find the


I love you mangoes


good morning Mabuhay squad here in

Iloilo Panay Island Philippines we're

checking out of Richmond hotel thank you

so much Richmond for accommodating all

of us this place just balls my mind but

food is great the rooms are amazing the

staff service is great and I mean look

at these couches though seriously look

at this Lobby just so grand I'm really


I mean for zlil ello you would think

that you know it's out in the provinces

there wouldn't be a place like this but


really really blew my mind alright guys

so now we are going to gamera's

island it's supposed to be with some

cool beaches but it's raining but the

cool thing is guess what we're backing

up onto a boat we're actually taking

this van honorable to gamer as I live

make news big news

yeah Martin Martin has been doubtful he

can't believe that we're driving this

van on the boat took home two two game

RS island believe it when I see it we're

going backwards so I doesn't see it yeah

we're backing up on top

a huge boat right now Wow see that oh

wow oh my oh wow wow wow

strictly observe roll roll safety is

this wet roll roll roll your boat

Symphony don't know your because I'm

going to the sports activity and all

woke up some roll-on/roll-off the row

row your boat did we learn the street

Yas Island we're taking about there that

day right that was terrible something


wanting me over 20 cars can fit on this


seriously this is awesome

I can't get over this Cersei

and everyone has to pay of course he's

here to collect our tickets Wow I'm

curious to see what Kamara's island

looks like everyone keeps talking about





so guys apparently this boat is moving

but you can't feel it

I don't believe it let's see oh wow wow

that's a trip all of a sudden I feel

dizzy looking at this we're really

moving yeah yeah yeah Wow

Oh amazing sweet oh it's raining still

Wow Wow Wow

it is maganda it's very nice look at the

water you cannot feel the boat moving

seriously it is so smooth whoa we're not

allowed on this part okay we gotta go

back guys look at all these cars on this

boat seriously Wow

look at these steps they're so green


I love this oh there's like a whole area

back here people are chilling back here


while he says we're allowed to go

but why they have karaoke here this

okay okay

Oh both awesome Oh

lots of people here

oh and there's a Santoni No

there's like a this is where they prayed

so sweet

what an interesting bowl of course

obligatory Instagram photos




our boats peeing all right we're driving

off now driving off the boat this island

looks pretty amazing

the trees are are different from what

I've seen on any Island here in the


no some are green some are like orange

but it's not only the color it's the

it's the kind of tree

yeah the species alma Wow

it's actually really nice that forest

there guys is so unique looking okay

stop focusing on the ring girls come on

see that guys look at that forest it's

very unique

I see reds yeah like you know I mean

look at all the different kinds of trees

the combination of trees look so nice

there's even a palm tree right there Wow

I guess there's a shortage of jeepneys

here because look at that guy's it got

like six seven people riding at the back

of a softball because I'm just hanging

on to it

welcome to the Philippines I can't get

over the vegetation on this island here

Kimora's it just the combination of the

trees looks so nice on the eyes



it's just so many kinds I don't know

you look at it we're gonna dream wow I

didn't know you can sit backwards on a



- seriously

all of this lush vegetation and the

landscape is blowing me away 11 mmm all

the different types have two types of

plants together it just looks so cool

when I create my terrariums at home I

really try to mimic the natural

aesthetic but this landscape looks like

it's artificially like landscape it just

looks so beautiful there's like wild

bananas growing everywhere like no one

on this island can go hungry they could

just go into the forest and pick some

bananas and wow this is eucalyptus how

did you Caliph this get here

that's an introduced species from

Australia yeah now all of those trees

are where eucalyptus

see here Wow

yeah with the peeling bark Wow Wow Wow

and the soils are red Wow

what did that guy say in Quran red soils

mean it's rich in manganese blue my

squad are you noticing what I'm noticing

like I feel like the settings on my

camera changed like the colors are so

much more vibrant here on this island

for some reason

colors are popping Oh are these like

seedlings saplings while these are baby

mango trees

Wow Wow Wow my voice what we're here on

a mango farm this is incredible

apparently chimeras the province here in

Philippines which is a beautiful island

by the way it is very famous for its

sweet mango now I always thought saboom

angles where the sweetest that's what I

had thought but no apparently Gil Mara's

mangoes are like world class and we

export a lot of our sweet sweet mangoes

out of gomorrah's wow look at all of

these mango trees oh they're everywhere

huge ones smaller ones baby ones oh wow

is this what is this no down here is

this lemongrass Wow oh my see look at

this this baby mango tree awesome look

at the soil oh look at this moss wow wow

wow wow look at the moss it's gorgeous

oh I just want to take some home and put

them in my aunt setups

look at those lichens they're like neon

green this is incredible I swear I don't

know if it's just me or like the colors

on this island are extremely vibrant do

you guys see that

I don't know wow this whole place is

just full of mango trees unbelievable I

really love it and you know what mango

trees means it also means Weaver ends

you know those ends that live in the

trees eco Phyllis Medina oh you see


they love mango trees here in the

Philippines let's see if we can find

some guys and the soil is so soft and

pillowy awesome it's like it's it's very

pillowy you see that

so I guess conditions like this are

needed to create the sweetest mangoes of

the Philippines Wow unbelievable tree oh


SAP is coming out of this tree be

careful all mothers like wildlife on

this tree guys I freaked out there was a

huge massive spider that just ran up the

tree man

this island there's something about this

island cuts she's gonna climb the tree

go Martin join her Wow iridescent beetle

I don't even know what kind it is it's

such a nice day oh wow it looks fake

actually the color dumpy puppy paw mango

trees are quite beautiful actually like

see these ones here they're kind of

younger and then the as they age they

look like this this is like a senior

citizen tree and then here are like the

adult trees and not that's a baby tree

right here

mango Wow and you might be wondering why

I'm not pointing it's because here in

the Philippines you're not allowed to

point at trees and Hills and landmarks

because we believe in Duende which are

like literally like little men or

goblins but I guess in English you can

translate them to sprites or like

spirits and apparently it's disrespect

to point and then you know I don't know

guys I believe in doing there it's a

long story I don't mind that my feet are

totally sinking into this rich soil it

feels so good on the feet oh wow

see these ants they've created like a

soil tube kind of like termites up this

tree and they come out of there I love

it I love ends

on this channel the Philippines is a

haven for ant species Wow look at this

big body of water here it's like a huge

pond I guess or like a lake I don't want

to get too close to the water because

well the Philippines has crocodiles I

know that much actually the biggest

crocodile caught salty in the world I

think was from Philippines his name was

Lola but he eventually died in a zoo in

like they tried to keep him in a pen and

you know make him a tourist attraction

but he ended up dying but the

Philippines has crocodiles and I forget

which provinces have crocodiles but I

don't want to risk going close to that

water I don't want to be crocodile lunch

I'm saying

my boys thought we have friends here

JaVale are you from giving us oh hello

what's your name

oh nice okay let's take pictures thank

you I want to taste these mangoes from

gamera's now we're gonna go buy

something like there's something special

about Damaris I find can't put my finger

on it


all right RJ are we going to try these

mangoes from gamera's yeah

they have this medians let's try I'm

excited so we're here at the Palenque

again look with some angles Kate they're

letting us free taste try it RJ let's

try together


oh it is so sweet oh my gosh and the

sweet lingers it lingers in your mouth

right guys okay growing up in Toronto


we used to get our mangoes from life in

the Caribbean like Jamaica countries

like that but nothing compared to the

mangoes here and there's something about

it there's like mmm

my mouth is still savoring that sweet

mango flavor I won't know where I wanna

hold mango oh my 200 pesos per kilo hmm

Wow if I lived in Kimora's I would be

eating this every morning and night guys

it is so sweet they weren't kidding

mmm the aftertaste that lingers in your

mouth that trips me out hmm

and the mangoes are so fragrant OMG

so good YUM Junior you're matching the

mangoes here her outfit I love you



you're so sweet to me Peabody

while Wawa oh that's the right way to

cut a mango I've been cutting it wrong

my whole life Salameh apparently this

one's not so ripe



her mango there's no right

it's still so delicious

help I'm in a mango black hole


my boys once so structures so of course

they also offer dried mangoes from


see that Oh RJ why don't we give away

one as a prize

okay Mabuhay squad that's it we're gonna

get one of these dried mangoes and if

you want one of these mangoes say I want

the dried mangoes and you just might win

we'll mail it to you we pick you brag

leave it in the comment section I want

the dried mangoes of course we're taking

Instagram photos follow Jaya it's at

Jaya with three H's Mabuhay squad as is

our tradition we need to buy magnets for

the fridge all right so I guess I'll get

this one right here

Gomora Philippines all right wow so they

give you these boxes so you can take

these fruits on the plane back to Manila

or whatever place in the Philippines

you're from wow what a cool thing

okay so we've been seeing these bottles

here they're plastic bottles with

something inside something inside we're

not too sure what it is but it seems to

be attracting blossoms we don't know

what it is and like there's like a a

sponge with a wire and wasps are going

inside and they're feeding from it I'm

not too sure we're gonna ask what it is

but I'm guessing maybe it's to encourage

pollinators to come and pollinate these