find the

Skyrim: How to get Mehrunes dagon

all righty guys welcome back this is a

little tutorial on how to get Marian

stager this dagger is pretty cool

because it has a chance to instant kill

opponents so if your versing hard boss

and you're getting really annoyed get

this baby out

strike it you know this might have a

chance kill my hair so anyway to get

this dagger you have to obtain the

miscellaneous quest yet this quest from

a curio surround event he gives you a

note to visit the museum and Dawnstar so

once you got that come over here to dawn

star this is north of Whiterun and talk

to this guy he'll tell you to come

inside and here comes my first and here

you are

good let's talk inside so once you're

inside you're going to want to talk sir

ask him the mythic about this mythic Don

Carlton from this cult now who is very

slick Don Kogen of the certain dynasty a

little now he'll tell you that was who

gon get rid and three fragments of the

dagger and at least two here are my

notes about them I'll gladly again

forgetting it so now you gonna want to

go and get those three parts of the day

go you can and I don't think you need me

to go through that so I will see you

when I'm done

alright I'm approaching the area halls

ahead of the variants dagger place oh hi

he relaxed amazing mmm it's unusual

good you're here I'll place the pieces

on the altar and

God should speak to us

so now he's got to watch this little

area cutscene Sasha moons Daigle

whatever the lord of change we have

are you what you are ready askew you

have play the pieces of my laser it has

been an amazing game to witness Dagon

does not declare winners while there's a

fallen boy killed Silas he and his

family have served a purpose kill him

take your rightful place as my champion

or I will cry all right now we have to

kill Silas

fine I'm not dying without a pass last


hey stead

I am pleased mortal I'll give you my

razor using to wreak havoc on Tamriel

you have been a worthy tool fill the

world with destruction in my name

place your hands on my altar one last

time and you will witness the power of

males Dagon for yourself

his salvation and then once rebuilt

now you go mortal one final job now the

day's gonna come out of this door okay

these guys aren't too hard try a pixel

stick to one of their sky he's gone

and you also again three Daedra hearts I

think it is out of this episode it meant

to pick up that our that was in there

that's all mods don't worry about that

alright drop goddamnit well was it right


did this guy he didn't drop by our dojo

heart that tear I'm pretty sure yeah

should have taken that i thought i yeah

okay now do the door line is another day

drum pretty sure i'll - okay oh crap

that's my dog yeah they don't happen ooh

Oh see ya

now you have finished the quest let me

just drop this something


this bagger is pretty cool

you've got a lot of loot here chests

full of stuff what was that Alvin bow

take that where's my other crap though

you get helmets barely need them five

I'll take it

so I'm soul gems gold ingots all my

chapman's and yeah I hope you guys

enjoyed this video and I'll see you