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How to find Thick Club! | Pokemon Sun & Moon Guide

what's good everybody this is Waylon and

today I'll be showing you how to find a

stick club in this Pokemon honeymoon boy

now stick club is a very useful item in

competitive battles because it allows

keyboard and marowak to double its

attack that if you think about it that

80 basis accent will turn into an insane

160 base attachment when it holds the

item that is the highest basis accent in

the non legendary Pokemon category

alongside with Grand harder first things

first you need two things we need

adrenaline old and a pokemon that nurse

pulse live and see because you were

about to steal some candies from a

Pokemon I prefer to use feasel because

you can seach both false love and feed

into the spokesmodel make sure though

that your Pokemon is not carrying an

item because space won't work unless the

Pokemon isn't holding anything

apparently it doesn't make sense for

them to steal a candy when they already

have one that's in line the objective is

to basically spike you bones

located in whele volcano Park in a color

island once you find a key bones use

false wipe and then use an adrenaline

mode once it cause another key bone you

sleep again and again until you're able

to steal a sick lips from an SOS kiba's

according to research each key run in

the SOS chain has a 5% chance to carry a

fake look so it will probably take some

time to find one I will cut the video to

the point where value tbonz because it

literally took me 22 birds to fly one



so there you have it the thick load was

just stolen after the 20th cubone if you

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hope see you guys