find the

Jim Hunts The Time Capsules (a subnautica tale)

alright here we are again I can't seem

to get away from it keep finding new

ideas to move forward with orfox eggs

alright so I made a whole new file put

this base rate in the middle of the zero

points so we know where we're going and

we're gonna go find some time capsules

today friggin rides so yeah this took

way longer than I expected I thought

like yeah okay I mean two or three hours

look at there no here we go we got a

cyclops and all the we're going on

like eight hours now eight hours of prep

alright so the time capsules not much

research on them all I know is that

there can be 40 of them I think in one

world as soon as you start a world forty

time capsules generated and they can

only be on the surface I can't go in the

caves or down in the lava zone Lost

River anything like that that's why I'm

doing this if you can find him in the

lost I would not let me tally I wouldn't

not be doing this yeah I'm sorry they

set up the house at the old zoom well

it's pretty close to zero give or take

sixty feet or meters whatever this is in

imperial imperial metric who gives a

say I set it up at the zero point

and then watch I told you eight hours of

prep dude check it out got one there got

one there every corner I'm just gonna go

in lines like a cornfield back info

back and forth all the way to each

corner and then thinking about doing it

horizontal as well just to be show again

what I've looked at there's 40 around


no one knows there's a bunch of

different answers I might not even find

one that would be very sad and I

would have to contemplate jumping in

front of a train I better get some more

waters just to be sure

oh look at that right on time all right

and we got the fufanu here don't forget

the name and here we go let's get to

that corner

yeah it was probably gonna be tons of

the Leviathan attacks I can see it now

not gonna be pay attention Roomba and

then shits gonna oh I don't even have my

god damn

I got to go back oh no I just ate a

nutrition block oh my god what a

waste a lot easier night to time

capsules really stick out not around

here of course Jesus this as far isn't


the terrain it's gonna be a eh

hole leave already

saver get the old drop off

right here right into the void yeah we

got the four corners get rid of the base

all right this can't take so


oh do I see you wanna know okay

thought I seen one so we want to go

straight west oh oh oh I thought

that was one looks exactly

like it so you've got a look at it here

I don't know no one seems to know where

they spawn why they spawn there I'm sure

it's like those pieces like the

fragments so you think to be hanging on

like the side of mountains who knows

oh look at that I told you not too hard

to spot and this is right off the beaten

path so let's see how high we can get up


maybe they disappear look at that see

this should be pretty easy just gonna

take a of a long time see what this

guy's gonna give you get a document the

mall here we go number one already only

took like five minutes scan that

for no reason all right what do we got

howdy pard Oh what do you sent me

something all very nice for nice how do

you have a Spanish cowboy don't go out

there alone take this the zeldo

reference helped us helps you to open

some doors Oh woody give open some doors


was it a blueprint what all I seen was a

nutrient block and a filtered water

alrighty then thank you

so whoever that was number one down not

bad not bad let's keep searching in this



and if I miss any don't forget to point

out what a stupid I am in the

comments and tell me where it is

thank you all right so we got to the

first corner now we get to go all the

way back and then we're gonna do this

about 8,500 times for good times

olia this weird thing


meteorite God

holy came at an hour

oh great it scared the living bejesus

out of me get the out of here

warper settle down settle down


better go repair up

oh check it out number two look a

hi this is - oh my God look at


that just shows they can be anywhere no

we get time well-spent there will come a

day where you will have to make a great

choice you may choose to act without

discretion our pause and reflect on your

prior choices leading up to the present

whatever your choice be sure to keep

souvenirs so one day you qu may share

your story what did he give that looks

like a slick pack dude I like it

now I got a poster mini Aurora Gorge toy

alright well there's number two thank

you for the stuffed animals I'll be sure

to you put those up


oh great great

Gregg let me the out

okay holy

18 left oh

there's one right there and look at all

the chin around here the

going for read it later

here we go hello future survivor number

three in the bag yeah oh my god did

you fall on me fall on me

oh we got number four look at that right

after okay now I'm happy

I consider myself at the halfway point I

didn't read the last one it's go

read the last one leave that there oh he

gave me two pieces of titanium that's

that's it

oh look at that bees holy

alright hello future survivor enclosed

you will find some of the stuff I wish I

had much earlier to ion power cells and

batteries what so they don't even give

you the if you haven't discovered

it what they have five times life a

normal batteries you can make I no

longer have any use for them and hope

they make survival a little easier this

crazy adventure of mine is over and I

wish you luck on your neck case Nick K

some random nerd from Florida well thank

Nick but apparently they're not gonna

give me my cuz you know I don't

have a blueprint yeah

Nancy's Mar I can't have

in memory of scrambles Bell scrambles oh

he fought well and died well I know what

you mean he made his base read it

so oh I got some water in a nutrient

block nice probably some other that

I can't have you know Oh would you look


just a pigskin throw away dude all right

Marv I can't have unless the devs

are just taking them out do want people

having all this endgame earlier I

don't know you know number five it's

getting cold outside

holy buddy Harry Potter novel

subnautica story is dedicated to two

writers who helped me turn around to

look at life from a different direction

Alan Watson Marshall Rosenberg if you

enjoyed it I recommend the book on the

taboo against knowing who you are

nonviolent communication I have no idea

what that even means dude so don't even

start I'd also recommend my other

stories the Talos principle the swapper

and FTL thank you for all the love for

the game communicating with all of you

but everything is why I write Tom Zhu

pert narrative designer PS enjoy this

useless scanner it's my fave tool and

time capsules are bit Opie anyway Wow

maybe that's why they nerve dumb or I

just haven't discovered the recipes I

don't know what the going on

there PS were not done with 45:46 be

winter is coming

Tom Zhu Bert never looked that guy up

maybe he's he was part of another team

or something that's crazy well thank you

town alright so check out those last

three they were all within I'm gonna say

200 meters that just changes everything

oh my god gotta look harder

I on Power Cells and they take

it away from me

I don't blame them like getting some of

this but it's not the whole point

maybe you don't put 40 of them in one


Oh another one number six

I don't want to get rekt though they're


goodbye magic I found my own oh whoa

look at that right on top of a

rock and on top of a coral bridge that

how the oh my god they are in the

nooks and crannies holy all right

oh and I spec oh we kill them very nice

a survivor when diving in the ocean on

Planet 45:46 B you'll encounter a vast

amount of fauna and flora from the most

gorgeous to the most terrifying kind but

do not be alarmed for mankind taught us

one primal rule everything can and will


even though due to the mistake of people

on Abraxas Prime there are no weapons we

are left with a fundamental weapon the

knife it might seem puny but it will

help you survive even against the

biggest threads not threats Oh a cured

Reginald another survival knife a couple

waters Oh Anna repulsion cannon nice he

left me the charge at 58% how nice if

I'm alright thank you sir man oh is that

number 9 it's number 9 right gotta count

oh we're gonna stasis rifle despite the

trauma I will always look back on my

experiences here with great fondness and

love there we go finally going home

mission update 187 days 12 hours 15

minutes alien weapon system disabled

launches at t 15 minutes level 5 hazard

avoid at all costs

t37 II when your head aids







oh what you look at that over there

that looks like number nine to me I go

bad you can see that oh that's great

what do we get Oh nutrient block and

another drink

oh no message at all

that's kind of weird all right

number nine completed yeah these are

just coming out of nowhere look at look

how far that one is house rate after

number nine never get lonely looking

further looking for a hot date in the

vicinity of Planet underscore 45 46 be I

am a single woman who like swimming and

two hobby too if you wanted me to send

me a message and no reply at Altera hwv


hwv I look forward to meeting you I'm

gonna be lonely forever her boxing's oh

we got another what do we get of

companions and sanity it's been so long

ever since the last transmission of the

Sunbeam haven't heard a real human being

just the old Lux the voices of the deep

in my mind and my unusual bobblehead for

a company I might have lost myself on 45

46 billion but the little guy kept

telling me he wanted to see space to

whoever else may have survived some

things to help you reach his stairs and

I hate to leave this behind but

everybody needs someone to talk to you

I'm trusting you to keep Georgie Georgie

safe don't tell me give me another one

oh I got another one oh and some

kinda class steel very nice I'll take

that I guess I keep stupid Gorky

I got two of them

oh holy it's been like Oh

probably in an hour and 10 minutes since

I found another one oh my god we

get whoa

sex coffee's not bad just in case any

other poor set find themselves in this

backwater corner of the sector I made

some extra jew use it wisely all right

well I need it right now so drank album

oh we got lucky

get the out


don't forget your snuggle buddies

oh my god let's go read this oh oh don't

tell me gives me another Gorgui don't

even tell me for thousands of years

comfort through the night has been

received from those that we hold closest

to us embed so while you physically may

be alone these modern conveniences keep

you safe at night or at least the

thought oh there's a lucky number 15

wedged under a rock get it oh what the

I just collect I think I just chick

a live fish good luck to you Brown thank

you thank you we gotta go read this in

the cave oh it gave me some magnetite

one piece of magnet Oh Oh someone of

Asian descent the nice bass thermals

cancel his attackers um all right well

I've been at it for like six and a half

hours no joke and I feel like I've been

around this place at least seven times I

pretty much just used the coroner's as a

way of where to go rather than going

straight forward and straight back and

yeah just ended up doing the whole biome

and then go into a different biome it's

kind of easier so we're gonna do one

more sweep and if we don't find the rest

of them well then well








looks like another egg bro there to

see that oh yeah no way okay that just

confirms it

I was wondering if they're hiding I'm in

those little bushes they are there we go

good luck

get another good luck hey good luck very

nice picture of the gun you probably

need these things more than me right now

good luck out there

stay safe ye oh yay oh thank you sir or

ma'am oh just shut your mouth

they're all around hello oh ma'am I

didn't think I was gonna find any more

no joke

I really did tomorrow probably true

about 20 minutes yeah

yeah hello this is scooti puff senior

nice nice name scooted me along inside

this pod is scooti puff junior his son

take care take good care of him

oh my god I got scooty puff junior well

I should just take the battery out of

mine because this you off take the

battery out goodbye my son

I have a brand new scooty puff weight

that it is that it was a scooty puff

alright I have screwed you puff junior

now sorry goodbye I'm sure someone else

who crash lands here will get it don't

worry it's another time capsule right

there oh oh my god I think this is

17 I got a recount him again should be

17 maybe 18 not gonna huh Emery count

there's two blank ones oh yeah I seem to

waters right there oh yeah have some

snacks in the water to quench your


I recommend the mixed chips parents I've

done just about all I can do almost ten

hours of driving around this God

forsaken map

oh I didn't think I was gonna find any

on the second trip oh my god oh thank

you all right so now I got to do a

couple things to prepare for the ending

yes I do have an engine but it's

probably gonna take me another two hours

or so hon oh it never ends

of course it took another two hours

because I forgot about the latter of

this game you had to get the ion battery

for the rocket and then the freakin cure

so I could turn off the gun so the

rocket can get out of here oh my god I

beat it two weeks ago you think if I can

remember it so the whole setup to this

has literally been like 20 hours to get

nine hours worth of friggin around the

whole map I need something to drink we

gotta make our own time capsule now

alright encapsulate this whole

experience don't worry I went and got a

nice screen shot it's pretty awesome one

of my favorites fun slash creatures of

this game

say goodbye the get a little shitty bass

only use when needed got the prawn suit

there it's the third good bag peepers

I'll see you later here we go

third time as a chair I haven't got to

flick all the on

hydraulic using hydraulics

communications auxilary for the ipods

once again nucleus hello good to see you

again life so far life support systems

keep that root beer IV active please o

primary CPUs primary computer systems

active the i7 teens are active

three of them rocket not ready oh and

here we go what this has all been about

we all come back to this all right I

think I have my time capsule all ready

to get well here we are again this is

the third time I've tried getting off

this planet even though I didn't want to

but you know my boss wants me back and

to no success yet again Here I am the

boosters must have given out or who

knows I made it my mission to try and

retrieve all the time capsules in this

region over a period of 10 hours I can

only find 17 of them maybe 18

I'll just flash the real number on this

screen right now

it's been 10 hours give me a break I now

leave these items for you hoping you

will take this torch and find as many

time capsules as you can before you

leave these items should help me move

heavy things and cook fish instantly by

the way sorry for the half tank battery

should you choose to pay the two it


is all up to you yes don't drink too

much of the caffee from the vending

machines as my heart started having

palpitations your unknown buddy Jim Andy

gave him my propulsion with 24%

yeah survival knife which you know you

gotta have the modification station

so it's pretty useful early and I had to

give one of these away cuz I have three

of them well now I have none because I'm

out of here

this Irene let's send her out do

her again

ready to launch on your command captain

launch you son of a launch in ten

nine eight hey like a freeloader - get

off there

all there goes jettison salute we salute

the time capsule

once per third time on to the bridge

sure hope I don't hit any of this babari

Jesus I'll Terri get your panels on your

stroller you're knocking people

out left right and center there we go

let's remember the Emperor's that are

growing up as we speak firm destination

coordinates barest interstellar phase

gate we stopped at a Wendy's first

re-engaging ion boosters and three


what is a wave without the oceans a

beginning without an end they are

different but they go together

now you go among the stars and I fall

among the sighs we are different but we

go together I think she's on acid



survivor we see my guys I don't know

just crashed again for the fourth time

atmosphere don't worry

prawn is still good here we go

I'm contact with a sunbeam we should be

good to go pretty fast the base is all

good but I got in touch with them and

whoever we're good to go here now should

be our ring


didn't I disable that