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Top 5 Strongest Pokemon of All Time

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But now on to the video. We all know that some Pokemon are stronger than others, but

which ones exactly are the strongest out of all of them? Well today, I’m going to answer

that by counting down the Top 5 Strongest Pokemon of all time.

This list was determined mainly by base stat total, but since there are quite a few Pokemon

with the same BST, I took into account some other factors to break the ties. Also I am

not counting mega Pokemon as separate Pokemon. So if I wanted to put Mega Mawile in here,

the entry would be just Mawile.

So without further ado, here are the Top 5 Strongest Pokemon of All Time.

Number 5 - Arceus

You’d think the God of all Pokemon and the being that created the universe would be the

most powerful Pokemon of all time...but it’s not. That doesn’t mean this thing isn’t

obscenely powerful though. Arceus...or Arceus...however you want me to pronounce it...has a base stat

total of 720, with 120 in every stat across the board. Arceus may be godly, but those

stats are demonic.

In addition to having spectacular stats, Arceus also has some other phenomenal stuff going

for it. It can learn 76 Gen 6 TM and HM moves and 24 Gen 6 move tutor moves, become all

18 types via use of the plates, gets stab extremespeed, AND learns a move that has 100

base power with 100% accuracy that can also become any type. This thing is a beast. I

mean he’s no Helix, but he’s freaking powerful...Omastar isn’t on this list guys

that was a joke.

Number 4 - Kyogre So this is the first tie on this list, but

I’ll explain what I did to break the tie in the next number. But for now, let’s talk

about Kyogre. Regular Kyogre only has a base stat total of 670, which while impressive,

is not nearly high enough to be in the Top 5 Strongest Pokemon of all time. Primal Kyogre

however is a totally different story.

It has a base stat total of 770 with a staggering 180 base special attack, and assuming that

its permanent rain isn’t cancelled by a Primal Groudon or Mega Rayquaza, all of its

water moves will be boosted. That makes Origin Pulse absolutely devastating. It also has

a fairly wide movepool, and even though its physical attack is lower, Primal Kyogre’s

is still 150 which is more than useful for its large amount of physical moves.

Number 3 - Groudon

So regular Groudon and Kyogre both have a base stat total of 670, and both Primal Groudon

and Kyogre have a total of 770. So why did I give Groudon the edge here? Well there’s

a couple reasons.

First, Groudon’s physical movepool is noticeably wider than Kyogre’s special movepool, with

Groudon learning 31 different physical moves and Kyogre only learning 23. Since Groudon

has a monstrous physical attack, this is important.

But even though Groudon has a high physical attack, most of its special moves are still

really useful, since Primal Groudon still has base 150 special attack. Kyogre also has

base 150 physical attack, but Groudon is in a different and better situation due to its


Every fire move that Groudon learns is special except for fire punch. However, all of those

fire moves get power boosts from the sun that it creates every time it enters battle, so

its fire moves are on par with its physical moves. In addition to that, Primal Groudon

gets a stab boost for its fire moves, so that’s even more beef to it.

But Groudon’s sun weather isn’t just superior to Kyogre’s rain because of the fire boost.

Primal Groudon’s Desolate Land prevents any water type attacks from happening, while

Primal Kyogre’s Primordial Sea prevents any fire type attacks from happening. In other

word’s, Groudon’s ability totally negates a critical 4x weakness, while Kyogre’s negates

a type of move you probably weren’t going to use anyways.

Assuming their own weather is up, Kyogre has 2 weaknesses in electric and grass. Groudon

has 1 in ground, which is amusingly ironic. So basically what it all boils down to is

that Groudon is stronger than Kyogre because its weather benefits it more than Kyogre’s


Number 2 - Mewtwo

Mewtwo is the OG OP Pokemon, but he isn’t actually the strongest Pokemon of all time.

I’ll explain why in the number 1 slot, but for now let’s talk about why Mewtwo is so

high on this list.

The regular form of this clone Pokemon has a BST of 680, which is really high. There

are only 15 Pokemon or Pokemon forms with higher BSTs than it, but guess what? 2 of

them are itself!

Mewtwo is already really powerful, but then it gets 2 mega evolutions that both have BSTs

of 780, the highest in the game. But their offensive power tops the charts too, with

Mega Mewtwo X’s Attack stat being 190 and Mega Mewtwo Y’s special attack stat being

194, both of which are matched by no other Pokemon. And their other attacking stats are

both at least 150, which is still astronomical.

I don’t understand how a cloned Pokemon could have not one, but two different mega

stones that make it even more absurdly powerful, but even then, it’s still not the strongest

Pokemon of all time.

Number 1 - Rayquaza

Now I promise you I didn’t put Rayquaza here just because it’s my favorite legendary

Pokemon. Rayquaza is actually ridiculous powerful.

Rayquaza and Mewtwo actually have a lot of similarities. In their regular form, both

have a base stat total of 680. Their stats are about the same, with Mewtwo being a lot

faster and Rayquaza having much higher attack. Their mega forms also have the same base stat

total of 780. So why does Rayquaza get the edge?

It can hold an item.

Mega Rayquaza does not require a mega stone to mega evolve, so therefore it can hold extremely

useful items such as a choice scarf, life orb, leftovers, or anything else. The Mega

Mewtwos are stuck holding their mega stones, so their hands aren’t free like Mega Rayquaza’s

are. This fact combined with Mega Rayquaza’s absurd stats and movepool caused it to be

banned from the ubers tier in Smogon, while the two Mega Mewtwos had been sitting there

for a year.

In addition, thanks to Mega Rayquaza’s Delta Stream, it gets rid of 2 of its weaknesses,

including a crippling 4x weakness in ice, and it gains an extra resistance to electric.

It’s now only weak to 2 types, while all the Mewtwo forms are weak to three.

Rayquaza with its mega form is without a doubt the strongest Pokemon ever to exist, and I

never want to encounter one of the other side of the battlefield...unless I’m trying to

catch it.

So there we have it! Those are the Top 5 Strongest Pokemon of all time. Most of these got on

this list due to addition of mega evolution and primal reversion, so I’m curious to

see if Sun and Moon will do something to make Pokemon even stronger than these. I really

hope not because that would just be silly.

What did you think of this video? Do you agree with my tiebreakers? What are some Pokemon

you wish were on this list? Let me know in the comments below! And if you liked this

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All right, that’s all I have for now, so until next time Pokefans...gotta catch them