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Fallout 4 Tips | How To Find The Ripper!

hey guys what's going on welcome back

you're with sovereign I got my buddy

strong behind me they're giving me

backup and I wanted to address the old

Ripper video that I posted how to find

it it was really poorly done and I am

I'm sorry that I even posted it honestly

you guys I shouldn't have but my wife

was rushing me off of the system that

day and I wanted to just get it out for

you so I did a really poor job and that

is all me so I apologize for that you

guys but today I want to clear it up for

you guys

because I'm getting questions about it

still and I understand why so I'm going

to show you guys where to get it much

more specifically than I did last time

and I hope everybody enjoyed their

Thanksgiving by the way okay so we're at

West Everett estates and the easiest way

that I find to do this simply because

this is the way I originally came is to

come in from the north so I mean you've

got the Malden Center up here Slocum

Joe's corporate headquarters and all 75s

up there which I still need to explore

by the way but I just come from the

north because it's easier for me that's

the way I first came in so when you come

in from the north you will find it a lot

of super mutants and they will you know

try to kill you but all you need to do

is fight your way through and basically

just follow the neighborhood I'm just

going to kind of follow this one street

so now once you've gotten to this point

in the road you can either go right or

you can continue going straight and

actually leave the town go right and

you'll see you are now heading west ish

so we're going to go west ish to where

the big water tower is when you see this

big water tower it's this little shack

like building directly in front of it

you see this little backyard bunker here

I think oh how crazy is that the Ripper

actually respawned back here for me I

was not expecting that I still have the

Ripper I did take it with me that is

crazy I actually did not know that that

was going to be there so yeah there it

is for me it was on the ground next to

the bunker but that was because you know

I was fighting super mutants and stuff

was exploding and all that but

I figured it was supposed to be up here

that's what I was just about to say when

I noticed that it was still up there and

it respond that's that's crazy so yeah

guys that is where you find the Ripper

I am so sorry about the [ __ ] quality of

that last video I knew better than to

put it up but I really wanted to anyway

just to get it out for you guys and I

should not have done that

I should never do that so that is all on

me I apologize so again just to recap

really quickly for you just if you want

to go the way I came in coming from the

north and basically you're going to

follow the streets until you get to

where you can take a right or continue

going straight and you want to just take

a right and you'll be heading in a

westerly direction towards this water

tower once you're kind of in front of

the gate that's right before the water

tower it's in that Shack just to the

left of it alright guys I hope that I

answered your questions

and honestly I'm sure that there's more

than one location in this game to find

the Ripper because seems like every

other unique weapon for the most part

I've been able to find more than one up

I've actually gotten three syringes now

all from different places so hopefully

this will clear that up for you guys

thank you so much again for the amazing

support it's incredible I just hit 500

subscribers this morning and I'm already

up to 515 it's just insane we are

growing it's crazy thank you guys so

much give the video like if it helped

you so sorry about the last one and if

you're new to the channel please don't

forget to subscribe before you take off

that would be awesome and I'll see all

of you guys the next time thank you

again so much

see you guys