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Search Skye’s Sword in a Stone found in High Places Location - Fortnite Battle Royale

hello everybody I'm in the letter would

Austin in as Martin welcome back to the

channel and welcome back to fortnight

it's season two chapter two week a which

finally means that we can unlock the

different styles for sky but before we

do that we need to knock out a couple

more challenges remember as always you

need to do at least 18 of the 20

challenges across the two weeks in order

to unlock this special mission and this

is one that I think you might need a

little bit of help with we need to go

around the map and find lots of

different swords so these swords belong

to sky obviously she's got kind of like

a Adventure Time Legend of Zelda kind of

vibe to her and we've got to find a

bunch of these different swords so the

first one as you can see is right the

way up here you go Northwest a pleasant

Park and you're looking on the first

mountain right about here the tip of all

of these is that they are on high rises

that's the easiest way to locate them so

for that one you are looking basically

are in the right-hand side of c2 as long

as that grayed out area looks good that

looks about right the next one again as

I always do these clockwise is also

quite close to the pleasant Park and

it's overlooking risky reels so you want

to go a little bit southwest of there

you find this mountaintop right about

here and you can see overlooking risky

reels from the northern side we've got

another sword so basically as I said

over here from Pleasant Park you're

looking just there above risky reels

pretty much the best way to locate it

actually is if you go across the blue

steel bridge and go directly south that

is gonna be like the perfect lineup for

you so that's where the second one is

next one is also on this end of the map

but we're headed up towards the radio

station if you don't know one of the

henchman locations has been taken over

over by Fortnite radio as it's called

and basically right over here on the

rocks just behind it you can find

another sword overlooking the north and

end of the map so you can see that bad

boy right there

Fortnite radios just there with the old

satellite dish and that is all good so

you're looking on the top of the map and

you're looking in the very northern end

I would say of f2 on the grid so that's

where you're looking for tonight radio

there helipad there and it's right there

each the craggy cliffs if you needed to

know that one the next one is all the

way down by the grotto the grotto being

one of the one of the villain bases just

on the way over thank you very much

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something thank you right next one is

right here then so if you were looking

at the hole to the grotto see that right

there if you go a little bit west of it

and then up the hill you can find the

sword right about here so on the map you

can see the words for the grotto the

circle the other little entranceway and

then you've got that mountain right

there overlooking retail row that's

where you can find that one and then I

find a one actually not too far away

pretty much where my mouse cursor is

right here overlooking lazy lake it's

right about here you can see this one's

slightly more like bundled in with a big

bigger rocks but it's one over here a

little bit north of lazy lake if you

look it on the map you're basically

looking right there so lazy Lakes top

right corner go up pretty much that

little house there actually it's the

mountain that kind of like overlooks it

and then basically on the sort of zoomed

out map you're looking right about there

so there we are

thanks for watching everybody if you did

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how many of the challenges have you

completed before today's videos and then

how many of you completed afterwards and

also are you going ghost or shadow for

sky thanks for watching and I'll see you

later bye bye