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How Do I Turn Off the Mains Water Supply to My House? | Tutorial | DIY Hacks

hello and welcome to tutorial teaching

you how to isolate the water supply to

your house particularly important if

you've got an emergency or if you've got

a leak now I'll hurry from this because

I'm guessing some of you are in an

emergency situation which is why you've

googled this video now the reason I am

sat down on the floor just under the

kitchen sink is because often the first

port of call where you need to turn your

water off is right here it's called a

stop god this one is even labeled but I

have a bit of a problem here and that

problem is that stopcock has seized up

they often do often they are not used

for years and years and years so I still

have a problem I need to isolate the

water to that's above now there is

another way of doing this so either the

stock monkey sees or perhaps you just

can't find it and you're panicking so

what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna jump

to a secondary video where I'm gonna

show you how you walk out into the

street and find where you can isolate

your water from outside after we watch

that we'll come back to me here sat on

the floor and I'll just talk you through

a few final bits there's the road here

there's the river houses all down there

not just on the road itself before we

get on to the prophecy excuse me you

will see that we have

a little hatch day there's more time

yeah just gonna screwdriver it sometimes

to be quite stiff sometimes things are

not been open for years part is the

water board's responsibility to maintain

a shutoff towards the house and there it

is then you can actually probably see

hopefully you can read that on there

that if it will focus which it says

stopped under this bit here if I turn

that okay see it turns it's what your

hand you know you can actually get a key

it's I say okay it's so long so long

part with it with a little end fitting

on the end which enables you to twist

that with a handle but if I were to turn

that all the way then that would switch

the water completely off to the house

now once you've done that it's very very

important that you test the cold water

is switched off so go into your kitchen

open up the cold tap and it will run

just for a little while and it will be

completely off okay that's so you've

seen where the water is isolated from

the street what I would like to point

now is the moment you switch that

stopcock off that you've just seen the

stream no more water can enter your

house it's important that you check that

is your supply and not your neighbors

but as you saw for that video it was

quite clear that was the only one in

front of the house maybe if you live in

flats or apartments there might be one

service point serving all the flats in

which case you really need to speak to

somebody in the flats or in the

apartment but if you've got a if you've

got a problem if you've got a lake and

gonna need to act quickly your first

port of call should always be to call a

plumber it really should but maybe you

phone one up and you can't get one for

two or three hours you can't wait a lot

of damage can happen it within that time

so let's isolate the water supply and

then calling the professional the other

thing I would say to you is I mean in

the UK certain and you have two

different types of water system I'll

make it as untechnical as I possibly can

but sometimes you might have a combi

boiler or a high pressured system now if

that's the case then just isolating that

water supply will turn off all the water

to your house however if you have a what

we would call a gravity-fed system then

you have

an additional bit of water stored either

in your hot water cylinder or it might

be in tanks into the loft if that's the

case no more water is coming into your

house but as I say you still have water


usually inside the loft or inside a

cylinder and it will be both if that

case open up both your bath taps just

open them up and let the water come

through okay all I have and then is it

will go down the drain and it will don't

see the tanks and then once that's done

and once you know there's no more water

connect your taps and there is literally

no more damage can be done any more

water coming inside the house as I say

you really should call it plumber but

one of the things remember once you've

isolated the water in the street the

first thing you should really be doing

is coming in and turning on your mains

water supply now the once happy in that

house I mean you could guarantee if it's

been done properly that the mains water

supply comes in on is your cold water

tap in your kitchen

that's your drinking water it can't come

from a tank in the loft because of all

manner of reasons so the first thing you

must do is come into the kitchen and

turn on the cold water tap if you've

done that and you've isolated it

correctly in the street or under here no

water should come out the moment no

water comes out your cold water tap you

know you have isolated your cold water

feeds hopefully this has helped out as I

say please do call a professional this

is just here purely to help follow the

guidelines and call somebody in but you

know what if you if you've got water

gushing in sea house or leaking or

something like that it's gonna be a nice

tip theme to isolate it and it will just

take the pressure off so as you can make

the phone calls and sort everything out

call your insurance company of course

which is probably your first port of

call and and go for a little e not too

many people have that Oh buddy not many

people have googled this but I was just

doing a job and and and I noticed that I

couldn't isolate the water and I knew

what to do it's not always the case for

everybody so thank you very much for

watching if you could please give the

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to the channel I will be here I'll be

continuing to put uploads videos on

which you know just hopefully break

things down and make these sort of

tricky and complicated world of plumbing

seem a little bit more simple and just

so as you're not going to help you guys

when you try to do these DIY projects at

home until next time thank you very much

for watching