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How To Find The Traveling Salesman In AJ Play Wild!


hey what is going on guys rainbow lemur

here and today's video I'm going to talk

about the traveling salesmen an animal

channel a wild so as you can see funny

cheesy is in this video and heaven I

teeps Jessica is funny cheesie's in the

video the famous funny cheesy so yeah

anyways um the traveling sells then um

I'm going to talk about like um where

you might be able to find them so um I'm

going to have to go to different places

in this video possibly alright let's go

to Zhai off really quick okay so um

people are singing that um he will only

appear um after the treasure hunts so he

may only appear once a day it's possible

and by the way guys be sure to check

inside buildings too he might also

appear inside just to be safe

and it's very possible that he won't

stay for too long Nader and as for what

he might sell well there are rumors that

he might also be selling raccoons Hills

maybe even aviator hat or maybe even the

legendary wind-up keys is it possible

I'm a tall bodyguard yeah hi Wow so um

yeah and it's most likely going to be

very expensive so we should have a lot

of gems he might try to rip you off

basically or scam you who knows it would

be kind of bad if they only call

sapphires so yeah I need avert that

rhymes with I need a word that rhymes

with word oh man for myself Leanne poem

spores are you recording yes I'm

recording alright guys oMG yes I'll just

film the mouse recording so anyways um


like I was saying the salesman he might

possibly appear inside and the chances

are he won't stick around for too long

so if you do happen to spot him run to

him as soon as possible because I don't

think he sticks around for too long he

just runs off really quick I'm guessing

he's a magical racoon he can just

randomly appear he's like Santa Claus

basically come to my den rainbow you

know I find it so thin yet no not yet

right now here's the jamol Journal

it says Traveling Salesman if you look

at the bottom it says we have heard that

he is carrying some extremely rare items

notice it said rare so that means he is

actually going to sell rare items

possibly even beat us so as since they

did say extremely rare items three

fossil they are going to include maybe

dragon wings like I said for wind-up

keys who knows captain wait and see

these are logged in every day and

explore the lands of jamol log in every

day so that means it's probably going to

be once the data he appears

so yeah the salesman is that my did

really hmm

oh and it's thinking of that I wonder if

he actually does go to people's dance

hmm I wonder it's very possible but

unlikely don't never mind look at him he

has a fez as well a unique item and also

I've seen people with backpacks too

I announced before saying that these are

bills but there's nothing here

like I was saying guys it's prolly gonna

be once a day because they did say be

sure to log in every day so yeah but you

never know guys it's possible he could

appear anytime like Santa Claus please

to clean all right guys like that's

going to be it for this video if you

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videos I'll see you next video have a

great day everyone

goodbye Gemma on peeps come to my den

rainbow okay