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hey everyone beyond Sims here today with

a new video for you looking at the Sims

of mobile and in this video we're going

to be looking at how you can access the

sim info panel within the game so the

sim info panel as the name suggests it

tells you everything you need to know

about the current sim that you are

playing with in your game so first of

all let's go and actually access this so

to do this all you need to do in the

bottom-left of the screen there is an

icon of a person and a plumb bob shaped

item on there so all you need to do is

tap on that a particular item and on

there you can see all the information

about your current sim so first of all

you can see here a speech bubble from

the sim saying I still can't figure out

what we do at the office but I won't let

that get in the way of my work so that's

because my current sim is working in the

business career so that's obviously

relevant to him within here we can view

all sorts of information about the

different stories that we are currently

doing and also get access to change our

appearance as well so if you're not sure

how to change your appearance you need

to go into this sim info panel so when

you're looking at all of your stories

Lee's are for your career for hobby for

relationships whatever they may be you

can keep track of them all and quickly

as well hop to them so for example with

one here we can go to work with the

other one here we can go and socialize

and you can quickly get on top of those

if you want to and as well you can also

see what they're relevant to by tapping

on the question mark beside them

so it encourages you to do certain

things and tells you how you can do that

so that's all of the stories there you

can also see the contacts as well for

this sim so you can go and add other

sims you meet as a contact and also the

ones that you start building up

relationships with they also get added

as a contact so for my particular simin

you can see he doesn't have men

and you can filter them as well based on

the sort of relationship you have with

them so if you get on well with them if

it's more romantic hate them if you

favor a particular people whatever it

may be you can easily go through if you

have quite a lot there so that's really

useful to know finally you can go in and

view which traits a sim has and how

close they are to unlocking a new trait

as a sim continues to live their daily

life they can unlock more traits as they

go and then they can unlock them and go

from there you can also see here the

ones that you've already picked so for

example my sim here is ambitious and

flirty in this case the complete

opposite to what I am in terms of flirty

I'm the least flirty person on the

planet but you know you've got a go with

it you know for that would be a good

trait to go with but it just really

helps you just keep track of all of your

Sims and this change is based on

whichever sim it is you are playing with

in the game so remember to always keep

an eye on the sim info panel because it

just makes it very easy to keep track of

all of your relationships your trades

and stories that your Sims currently

doing and of course changing their

appearance too which helps you meet one

of the daily tasks - hopefully you found

this tutorial useful it was brief but

there isn't that much more to say on the

sim info panel in-game be sure to check

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I will see you in the next video and

enjoy playing the sims mobile