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How to Customize Toolbars, Taskbars, and Menus in Windows 7 For Dummies

the Windows 7 Start menu works great

until you're looking for something

that's not listed on it to add a

favorite programs icon to the start

buttons menu right-click the programs

icon and choose pin to start menu from

the pop-up menu bingo

windows copies that icon to your Start

menus top left column to purge an

unwanted icon from the Start menus left

column right-click it and choose remove

from this list

remember when you install a program on

to your computer the program almost

always adds itself to the Start menus

all programmes area automatically if you

want even more customization you need to

change some properties to start right

click the start button choose properties

and click the Start menus customize

button now select the check boxes by the

options you want or deselect the check

boxes to remove the options you can also

increase the number of programs you want

to display by clicking here for example

you can increase the number of programs

from 10 to 12

now click OK do you want Windows to

start a program automatically when you

turn on your computer

believe it or not windows 7 can automate

this task to make your favorite programs

wake up along with Windows 7

follow these steps first click the start

button and choose all programs now

right-click the startup folder icon and

choose open while holding down the right

mouse button drag and drop your favorite

programs icon from the Start menu into

the startup folder then choose create

shortcuts here Windows 7 automatically

places a shortcut to that program inside

the startup folder if you'd like to

customize your taskbar follow these tips

to add more programs to the taskbar drag

and drop a programs icon directly onto

the taskbar

or if you spot a favorite programs icon

on your Start menu right-click the icon

and choose pin to taskbar from the

pop-up menu for even more customization

right-click a blank part of the taskbar

and choose properties there are lots of

options here you can lock the taskbar

for example doing so protects you from

accidentally making changes to the

taskbar auto hide the taskbar hides the

taskbar when it's not in use other

options are used small icons taskbar

location on screen taskbar buttons

notification area and preview desktop

with Aero peek remember to hit OK after

you select the options you want also

keep in mind that if you've locked the

taskbar you're going to have to unlock

it again before some of these options

will work do this by removing the check

mark by lock the taskbar Microsoft lets

you customize your taskbar even further

often beyond the point of recognition

some people like adding taskbar toolbars

which tack extra buttons and menus on to

their taskbar others accidentally turn

on a toolbar and can't figure out how to

get rid of the darn thing to turn a

toolbar on or off right-click on a blank

part of the taskbar and choose toolbars

now click the toolbar or toolbar as you

want choose the desktop toolbar for

example to place a tiny pop-up menu for

quickly browsing to any location in your

PC don't like the desktop toolbar

right-click the taskbar again choose

toolbars and click desktop to turn it

back off some find toolbars to be time

savers others find them time wasters

feel free to give them a try and decide

for yourself