find the

How to find your stop tap

a stop tap or stop controls the

supply of water entering your home it's

important that you know where it is and

that you can easily turn it off and on

if you ever have a leak in your internal

pipe work you'll need to shut your water

supply off quickly they usually look

like this and you find it where the main

water pipe comes into your home usually

here under your kitchen sink sometimes

they can be found in the downstairs loo

in a cellar or behind cupboards you can

test your stop tap by turning it

clockwise to turn it off if you can't

move your stop tap you may need to ring

a plumber and anti-clockwise to turn it

back on again

we recommend that when you turn the stop

tap back on fully turn it back half a

turn this reduces the chance of it

seizing do this once or twice a year to

make sure it doesn't stiffen up it's

also a good idea to write the number of

a plumber and put it on a tag by the

stop tap that way if you ever have an

emergency you've got the number two hand