find the


hey guys it's hoops to be and I'm back

with another roblox piece on simulator

video yeah that's right today we're

gonna give the translator yes finally


translator so yeah I'm gonna show you

guys how to get the translator would be

swarm simulator and also why you should

get one okay so we're gonna go get the

translator but why do you need a

translator well there's a couple of

NPC's in the game that require special

translator so they can understand you

now on one of these NPCs is inside the

red layer that's right so you're just

going to help out the stairs and we come

up to here and it's Riley B and if you

want to talk to a gifted Riley B well

you're gonna need a translator yeah

that's right now this is my second

translator I've this is a roof oh yeah

that was one of the codes in a bee swarm

simulator so yeah that's a one of the

npc's that required translator now the

other NPC that requires a translator is

in the blue hall and if we go into here

we'll see that there's a buck OB yeah

that's right and I've actually applied a

translator so we can understand or what

he says now I still have a buck OB quest

to do and that would suggest not using

your first translator on one of these

NPCs because you can get more rewards or

with the stick bug yeah that's right so

let's go ahead and again our second

translator now you'll find the

translator up here with the science bear

yeah that's right the science bear has

the all the translators and you can get

your own translator by completing the

science bear quests so let's head over

there now as so this is the science bear

and I've got a quest to complete let's

see it's called a best be sporadic and

oh I still have 64 ingredients to

complete with the blender alright so

yeah they're not easy but we do get

there in the end so let's just head over

to the well the crafting shop and the

badge hall and we'll just head up there

now just taking the long way and we'll

just head in there hopefully I've had

some items crafting so hopefully they've

finished and then we should be able to

complete that quest so let's quickly a

go inside the badge bearers hall to the

crafting blender open the menu and in

the crafting now when you have these big

quests the easiest thing to blend is

gumdrops because you only need a few

items per crafted item so now we are

ready to click our translator so let's

get back there so let's just head back

up here and then we'll just head over to

the science bear and here we are so

we're here with wolves 1 3 2 sorry dude

we are recording so let's go ahead and

talk to the science bear so he's telling

us there was 30 be types and yeah this

is happen to be some other stuff mm-hmm

thinking ah there we go you able to

convert 25% more pollen and that brings

conversions efficiencies 650 percent and

a second translator now I am gonna go

ahead complete 5 more experiments and I

may think about a third yeah so that

would be pretty cool but there we go

I've got the translator and I start

jelly guys oh yes I needed one of those

so let's quickly pick up the next quest

a for science bear they're getting

really hard but shouldn't be too much of

a drama so let's just grab that quest

and then we've got to head over to at

the stick bug now what's the best way to

get over there let's head back over to

this way and yeah we'll just drop on to

the platform here so now we've got our

translator and we'll just double check

that yes there's a translator and we can

use it to decipher messages so let's use

it to talk to the stick bug justice

system justice are can understand him so

let's give him the translator and oh

there we go

I am stick bug I move I jump I step to

my own beat I was he before the bees and

honey jump into my world you think your

bees can take me on I think you can

match my side but you'll be in over your

head but I'd like to see you try come

back if you bee

Reve okay well okay should we do it guys

so should we use the translator to

activate the stick bug challenge well

yeah let's give this a go and don't make

the same mistakes I made by using the

first translator on either Riley B or

bucco B because well you're gonna get

more rewards from the stick bug so let's

go ahead and activate feeling brave

dancing the fields ten minutes okay

we've got ten minutes guys use the free

entry or you can pay 50 tickets so let's

go ahead and use the free entry and see

what happens he's in the sunflower field

to start with so we're gonna see if some

other people will come and join us for

the stick bug challenge and yeah people

are coming straight away Oh get out of

here get out of here oh this is not good

that's not a great start so I'm just

gonna go ahead and look at this I've got

some rewards already how cool ice moved

over to the strawberry field so see how

quickly you can get rewards here guys

yeah so let's quickly get up there and


we're gonna get some more rewards in a

second this field is pretty small though

so let's see if we can clear out the

stick bug from this one and he's gonna

last for 10 minutes so you're gonna get

rewards along the hallway so there we go

we've got some pretty cool rewards

already look at that heap of rewards

guys heaps of rewards so yeah it's

definitely worth using your first

translator whoa look at this this is


there's royal jellies and everything and

now it's over to the bamboo field so

let's head over there now

so yeah you want to go ahead and use

your first translator on the stick bug

use the science bear to actually help

you or there's another royal jelly and

help the science bear finishes quests

and then he'll give you a translator and

then you can go and get some serious

rewards from the stick bug now you can

use the stick bug every day but I think

it might be 36 hours so there is that

but you want to go ahead and see if you

can finish off this stick bug in the 10

minute time slot so I'm just gonna leave

that on for now guys and I'll do another

video on the stick bug and

some of the tips and tricks along the

way now but enjoy the show