attract Women!

hi everyone I'm a plenty of lengthy

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you men to attract that woman that you

desire I am the founder of Apollonia as well and in today's video

we are going to talk about attracting

the right woman a lot of you asked me

how do I track the right woman and I'm

going to give you five tips on

attracting the right

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tip number one is do your research on

her okay a lot of times you might meet

women that are online or out at a bar or

at a restaurant through friends whatever

the case may be and you get blinded by

how beautiful she is which obviously is

common for you men because as I say men

go off physical appearance and they're

more visual than women are more women

are more emotional not saying men aren't

emotional because they are as they loot

getting feelings for this woman for this

woman but they also get driven by how a

woman impacts them visually and what's

important is for if you find a woman

that you really are interested in is to

do your research right so take your time

especially with dating apps you know I

see a lot of this because I help clients

with this like if girls if you like a

girl on a dating app and you're telling

her and you're asking her how she's

doing or whatever you're having a

conversation and you know you mentioned

something in her bio and she responds

awesome good yes and she's just giving

you one-word answers like bye see ya bye

Felisha you know like it's like why

entertain these woman I just don't get

it cuz there's so many women out there

that are willing to entertain you but

it's like you have to get through your

the bad ones in order to get to the good

ones as well so it's about doing your

research on this woman these women and

not focusing so much on god I want to

get her because she's still hot I know I

can get her only if I couldn't get her a

person blow up but she's not giving you

the time then what the hell move on to a

woman that's gonna give you

and is ready for you willing to show up

for you I mean there's no excuses if you

are dating a woman if you were

interested in a woman and she is not

giving you the time of day or giving you

one word answers are not respectful

whatever I can go on stop it needs to

stop that's why you keep on attracting

the wrong woman it's because you

continue to go on dates with them even

though they're giving you these red

flags even though they're giving you

these one-word answers even though

they're appearing less available and

less available and they take five days

to respond to a text just because

they're bored and they want to go out

with you heck no bye tip number two is

something really common and I see it so

much my comments to all of those people

in my comments sometimes you guys give

me such great feedback and thank you but

then there's some times where it's not

fixed the great feedback and a lot of

times men are just talking because

they've experienced really bad

situations and they're just reacting and

all I see is a man that's been hurt in

the past when they say comments like oh

they like basically insults right me or

other women or people even on this page

and one of the biggest thing is tip

number two on how to attract the right

woman is you have and the reason why I

bring this up is because you have to

have a growth mindset not a fixed

mindset so the fixed mindset are the

people that are stuck that's why I

mentioned those people that are

basically bullying in the comments

hating on you they lack of better terms

they don't want to move from the victim

mentality of oh women or

there's not one out there that can treat

you right they all play games okay if

they all play games and why am I here

and why do I know some moaning women

that are looking for a men that are

actually have their head on their

shoulders living on their purpose

wanting to do something for their lives

having goals I have women that are out

there that want that so if I see that

and I'm one of them

why do you think that there's none of

them out there because you're stuck in a

fixed mindset you're stuck and you're

not willing to see past what is actually

out there what you've experienced and

what opening up the gates to be like

okay maybe this is something I should

pay attention to maybe I'm not gonna get

the perfect girl every single time but

I'm gonna make sure growth mindset I'm

going to fight until I find that girl

because I know she's out there

I'm putting myself as a priority I'm

gonna stay driven I'm focused on what

makes me happy

I'm going to take challenges in my life

I'm gonna travel the world

I'm gonna do what makes me happy and in

the same time I'm gonna be dating girls

and when that girl shows up for me I'm

gonna know that that girl is the one for

me because she's showing up that is the

growth mindset not woman are all

know like God if you're in that mindset

you're you just don't belong here if you

want the real the real advice that

I'm giving you I know what it takes and

this is big man if you're not taking

anything away from this video fixed

mindset and gross mindset is significant

in regards to the attraction private

process and attracting that woman that

you want in your life

next is paying attention to habit so

this is the process of the when you're

dating is paying attention which I

talked about and tip number one too is

paying attention to her habits

formulating a conversation with her that

you can understand see what her values

are or moral are be clear on what you're

looking for - you got to be clear for

what you're looking for because if

you're not clear on what you're looking

for how is the girl going to know what

she can offer really so what is it that

you want from old relationship how do

you want to feel right so get out of the

physical we already know that you want

great sex or probably want a beautiful

one by your side but how is it that you

want to feel in a relationship and why

that's what you need to remember so you

can start seeing the bad habits and

really ask the right questions and say

bye to the ones that aren't showing up

for you next tip is don't harp on her

disinterest so even the most beautiful

woman get rejected even the most

handsome men get rejected believe it or

not and you a lot of times you get stuck

in the fixed mindset when you get

rejected and not saying that it doesn't

you're not supposed to you're supposed

to carry on if you like oh that

doesn't hurt blah blah blah be all macho

about it no I'm not saying that but what

I am saying is don't let your don't harp

on her disinterest and make you come up

come as a less valuable man or you think

of yourself as a less valuable man

because you're always constantly getting

rejected no you're just learning

and you're gonna grow from it and lastly

is be persistent in yourself not women

this is so important because the more

persistent you are with yourself the

more women are going to flock to you the

more women are going to come to you and

it's about having that right mindset as

I mentioned so much in this video but

also being persistent in your fight like

what is it that you want from life from

you from your relationships from the

girls blah blah blah what is it that you

want what is your goal what is your goal

in life and what direction and action

steps do you need to take to get there

because when you start doing this women

are gonna want to see you because they

see you as value because they see you as

something that they want in their lives

and the same thing goes for her she

should know her life's perfect she

should know her goals she should put

herself and hold her so himself

accountable to respect herself and to

respect you that's what it comes down to

when it comes to attracting the right

woman is a lot of times you go on a date

and someone showed you a red flag on the

first date but you ignore it and then I

look back and I have a coaching session

with you and you're in a year into the

relationship and things aren't going

good but we talk about the first date

and right then in there she said she

wasn't looking for anything she said she

wasn't ready but you still ended up

being with her so that is just an

example and I know sometimes my advice

and be really blunt but I like to keep

it real with you guys and I'm here to

tell you exactly what it takes to get

the woman that you want and you know I

thought a lot of you here on this

channel give me great criticism a lot of

you are here on this channel to grow and

to really understand and that's what I

really want to do is just keep it real

because if you are Hanan mindset where

you're just stuck and you're in this

victim mentality you need to heal I

advise you to heal I advise you to look

past everything that has happened in

your life and to see how you can show up

for you moving forward and it doesn't

mean being disrespectful of other people

friends family and even other one

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