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Top 5 Tips and Tricks to Find Rare Spawns in Pokemon GO! (2021 Working Rare Pokemon Guide)


what's up you guys it jonno today I got

lit for you in Pokemon go we are gonna

remake a video that I made about two

years ago and it is just recently

getting a ton of views this is five tips

to find rare spawns and where updated

for 2019 so these are new and

interesting and you should be able to

learn a lot about how the inner workings

of Pokemon go actually function and

hopefully you can find those rare spawns

in your local area let's dive right into

it you guys tip number one is going to

be memorize your local spawn points now

what exactly is a spawn point a spawn

point is literally the exact place where

a Pokemon will spawn on the map in

Pokemon go every time you go on a walk

that spawns are going to be in the exact

same points every single house every

single backyard every single field every

single trail every single polka step

that gets a spawn around it

those spawns will recur every 30 or 45

minutes some spawns are 30 minutes some

spawns are 45 minutes that's all that

there is to it that is a fact

so if you go for a walk you will see

those Pokemon in those spawn points over

and over and over again so you want to

make sure that your walk goes on the

path that has the most spawn points this

is called your route now some people

have a driving route some people have a

walking route some people have routes

for their office some people have routes

for their home they have routes for

their neighborhood routes for their park

you need to know the route for basically

every single location that you go to

that gives you the maximum spawn points

as well as the maximum gyms and poke a

stop so you can restock your balls while

you're catching it's very very important

also spawn points are determined by your

local biome or the ongoing event so your

biome is basically related to all the

different things that exist on the map

Pokemon go can only figure out where you

are based on your GPS location and they

can only figure out what that area looks

like based on the features in open Maps

so if there's a link there in open maps

you can go ahead and assume that you're

going to get water spawns because

Pokemon go has figured out

we should put water spawns next to the

water pretty smart right okay so if

you're in high elevation you have a

better chance to get a Dragonite most

people don't know that so if your area

is high elevation you will get Dragonite

spawns as well as clefairy and clefable

spawns so anywhere that you see cliff

area and clefable you can get Dragonite

it's really weird you won't get dragon

out down by the water you get him up in

high elevation areas kind of strange but

that's just how spawn points work

there's a lot more interesting little

tidbits there but let's move on to tip

number two memorize your cluster spawns

now you may find these areas in your

local area where you find a ton of

spawns now this would seem pretty basic

but tip number two is probably the most

valuable tip in the entire world of

Pokemon go and that's why I dedicated it

took to it you must memorize the cluster

spawns go to these places go there as

often as possible remember the spawns

reset every 30 or 45 minutes so every 30

or 45 minutes you're gonna get new

spawns at that cluster and those spawns

could be rare so that's how you find

your rare spawns you go to the clusters

statistically there will be a higher

chance to get rare spawns

in those clusters now this is kind of a

weird cluster because it has bonus spawn

points during certain events they will

add extra spawn points like on community

day if you go to your cluster spawn

during community day or if you go there

off of community day you will notice

different amounts of spawn points there

are added spawn points during community

day this has been confirmed only through

certain cluster spawns where people say

why are there more spawns here now than

there were before they've added in extra

spawn points very important once you

memorize these locations and go there

over and over again you'll get way

better gameplay now how are you gonna

find these locations well if you haven't

already found your local locations

here's a couple of tips to actually find

them look for restaurants shopping

centers malls gas stations are a weird

one but gas stations have a lot of

spawns hotels are another one kind of

strange but they have a lot of spawns

for whatever reason the game thinks that

there's a lot of people in these

locations so they've decided to put more

spawns there it's kind of smart

aside from it nerfs all of the other

areas that you actually might want to

play like your local neighborhood you

might have no spawns nope okay stops in

your local neighborhood so that's why I

made tip number three seek out the best

places to play now I know that this is a

really lame tip and a lot of you are

kids and you can't travel and you don't

have a car and you don't have any money

and just because you're an adult doesn't

mean that you have a car or you want to

travel and spend money for a game but

sadly tip number three is another one of

those valuable tips that I just have to

put on the video because it's important

it doesn't mean that you're actually

going to be able to do this and sorry

for the people that can't do it I

obviously have a youtube channel I

travel a lot I end up doing a lot of

travel for the game and that cost me a

lot of money you guys have no idea how

much it cost me so I understand that

that's not probable for everybody and

it's not possible for everybody so it's

just one of those tips that not

everybody can follow unfortunately but

it is a very good tip and if you do end

up going on vacations or taking trips

it's good to try to play the game during

those times because the gameplay is so

much crazy better in cities so you will

end up getting that good gameplay which

will improve the quality of your game in

the long term because those rare Pokemon

that you catch on those trips you'll

keep forever and they'll be really

strong so they're pretty good so any

chance that you get to travel or even

just going to your local nest if it's

kind of far away you still want to go

there I'm gonna cover nest a little bit

later in the video but basically my tip

is whatever that you find has the best

gameplay try to go there it doesn't have

to be far away it doesn't have to be

driving two hours to a local city it

could just be going to your local park

because that's where the best gameplay

is you want to try to do that now again

I understand kids can't just go to the

park at night kids can't just go to the

park whenever they feel like it so sorry

about that I'm not saying that it's

gonna be probable or possible for

everybody but it is a really really good

tip all right you guys so keeping that

in mind with tip number three that could

include just going to the store whenever

your mom or dad or grandma or whoever if

they say hey you want to come to the

store with me don't think in your head

no I don't want to go to the store

because my xbox is at home and I can

play fortnight think ooh if I go to the


that's a shopping center there's

probably a cluster spawn there the store

could take anywhere from 30 minutes to

an hour so you could get to response on

the entire cluster spawn and if you say

have like 15 spawns at the store that's

like 30 spawns that you're gonna catch

while you're at the store so think about

it as an opportunity to gather star gust

catch rare spawns and get your gameplay

achieved on a daily basis and not

necessarily as missing out on a gaming

opportunity going to the store in

Pokemon go actually is a gaming

opportunity so kind of interesting kind

of weird but randomly it is the same

thing with Church if they say hey you

want to go to church guess would go to

church there's probably a polka stop

there weirdly churches are pokey stops

so there may be good spots at your

church you know oh right you guys so my

next tip is gonna be to check your local

nest rotations every rotation now let's

get really deep into the details on what

that actually means for those of you who

may be new to the game don't know what a

nest is don't know what a nest rotation

is I'm gonna cover all that right now

all right so your nest is literally your

local parks nests our local parks local

parks and nests are generally always the

same thing there's very few times that

you will find a park that is not a nest

now what is a nest a nest means that

it's gonna spawn one specific type of

Pokemon on a 25% chance for every spawn

point that is touching the green part of

the park within the game now this is a

really good way to find shiny pokemon

that's why I included the shiny clip of

the shiny Magikarp early in the game

when Chinese first came out March of

2017 shiny Magikarp was the very first

shiny to come into the game and I

thought to myself if I go to a Magikarp

nest and there's more Magikarp set the

nest I'll probably get a shiny and I did

alright I got two of them so at that

time I had three shiny magic carps which

was really unheard of at the time like I

had more shiny magikarps than anybody

and I caught two of them within the nest

now if you get a good nest for a rare

Pokemon that's fan

tastic especially if it's in Machop nest

you need those Machop candies really bad

go to the nest farm that nest and get

all those Machop candies and right now

Machop can actually be shiny so that's a

really good way to get shinies that's a

good way to get rare Pokemon that you

need to evolve that you need a lot of

candies for so the nest is really really

really good gameplay and like I said

earlier you need to seek out that good

gameplay so you're going to want to seek

out the nest in your local area and then

find out what they're spawning and then

go to the best ones now let's get on to

the last tip you guys this is my last

major tip I do have a few bonus tips at

the end of the video so please watch

until the end of the video and I'll

cover a couple more things that you guys

may find interesting but let's get into

my fifth major tip these are like

life-changing tips if you can follow

these tips they will make your gameplay

better and you probably will get rare

spawns alright so tip number 5 use

incense and lures during major and minor

events Pokemon Go has all kinds of major

events like Pokemon go fest Safari zone

they have worldwide events that are

really good they also have these kind of

miniature events that are really really

good and when I say major event I mean

good game play actually worth playing

then they have these other minor events

that are not necessarily as good but it

still changes the way that the game

functions so you could get more rare

spawns during that time like right now

at the time that I'm filming this we

have a grass-type event that's happening

and we got shiny Solrock and shiny

lunatone released into the game kind of

cool but the spawns are not really that

good aside from you can get rare spawns

you can get evolved forms you can get

rare stuff that is a third evolution

alright there's stuff in the game right

now that's more common that really just

isn't common on a normal basis when

there's no event gameplay so whenever

there's an event you can use incense and

you can use lures to make those rare

spawns come to you directly which makes

it much easier so when you have the

incense on it will actually make the

rear spawns come when you're walking and

when you have a lure on you'll get rare

spawns without any walking at all so

both of these clips that you just saw

were event gameplay

I got an unknown from an incense

an unknown event now that's absolutely

crazy to get an unknown from incense but

it was during an unknown event so the

incense gave me extra rare spawns now

this was from the Valentine's Day event

and I was getting chancy off of lures

because it's a Valentine's Day event you

have a higher chance to get chancy so

the lure was actually spawning me

multiple chances that's really good

gameplay so whenever you can you want to

sync up your incense and your lures with

the events very important all right now

let's move on to some bonus tips you

guys I used to catch a ton of rare

Pokemon I was the rare pokemon master

but it's because I was really tuned into

my local groups that would report

response and I was also really tuned in

to various different types of scanners

that would also report rare spawns

there's all kinds of scanners that used

to exist and they no longer exist but

the only scanners that exist right now

are on discord so if you're looking for

actual scanners that will tell you where

rare spawns are they're all on discord

I'm not going to talk that much about it

other than that because I don't want to

be the guy who got this scanners shut

down so I'm just saying they're all on

discord now a different way if you don't

want to use scanners you can use local

Facebook groups and local discord groups

that just report rare spawns and they

say hey I'm a player I found a rare

spawn here and if you go here you'll

find that respond hopefully to before a


now the difference between those two

scenarios is a scanner is a series of

Pokemon Gobots they're bought accounts

that are spoofed into the entire scanned

range so it's literally hundreds of

accounts that are spoofed to one point

and they catch all the Pokemon in that

specific point and then they report it

to the group so it has

bahding and it has spoofing involved a

lot of people played these scanners and

never understood that they were spoofing

because they're using spoofed BOTS to

catch all the Pokemon that they caught

it's not that big of a deal most people

don't care but a lot of people are

anti-spoofing but pro trackers but they

don't understand that trackers are

spoofing and you're spoofing if you use

trackers so it's kind of an interesting

distinction because most people don't


the scanners work they just think it's

fine now I don't really care personally

I don't care whatsoever you guys know I

don't care if you watch my channel

however the only thing I want to mention

is that if you're in a local discord

group at a local Facebook group and a

real user finds a Pokemon and reports it

to that group and says hey there's a

Pokemon here then that's different than

using spoofing and bahding to use a

scanner you're actually not spoofing and

you're not botting in that scenario so

that's why I wanted to mention local

Facebook groups for people who really

don't like spoofing and they don't want

to be part of that but they still want

to find rare response and then also

discord groups that have scanners if you

really just don't care all right and you

just want to get real response anyways

you guys that is going to be the end for

this video I hope that you found this

informative please like share and

comment the video if you found anything

helpful whatsoever and please comment

down below which one of these tips

actually got you a rare spawn thank you

everybody for watching in thanks to my

amazing subscribers and peace