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Understanding How Shipping Actually Works with Tracking Numbers


someone placed an order the order right

this is a box I fold the box right you

put things inside the box because they

don't come with a tractor beam

or a teleporter then you close the box

and then you got to put a from an a to

and since we live in the modern age it

prints a label so Mugu

right he ordered some for 187 OCD

court and ADHD lithium land it prints

out a label that's the tracking

number right that's the tracking number

and you'll get the tracking number and

then somebody emails me how come the

tiger number don't work it's not working

the tracking number is not working out

chapter 18 thousand times I've sent you

15 emails why aren't you responding cuz

I printed it mr. I put it in a

box like this and now it's

waiting for the rest of the

orders so that I could take it to the

post-office and then they get

checked in that's how you mail things

now you know so wait till the post

office jerk-off scans the and then

it starts working isn't that nice all

you have to do is calm down and take

your medication