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How to find a Dell Service Tag (Official Dell Tech Support)

welcome to Dell tech support the Dell

service tag is a 7th character

identifier unique to your product and is

the best ID to use when communicating

with Dell

while most Dell products have a service

tag there are some accessories and

peripherals that do not in this video

will show you where to locate your

service tag what the Duke you can't find

it and what you can use it for as a

general rule desktop and notebook

computers servers storage devices

printers and mobile devices will have a

service tag please note that your

service tag and your express service

code are linked to your account and you

should not post them on the Dell Support

Forums or on YouTube on most laptops the

sticker for your service tag number is

located on the bottom of the device on

the XPS portables and precision models

the sticker is located underneath the

system's badge on most desktop computers

the service tag is on a white sticker

usually located at the back of the tower

in addition to this there will also be a

black sticker with white lettering on

the top of the tower with your service

tag on all all-in-one computers the

server static sticker is located on the

back of the system the service tag

sticker on dell all-in-one printers is

located under the scanner unit on older

Dell printers the service tag is located

on a sticker on the back of the printer

to get information about your product

using the service tag go to delcom slash

support here you have the option to

submit your service tag if you still

don't have it you could enter the

express service code which is basically

your 11 digit serial number you can also

use the auto detect tool just click on

detect product and the system will take

over the main difference between these

options that you can enter a service tag

or an Express code into any computer and

get information about that product

associated with that ID

however the Dell system 2 tech tools

will only identify the PC that you are

using and therefore provide information

only for that computer

once you have your tag entered you'll

have access to your product manuals

warranty and system configuration you

can run easy do-it-yourself Diagnostics

look up support topics detect and update

any driver downloads you may need and

see a list of additional parts and

accessories available for your PC if you

have any questions or need help please

contact our social media support the

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