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How to Calculate Square Footage of a Room

how to calculate square footage of a

room looking to buy a cork flooring at

Forna cork flooring we are here to help

one of the first steps towards

purchasing your flooring is measuring

the square footage of your floor or room

depending on the layout of your space

use the following method to calculate

the square footage of the room you are

wanting to install your flooring in the

base equation is the length of your room

multiplied by the width of your room or

length times width it's not complicated

at all but it can seem tricky when your

room isn't a perfect rectangle we will

walk you through a couple of room

scenarios and describe the process of

calculating the square footage of each

to start you will need a tape measure

calculator notepad and pen pencil or a

device to record your measurements next

follow the steps that apply to your room

layout number 1 how to measure and

calculate the square footage of a simple

rectangular room

calculating square footage of a

rectangular room is quite easy to

calculate the square footage multiplied

the length of the room by the width of

the room you will measure this from the

inside of the room for example if your

length is 20 feet and your width is 10

feet then you would multiply 20 feet

times 10 feet length in feet times width

in feet equals square footage for

example 20 feet times 10 feet equals 200

square feet if you have a measurement

that falls in 20 feet by 3 inches

combination you can easily round it up

so you'd have 20 feet by 6 inches or 20

and a half feet for easier estimation

number 2 how to measure and calculate

the square footage of an odd-shaped room

it is not uncommon to deal with a room

that may have an open or large floor

plan with several closets nooks

built-ins or odd shaped spaces don't

stress the solution is an easy one too

all you need to do is to divide your

space into even shapes squares or

rectangles and be able to use the simple

calculation formula of length x width

after you are done with this step the

only thing to do is to add all

individual spaces you just calculated

together separate the room into squares

or rectangles such as area 1 area 2 and

area 3 measure each rectangle or square

area separately calculate the square

footage of each space by multiplying

length by width area 1 a length times B

width equals area 1 square footage area

to a length times B width equals area 2

square footage an area 3 a length times

B width equals area 3 square footage add

the calculations of each space to equal

a total square footage the formula would

be area 1 square footage plus area 2

square footage plus area 3 square

footage equals total square footage of

the room

don't forget to add the waste factor

when buying new floors don't forget to

add the waste factor you will want to

add 5% to 15% extra to your total square

footage to account for waste during the

installation process such as errors

damage or extra cuts you don't want to

end up in the middle of the installation

a few boxes short calculating waste is

also an easy two-step equation to

calculate for 5% to 15% waste calculate

the waste amount with the following

equation total room square footage times

percent equals waste amount add the

waste amount to your total room square

footage to find the final amount of

flooring you need to purchase waste

amount plus total room square footage

equals final square footage for example

200 square feet times 5 percent equals

10 square feet 200 square feet plus 10

square feet equals 210 square feet or

200 square feet times 15 percent equals

30 square feet 200 square feet plus 30

square feet equals 230 square feet yes

it's as easy as 1-2-3 get measuring

today and visit our site for a look at

our Forna cork flooring