find the

How to Kill Skye & Use the Shark Keycard in Chapter 2 Season 2 of Fortnite

everyone sitting here and today I'll be

basically walking you through the shock

location-based adjust how to kill sky

get a mythic assault rifle get the

keycard for this location where the

voltage for this location so basic just

like how to like a win it I guess

because obviously to make the most out

of this place you wanna be getting all

the least possible and especially

getting that mythical cell right now

well she spawns he's going to be down

you know someone if it's not if I find

it fast I'll cut to it but yeah

there is a lot of tension about behind

as well you also have to be careful at

the talks between the deadlock on

ceiling they're really hot but I should

be able to cure yeah yeah so you can see

it all wow I can see also drops the

grappler I didn't know that so you also

get the grapple if you're calling him

this guy but yeah I've gotten all this

stuff now so I got golden scarce or not

okay the key card and the grout but now

on the key card tells me to go here

let's go here swipe that get out of the

way this time again because that thing

really hurts

but now I've technically opened it it's

open as you speak hopefully there's no

enemies yeah and now you can just walk

straight through so I can lock onto it

and now you've got all the looting yeah

which as you can see flat wait I'll see

if you can take out this thing like this

okay so I'll talk okay so that's one

quick way to kill them but now you can

see all this one yeah I'm gonna end up

dying soon because I'm not playing great

and I'm tired but yeah that's gonna wrap

up this video

it's the all this elite you get you get

a mythic scar hidden a grapple with

infinite uses well they yeah if you

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do it for now

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