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How to Save Money at American Eagle & Get FREE Jeans!

hey everyone so today I'm going to be

doing a super exciting video so in my

last American inkle haul I asked you

guys if you'd be interested in a video

kind of all about how to save money in

American Eagle whenever I posted it

might make a hole I always get a lot of

comments about a lot of you guys are

saying like you love the brand you love

American Eagle you love their clothes

but they're just so expensive that you

feel like you can't ever shop there and

for those of you guys who are new to

this video or new to my channel and you

might not know I do work at American

Eagle Outfitters I've worked there for

four years now and I'm a manager so I

know a lot about the brand the pricing

the loyalty programs and just generally

how to save money just from doing about

two transactions and working there so I

thought I would share some of the

secrets from inside and kind of fill you

in on how you can save money on American

Eagle just so you guys know I am all

about saving money just like in general

not even American Eagle I'm all about

using those rewards in writer where I

shop but American Eagle I know way more

about it than the average person the

first thing we're going to talk about is

the rewards card the reward and credit

card that American Eagle offers and that

honestly truly is the best way to save

money even as an employee who gets

employee discounts and everything all of

us employees it can still like get the

benefits of having the rewards in credit

card so I'm all about it as well like

that's the best way other than my

employees temp for me to save all my

family's part of it like it really is

the best way like American Eagle doesn't

just I mean how are they gonna mail you

a coupon if you're not part of the roars

program they are just gonna be like hey

thanks for shopping with us say you get

40 percent off like you have to be a

part of their or it's programs in credit

card you know and all that kind of stuff

in order to get coupons okay so we have

our rewards program and it used to

actually be called like the a give

rewards program and now it's actually

called aeo connected and it used to be

like the rewards card and the credit

card kind of separate and now it's a eeo

connected is like kind of one thing and

there's like more of the rewards portion

and more of the credit card portion but

it's kind of all under one thing so it's

a lot different than it used to be and

we changed it in September now with the

rewards card you get it's so weird

because this is like my job and I like

talking about it with you guys the

rewards card you basically get $10 for

every 250 you spend so I believe it's

ten points for every dollar and then

once you spend 2,000 once you get 2500

points then you'll get your $10 offer a

reward you can become an extra

this number if you spent three hundred

and fifty dollars more a year there and

then once you spend what is it once you

spend the two two hundred and fifty

dollars you've got a fifteen dollar

coupon instead of a $10 coupon if you

like end up spending more a year and if

you're extra access you can get free

shipping and like some other things as

well with like the basic or words card

you get that the two dollars ten or

fifteen dollars but every 250 spending I

don't you spit it in ear and then you

also and this is the thing that's like

super super helpful and like new and

just really nice you get a free pair of

jeans for every five jeans you buy so

that's really awesome if you go with

your friends and they don't have a

rewards card and your friend uses your

rewards card and they buy two pairs of

jeans and you buy two pairs of jeans

you're almost there and you don't get it

instantly you can't just buy like five

at once and then get that six month free

at that like in that transaction it does

take about a week or two for you to get

your coupon for the free pairs of jeans

and obviously that's just because people

are gonna return things and order things

and it's not an instant thing so you do

have to wait a couple weeks to actually

get that cute pop definitely make sure

you have that rewards card sometimes

we'll do rewards cards events and this

is kind of also new like I said it

started in September they reel out to

the program so I know for like oh I

don't even remember when it was I think

it was like in January we did double

points on gene purchases so if you spent

you know eighty dollars on jeans instead

of just getting eight hundred points you

would get sixteen hundred points before

Black Friday I think it was on Wednesday

we were basically running all of our

Black Friday promotions for people who

have their rewards cards so on Wednesday

obviously it's not gonna be as crazy as

Black Friday if you came in Wednesday

and had a rewards card you could get a

lot of the Holly deals we were doing so

I think flannels were $25 certain

sweatshirts for only $20 everything else

was 40% off but there were like

certainly kind of random price points

there were these seventy dollar hoodies

for men that were only twenty-five

dollars so just lots of really good

sales with flannel sweaters and

sweatshirts that were only twenty and

twenty-five dollars and obviously those

that pricing didn't go effective until

Black Friday but if you had a rewards

card and you used your own words card

which is literally just the points card

you could get those deals on Wednesday

you don't even have to get on the

craziness on Friday I could list off a

whole bunch of different examples but

we've been doing more and more stuff

like that I think we even did yeah like

a week

there's probably actually maybe I want

to go I don't even know I can't even

keep track anymore we were doing an

event where if you have the credit card

II got 30% off or if you applied for the

credit card you got 30% off and I'll

talk about the credit card later but for

having the points card you got 20% off

so just for using the points card you

got 20% off your purchase but just crazy

and we did that some other random

weekend's we get like 10% off for using

your rewards card all that kind of stuff

so like I mean think about it like buy

one get one half jeans plus an extra 20%

off just for using your points card and

you're gonna get double points on jeans

like why would you not have a

that's literally craziness there's like

some other like random benefits like you

get a 15% off birthday discount and all

those other kind of stuff like that make

sure that you have a rewards card

basically I should say 8yo connected

because it's not really called her words

anymore but I like to say rewards

because I feel like that just makes

sense in the customers mind like you

guys are probably like what's a eyo

connected like rewards card makes sense

to you so I'm just gonna say a rewards

card even though it is technically a Oh

connected so that's our it's card

everybody shopping or it's card if you

shop there especially if you buy jeans

but next moving on is the credit card

which is personally okay so a lot of

associates Adam Eric Engel don't really

like asking customers for their for the

credit card a lot of customers are gonna

be anti credit card the credit card is

just like this I feel like it's almost

like just like a dark cloud and a retail

like people don't like to talk about it

they don't like to ask about it they

don't like to be asked about it but I

think it's a wonderful thing and I

understand that like people will apply

for in-store credit cards and they'll

charge up a whole bunch of stuff and

like have interest and I was like oh

that's kind of crazy stuff that can

happen with credit cards but as long as

you're responsible with it credit cards

are a really great way to save

especially at American Eagle I think

ours is probably one of the best

in-store cards because of the benefits

that you have and it's so so easy to use

so with the American Eagle credit card

on your first purchase like if you're in

the store let's just say you're swimming

300 dollars you could apply for the

in-store credit card right there and get

15 to 20% or 30% depending on the time

off your transaction just for applying

and using the card for a long long time

like for I mean the first three years I

worked there it was 15% if you applied

with a credit card you get 15% of your

transaction this August I think it was

they switched it to 20% off and they

said it was it's like supposed to be a

limited time like all of our signage

says it's a limited time but it has a

20% off since August so it's been like

seven months down it's still 20% off so

yeah I think some stores might

fifteen percent and obviously Canada

stores are gonna be a little bit

different with some of those do Canada

stores some of you guys who work at the

Canada stores you guys have the credit

card because whenever we do events and

everything they're like Canada offer for

the rewards card u.s. stores offer with

the credit card so I'm not sure if you

guys live in Canada or even like the UK

as an American Engel store some of the

things I'm saying are probably gonna

work differently because this may only

be for the US stores so if you're

spending $300 and we're doing 20% off

that's $60 that you can save just for

applying for the credit card and using

it you can go home go on a set up

an account and pay it off actually I

don't know a hundred percent if you can

actually pay it off right then I think

you have to wait for the actual physical

card to come in the mail because I think

in order to set up your account you have

to have the CVC which you won't have

until you have actual credit card but

either way even if it's seven days later

you can very quickly go online pay off

the card there's no monthly or annual

fees so you don't worry about it

so a lot of people you could just apply

for the card get your percentage off use

the card that day go home

pay it off and you won't have to worry

about it there's no fees or anything as

long as you don't charge on it again you

don't have to worry about it again well

people come and spend like $800 and if

it's 20% off I mean that's a hundred and

sixty dollars just for putting it on a

credit card you can go home and pay it

off and you get more benefits and

rewards which I'll talk about in a

second so honestly I think if you're

going to go bulk shopping for like

Friday or Christmas or tax free weekend

inter back-to-school or whatever and

you're gonna spend a large amount apply

for the credit card and get that

percentage off it's honestly the best

thing obviously if the 18 years or older

but but it really is a good thing like I

tell my friends my family and like apply

for credit card like you're gonna save

so much more like it really is the best

way to save and my mom had our credit

card in rewards programs before I even

worked there and that's how I was able

to constantly go there and shop so much

and buy so many clothes for me go before

I even had an apply discount cuz my mom

would always you know usually credit

card in rewards cards and wait for the

right time to go and you can save those

big amounts that's like a really good

way to instantly save if you don't

already have the credit card to apply

for it if you already have the credit

card there are a lot of perks which is

the reason why you should get one so how

I talked about earlier with the rewards

program you get $10 for every 250 or $15

for every 250 depending on how much you

spend a year with the credit card you

get a $15.00 word for only spending

hundred and sixty-seven so you're gonna

get 15 points for every dollar instead

of 10 points for every dollar so you'll

hit 2500

out like 167 dollars instead of 250 and

you'll get a fifteen dollar reward so

you're basically getting a bigger reward

for spending less because it's going on

the credit card that's a huge benefit if

you think about it like 167 dollars or

250 might sound like a lot but let me

tell you it adds up I get my stuff cheap

and it adds up so it definitely adds up

quick and you'll get those 15 and 10 and

you know sometimes they'll combine em so

you'll have like one giant 30 or 45

dollar reward and you'll get them up

very frequently and like I said they ran

on my do double point so that's a good

way to save with a credit card another

way is the credit events so a lot of

times and this technically I think it's

six times a year but I feel like

sometimes it's more than that

so about every month or two we'll do a

credit event where like the last one we

did a couple of weekends ago was 30% off

so I think this one was actually only

for new card members so if you applied

for a credit card that week and you got

30% off instead of the usual 20 which is

awesome that 30% off goes on top the

better and get one half off on jeans it

goes on top of the 60% off clearance it

goes on the top of everything which is

really cool a frequent one that we do is

25% off credit event so if you have the

American Eagle credit card already or if

you apply for one you get 25% off your

entire purchase so my mom already has

the credit card so if she came in

shopped that weekend while we were doing

that she could get a whole bunch of

jeans some shirts off of clearance and

then she'd get an extra 25% per purchase

just for having them Eric Engel card I'm

using it which is great I mean think

about it let's say the average jean is

$40 so you do buy one get one half

that's $60 for two pairs of jeans plus

you get 25% off so that's $45 for two

pairs of jeans that's crazy that's like

that's so crazy so that's when a lot of

people are like you know American Girl

jeans are so expensive if I would get

one half isn't a great deal but if you

come during the right times and you sign

up for the right things it can be a

great deal because two pairs of American

Eagle jeans for $45 it's it's crazy good

and another thing is our jeans will go

to the sale a lot and you know like we

did $20 sale jeans we do that like

sometimes they're $20 and up so you have

to really pay attention to that sign and

it'll just be like random ticketed

prices normally at $29.99

um but sometimes we'll do specials where

like all the sale jeans are $20 like no

matter what there's just all $20 and

then see how that true 25% off that's

$15 for a pair of jeans I mean that is

like crazy cheap another thing is

another great

save is go shopping on Black Friday

honestly we usually the last few years

have been 40% off on Black Friday that's


and usually it's excluded jeans but this

year it actually included jeans so you

could get a $40 pair of jean for like

$24 with the 40% off I think that was

quick math so I don't know if that was

right so if you shop on those like big

shopping events so that's when we run a

lot of really good promotion so you just

have to think about that kind of stuff

like Black Friday all that kind of stuff

that's when you want to go and shop

because that's when the stores are gonna

do the best deals Memorial weekend Labor

Day weekend all those kind of Mark you

know Presidents Day we did a cool thing

with if you tried on jeans you could win

every pair of jeans or get a coupon like

all that kind of stuff you want to go

shopping on those days another thing

with the credit card you get a 20% off

birthday coupon and then you get to pick

one other day a year to get 20% off so

like I said it's kinda like your own

personal credit event like so if you

know you're gonna come shopping around

Christmas pick your day your extra day

to get 20% off to be here on Christmas

or if you know you back-to-school is a

big time for you that's when you buy all

your jeans have your you know 20% off

day be in Nevada store something or

beginning of August or whatever like

that's when that's like another really

good perk it's a credit card to have

your any day that you want to be 20% off

for me I think those are the best ways

relate to save money is the rewards card

and credit card clearance I feel like a

lot of people overlook American Eagles

clearance our clearance is and it's not

always because I'm line at sometimes 50%

off sometimes different stores or on

different promotions in different areas

but usually American Eagles clearance is

almost always and I can literally say

almost always 60% off 60% off and

sometimes it's already even marked down

so if there's a shirt that's $24 for

literally just a plain t-shirt you can

get it for like $10 $10 on clearance

that's really cheap like that's super

cheap the clearance is honestly probably

the best way to save money at American

Eagle because there are so many shirts

that are on there that are only like 8

or 10 dollars literally our clearance

gets new we get new product on our

clearance like every single month and

another thing online will run a lot of

really good discounts and sales and

promotions that the stores don't run and

sometimes the stores are better

promotions and sometimes online runs

better promotions but it's really good

to check because sometimes online will

you only run a lot better promotion so

what we do in store sometimes the stores

can honor there are certain promotions

online that source can honor and there

are certain promotions that the stores

cannot honors so that's always worth

asking about and another thing you can

do if you see a really good price online

and you're like oh my gosh like this is

so good I wonder if they have it in the

store you can do this awesome thing

called reserve try and buy so if you see

a twenty dollar shirt on sale online for

like fourteen dollars or something


you can go to like the bottom right hand

portion of the screen and it'll say find

in store and you can like type in your

zip code and it'll pull up stores that

are close to you and like obviously you

probably know the stores that are close

to you you can click on it and click on

the size you want and it'll tell you if

that store has it available and if it is

you can reserve it and I think they'll

hold it for like like a day or two kind

of just depends on what time and what

day you reserve and everything but they

can hold it for you and usually most

stores will give you that price that

they're showing you online I think that

is like pretty much like the majority of

my tips and tricks so most was just kind

of like there or it's in credit card so

hopefully I didn't bore you on that they

really are good also I know a lot of

people don't really want to sign up and

get all their information and do that

kind of stuff but it really is an

American Eagle divest and kind of only

weighed it saved I hope this video was

helpful and you guys learned some ways

to save at American Eagle and you

learned about our loyalty programs

definitely ask about it next time you're

in an American Eagle they can give you I

mean I would say more information than I

gave you but I gave you like pretty much

everything but yeah I hope you guys

enjoyed thumbs up if you guys would like

to see more American Eagle related

videos and let me know in the comments

like if you guys liked this so I know if

you guys would like to see more of these

so again thank you so much for watching

make sure to follow me on all of my

social media and I will talk to you guys

soon bye