find the


there might not be a more storied or

coveted trophy in all of sports than the

Stanley Cup is the only trophy in the

four major North American leagues which

does not get replicated every year and

with its size 35 inches high and

weighing 35 pounds it's pure girth is

only eclipsed by the magnitude of what

it means to win it in the offseason each

member of the championship team gets

their traditional day with the cup where

they are able to do anything they want

with the trophy and take it wherever

they please but what if the trophy gets

lost stolen or severely damaged during

all that fun well we're going to find

out the NHL's secret protocol for that

coming up right after this

it's some this is not the Stanley Cup

and this is not the Stanley Cup either

this is the Stanley Cup sort of in order

to understand what happens if Alex

Ovechkin's new cuddle bug gets lost or

damaged we have to take a look at the

history of the trophy itself

commissioned in 1892 and named after

Lord Stanley of Preston the Cup is the

oldest of trophies that is awarded to a

professional franchise since its

creation the Cup has gone through many

changes and has even been lost and

damaged several times it was once

dropped kicked into a canal in Ottawa in

1905 in 1909 it was stolen from a

photographer's home and held for ransom

which nobody paid the thieves returned

it and it was used as a flowerpot for a

time in 1970 it was allegedly stolen

from the Hockey Hall of Fame apparently

it wasn't exactly the Thomas Crown

Affair and the cup was easily returned

though none of this story has ever been

verified so let's get to our original

question what happens if the Stanley Cup

gets damaged beyond repair lost or

stolen and is that protocol really a

secret yes it actually is or was rather

you see as I alluded to earlier there

are actually three Stanley Cups the

original bowl is on display in the

Hockey Hall of Fame and that's what it

was originally just a bowl but in 1909

rings began to be added so that the

winners could get their names engraved

on the cup a tradition that was started

early on this was an unsustainable

practice and this is what the cup would

look like today had teams continued to

do that

crazy right as the original bowl was

becoming too brittle and was in danger

of falling apart in 1963 the NHL had a

secret copy of the cup made this replica

cup also known as the presentation cup

was used for four years without anyone

knowing it was a fake so the last time

the real Stanley Cup was hoisted was by

the maple leaves 55 years ago

why did the NHL keep the replica a

secret because of all the things I have

said before the Cubs vaunted history and

meaning players and fans alike might not

have received the replicas so well had

they known they were hoisting a fake

with so many high quality replicas out

there the only way to know that the

presentation cup is the actual Cup is

the Hockey Hall of Fame seal at the

bottom which you can see when the

players are hoisting the cup on the ice

and screaming at the top of their lungs

but even after it was leaked at the cup

on the ice is a fake the NHL made

another replica but this time kept it

less of a secret in 1993 they created a

permanent Cup which resides in the

Hockey Hall of Fame at all times there

are some slight differences between the

presentation cup and the permanent Cup

mostly having to do with misspellings

and the name of basil Pocklington a team

owners dad being on the cup it's xed out

on the presentation cup it's not even

there on the permanent cup undeserving

people whose names don't belong on it

don't get edged on there even though

somehow Tom Wilson's name will


so what if the presentation cup gets

lost stolen or heavily damaged the most

frequent of these occurrences is damage

which has happened several times in 1987

Mark Messier brought the cup back to his

hometown and let his friends drink from

it the cup received several dents and it

was repaired at a local body shop before

he gave it back in 2008 the cup fell off

a bar while in the care of Chris Chelios

and the dents were allegedly smoothed

out in Shelley's garage most of the time

if the cup gets damaged it's expected

that it is to be repaired or covered up

well enough not to be discovered before

it is passed on to the next player with

all the crazy things that have happened

to it there are limitations to what can

be done with the cup and that is all

controlled by man you may have seen

before the keeper of the cup aka Phil

Pritchard he has been the curator of the

pewter since 1989 when as an employee of

the Hockey Hall of Fame he was asked to

deliver it one day and it turned out he

was good at that it's been his job to

protect the cup ever since and he has

surely seen a few things happen to it

but his sheer presence alone lets you

know the cup is under the watchful eye

of a good Stewart at all times like the

time in 2002 when Dominik Hasek tried to

swim with it and Phil had enough and

took the cup from him so what if the cup

gets completely lost in 2007 the cup

made it all the way to Afghanistan it's

been to numerous countries including

Sweden the Czech Republic and Russia of

course with all that transport it's

feasible the cup could go down with a

plane or even be lost

which one time had spent the night in a

baggage holding area because it was too

heavy to put on a plane depending on the

time of the year and the circumstances

surrounding the total loss of the

presentation cup the permanent cup would

be used and a replica would likely be

commissioned immediately it's also not

known whether more replicas exist just

for this purpose

you never know what Bettman's up to he

could have one on his mantle filled with

cash of course

so there you have it your whole life is

a lie and the cup you see on TV isn't

the real cup but honestly I don't think

the players care too much

winning hockey's ultimate prize is an

accomplishment and the Stanley Cup is a

beautiful symbol of the tradition and

history involved in the sport also view

I get a chance to touch the cup you

might want to give it a good wipe down

before you do well I hope you enjoyed

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