find the


okay at least I've got a good route here

I'm going to make a short video of this

on how to get the scrambler quick please

watch this because I'll edit it just

down to this bit so it doesn't sound you

know weird you run this way run out

these doors

I forgot my [ __ ] scissors okay we'll

try it again here's how to get the

scrambler I'll open any door that has in

any route on YouTube because the other

routes are [ __ ] complicated for no


go this way no get the scissors from

your shelter hide them I don't know if

you can just walk around with this okay

oh yes

not fine

I don't know the timings going to be

okay here that first dude should just be

move until probably make it's probably

on track with my other time and outside

that's fine wait for him to get out of


he's going to move now three two one

okay you walk over here you scale down

here climb down here slide so you avoid

the gaze of that guy

shimmy along here

you wait for him to start a phone call

three two one now okay climb up yet run

down here you can Crouch put it out on

the hill see you definitely need the

scissors because you can't if you're

doing it normally you could attack this

guy without breaking a mission because

this is sergeeva six ill and as soon as

he sees me the Acropolis is us hit the

wall height going to get up knock them

out okay you don't obviously need to

take is gonna not just whatever you need

you might not even need to Heidi's body

but I'm on a really tight mission item

here pick up the scissors now what you

need is the CRO box right the hide that

Bible it right to keep going like I

should be walking down here again you

can go inside but I'm not sure what the

routes like I haven't taken it myself

so there might be a lot of white balls



come on dude that logo on the back of

your shirt is like expand text right

he's going to walk walk past them both

very cash over here

climb up the pole again

you call me trust the map here so just

eyeball it

this route might be a little complicated

for you I got a couple of white bowls so

I've got to run down the middle kind of

and the guy that gods the little God

room is a white bowl as well so you're

gonna have to jump off the banisters


let's be on there is he's behind there

you go no real see [ __ ] okay you need to

get past him

okay now this is where it gets weird

we've got a white bowl and agreeable I

could probably run in there and John

wick them but as soon as one sees me

doing some dodgy there missions over for

me so I'm going to wait for him to come

out I'm going to go in and strangle the

other guy and then I'm going to hide and

wait for him to come back in because

it's just not enough time to do this

I can't strangle him hide the body and

crank open the safe at the same time you

can do both that's the thing that if you

want to end the video there so you come

in here you'd hide his body obviously I

might need to hide in here actually

because he's going to come in this room

that's the [ __ ]

yeah here he comes I can't I can't

attack them I literally can't attack the

dude I can't walk in front of them and I

can't attack them because it literally

ends the mission I'm going to leave them

alive because there's no benefit to me

killing them

I hide in the body so yeah there's no

point of me went for a moment to strike

all I need is a scrambler at the box

okay here's my time right okay yes the

scrambler so from a commentary I wasn't

it would have been pointless me

recording this again

so hopefully hopefully it helped you

guys right get outta Dodge

now where do I want to go do I want to

do my normal route I can't save it or

anything so

Oh books ah