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The Serenity Prayer Meaning - "God Grant Me The Serenity"!

hi today we're going to be looking at

one of the most famous and inspiring

prayers of the 20th century the Serenity

Prayer we'll be looking at what the

Serenity Prayer means and how we can use

this prayer within our daily lives


say serenity means the quality or the

states of being calm and peaceful it's

something we all searched and longed for

and in an age of self-help and

mindfulness and that search for inner

peace it's something which everybody

identifies with however there are ways

in a practical sense that we can find

peace there are of course I'm having a

restful day having a lion listening to

some peaceful music doing some sort of

gentle exercise but the peace that this

prayer talks about is the gift it is a

gift from God the serenity prayer is

about the gift of peace so firstly the

prayer talks about accepting the things

I cannot change and I see this as the

wall of the fool and I have a very heavy

brick here and this is the this is the

weight of what we live in in the world

this is the things we cannot change this

is the fact that we age as humans this

is the country that we're born in and

the stability and the wealth of that

country that we are then entering into

this is the weight of the genetic code

of our inheritance that sometimes weighs

us down and the wall of the fall is so

many things and the prayer talks about

the serenity to accept these things and

this talks about how how we navigate

this and really we have to keep coming

to God we have to keep having a dialogue

with him about how hard it is to live

with this weight

and by the miracle of his spirit and by

the blood of Jesus God has the ability

to take this weight from our shoulders

now it's true that sometimes it's only

momentarily before we feel it again it's

true that it's a weight that comes back

and we kind of revisit very many times

in our lives but it's a weight that

ultimately will be off us forever when

we enter eternity the second line of the

prayer is about having the serenity to

change the things that we can and you

know Jesus is the key of change and

renewal that the Holy Spirit within our

lives can change the way we feel about

our age he can change the way that we

cope with the country and the situation

that we're born in the Holy Spirit can

change the way we manage and cope with

our physical inheritance of a body and

it's very important that we do seek the

Holy Spirit to highlight and let us know

what are the things we can't change

and what are these things that we can

change to give us the wisdom to know the

difference because sometimes we begin to

accept the things that really God wants

us to change and the weight of those and

sometimes we need to be given the Grace

and the peace to accept things that

maybe we can't change it goes on to talk

about time and in particular in the

Western world time has become a really

intense thing if you stop for a moment

and just look at your

watch ticking away and have a think

about what time means to you because

we're always trying to hold back time

we're always trying to stop time we're

always time to make more of time or to

find time and yet the only way that

actually we really find peace within

this area of what it is to be a human

and live on this planet is to connect

with the timeless nests of heaven this

is a stop to watch it's not been working

for 10-15 years and we have to remember

that eternity and god it's a completely

different realm outside of this phase

outside of this universe that we live in

that it's outside of time and so it's as

we connect with heaven as we pause and

there's our hearts connect with the

eternal that we will really experience

the serenity in this area of our lives

that we crave and finally Jesus came to

walk here on earth and when he came he

came in he walked through the rubbish of

anger in hatred the rubbish of bloodshed

and tears and disease and mistrust and

hatred he he came here and he walked

through this and what was it that

enabled him to walk through the depth of

that rubbish what was it that Jesus

carried in his heart and he was God

incarnate so he carried the he carried

the reality of heaven in his hours

he carried the love of the Father he

carried this this great divine love

within his heart and the Serenity Prayer

reminds us that when we to invite Jesus

into our hearts we carry this love the

same amazing divine incredible love

within our hearts that it's that love

that empowers through in the hardest

times it's that love that a enables us

to be reasonably happy in this life and

to be incredibly happy within the next

look for words with hope always even in

our last days to look for words with

hope so to sum up I've given you three

four images which do encapsulate some of

what this prayer talks about the wall of

the fall and how that's very very

difficult for us to hold and how we need

the God's Spirit to continually help us

with that we've talked about the keys of

change and renewal which the Holy Spirit

can work with in our lives and bring

newness and change into the areas which

we are struggling with we've talked

about a timeless connection to heaven

hell that enables us to have peace in

our hearts and lastly we've talked about

the rubbish and how actually it's God's

love goods and divine love within us

that carries us through so I hope that's

been helpful today

this prayer is an awesome prayer I

encourage you to listen to it to use it

within your only daily prayer time to

share it and to give it to others

especially to those who don't yet know

the depth of Christ's

love for them there will be a link to

this prayer film beneath here and do go

to that and take some time out of your

day to listen through to this prayer

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until we meet again may God hold you in

the palm of his hands