find the

Where to find the new KINGSMAN UMBRELLA in Fortnite? How to use the new Crash Pads item?

hey guys and welcome to a brand new

video today I'll be showing you how you

can find the crash pads and the

umbrellas for the new update so there

was a new update adding two new items

into the game there's some new stuff in

the game so let's go into it they're

pretty easy to find of course they do

not have like a special loot system but

so let's go into a match and let's try

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for more videos like this so some of you

guys thought that the new items are

going to be in the new boxes like for

example when you have the lightsabers we

had specific boxes for the lightsabers

this will not be the case for this as we

will try to find new items in the normal

boxes so just go and search for some

normal boxes and you should be able to

find it we already found a crash pad

which is beautiful so let me just take

this and we're gonna show it so this is

the first item it's called the crash pad

you have three in a pack each pad lost

for 30 seconds so if you throw it it

looks like this and this will last for

30 seconds what it does is it lifts you

up you know like an impulse grenade used

to do after 30 seconds it will fade away

though so yeah I think it's a pretty

cool item

also you can build on it which is kind

of interesting you know maybe you can do

some cool stuff with it I don't know if

you want to destroy it you can just

stroke and just with one pickaxe hit it

can get destroyed so let's let's try to

get a kill with it trash bags

it destroys buildings which is kind of

interesting all right

not exactly how I wanted to kill him but

we can t use the crash pads in a way

let's also try to find the other

umbrella so to find both of the items

you just have to search chests so by

just searching chests they will pop out

in a chest the crash pad you only have

three and let's try to find a new

umbrella as you can see the crash pad

spawn everywhere so you will be able to

find them all over the map and you can

stack a lot of them you can stack six in

total so that's a lot of crash pads

still trying to find a umbrella go

that's what I'm interested in and here

we are we found the umbrella it's called

the Kingsmen so this is the Kingsmen

umbrella from the from the geek so this

is the Kingsmen umbrella from the movie

Kingsman so you can use it as a weapon

oh my god this is sick what you can also

blog a damage with it

wow these are like the new lightsabers

crazy Wow and you can also use them as

gliders what that's sick

ah you can't you can't all right so

these are sick ok so what I want to see

I want to see how much damage it does so

let me just take a look at it

so the damage is zero the ability is

endless and impact is zero so probably

if you hit something with it okay so you

can you can definitely alright so you

can farm with it very very interesting


so wait if I for example build now so

this is this is like a redeploy as well

Oh No don't do that oh my god all right

oh my god I'm gonna die from this flood

again let's write the book oh you can do


if you click space you can actually do a

trick right you can actually block

damage with it

interesting very interesting I'm not

sure too much if the umbrella is gonna

be even Opie I mean they put it like

it's a five-star legendary item but I'm

not really sure that it is so I think

the crash pads can be very useful

because if you have a guy in like books

like this what you can do is you can

actually use the crash pads to your

advantage to get some high ground so

what you can do is sometimes if you want

to go to the enemy's building what you

can do is you can just slide like this

put the crash pad like this and you know

get a bit of a high ground on them so I

think they can be very very useful for

this so thank you very much for watching

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yeah that's gonna be it for this video

let me know in the comments what you

guys think about the new items and I'll

see ya bye bye