find the

How to find the market value of your car

what's good guys it's the one with

Crisco garage I don't subscriber I

almost said I had a question like you

guys are going to be able to answer it

I had a subscriber write on one of my

videos asking how do you determine

market value so I'm gonna drop a quick

video that you guys know how you figure

out the market value of any car or truck

or van or even miscellaneous item in

your home that you're looking to sale so

check this video out alright so if

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so what we're gonna talk about today is

so as you know right now I have a series

of videos where we're two into a series

of ten and a subscriber or just a

Commodore I don't know if he's a

subscriber X how do you determine the

market value since I am against Kelley

Blue Book and it's quite simple as I've

said before in many of my videos so in

front of me I have my wife's GP office

as I love this card dearly as I think I

told you guys and uh I really don't like

it it's the most unathletic Jeep in the

world and shame on GM for allowing Jeep

to make this car truck no it's a car

it's car it's not cheap but

basically it goes like this

so let's say I want to sell my wife's

Jeep Compass basically what I would do

is after I've made any repairs or

cosmetic upgrades basically what I would

do is this I would get on Facebook

marketplace or I would get on Craigslist

eBay wherever whatever outlet you decide

to sell your car could be even the

old-school way of doing it and it was

paper classified basically what you do

is you find other cars that are close to

down to the value of your car so

basically you find cars they're in the

same league let's put it that way

they're the same league as your cars

your car is a piece of crap yeah you're

gonna find cars that are other pieces of

crap you're not gonna go and price your

car with the creme de la creme of the

crop you know your car is only a

thousand dollar car you know price it

accordingly but let's get back to the

main focus here basically the way you do

is this you take your car and you find

out what the average is how do you find

out the average go on you searching type

in 2012 Jeep Compass my car were taken

in 2012 jeep compass and I would look to

see what everybody else to sum them for

so I would find the car that's the same

color now this varies you have to pick

and choose what you can match your car

to so I want I'm looking for trucks that

have that are similar in math and miles

have the same drivetrain drivetrain is

your engine transmission so forth and so

on that has similar features and

upgrades so we have a base model Jeep

here so I'm going I'm gonna compare my

Jeep to other base model jeeps that have

the same mileage once you find the group

and the good thing about Facebook and

Craigslist is you can usually type in

the max mile so if your car has I think

our Jeep has 100,000 miles on it so if

you so I will type in a hundred thousand

miles as the max so I want to see other

jeeps to have a hundred thousand miles

that's at a 2.4 liter that's a 2.4 liter

that's automatic and I'm gonna want that

uh the website to show me all the ones

that are like that as if I was searching

for that like I want to purchase so once

you find those the the similar vehicles

is to yours you look and see what

they're selling for so rule of thumb for

me is I'm not going to though I'm not

going to look at the one that's the most

expensive because 9 times out of 10 it's

been there for a while because what door

it's the most expensive nobody wants to

spend wants to buy the most expensive


people want a deal so once you find the

average and you know a simple math you

guys you can take all the the cars that

you find add up all their prices and

divide by the number of cars that gives

you the average of what a jeep in the

same make model drivetrain upgrades

color all that stuff whatever you

get a match on it so let's just keep it

stupid simple so let's say it looks

about every other Jeep on there is

selling for I don't know seven grand so

what I'm going to do to make myself

competitive competitive I'm going to say

okay well if every other one is listed

on here for about seven thousand dollars

each I want even if mine is the best one

I'm not gonna put mine up for seven

grand that's stupid mine is never gonna

sell what I'm going to do is put mine up

for sixty seven sixty eight sixty five

if you really wanna unload it fast

and if you really want to get rid of it

you put it up there for $6,200 now you

say oh my god this guy doesn't know he's

making he's giving away $100 not

necessarily because the average person

that's looking at her $7000 doesn't have

$7000 they are very far and few in

between the people that are actually

coming with seven grand that want to

spend seven grand

if you're new you don't know this if

you've been doing this for a while then

you know that that's how it goes

nonsense out of ten somebody with a real

cash if you have a seven thousand dollar

car it's going to act I offer you sixty

two hundred dollars and they're actually

gonna come out and pay it so again if

you're new you don't know this if you've

been doing this for a while you know

what I mean but that also ties into what

I tell you guys you make your money when

you buy the car so if I even though I

was unfortunate enough to finance this

and pay it off if I didn't know that you

don't have said if I bought it for seven

grand I'm trying to sell it for seven

yeah I just lost my ass but if I know

it's worth seven and I bought it for

five me making twelve hundred dollars is

a good deal so quintessential you guys

to go back over this one more time for

those that missed it the way you

determine the market value the real

market value not using Kelly Blue Book

because Kelly Blue Book is a dealer tool

it's a dealer tool that they try to make

use for in the private sector but mostly

is used as a tool to help dealers or if

you are big dealerships big dealerships

and some small ones this used to help

them rip you off to undermine the value

of your car um so to break it down and

keep it super simple for those that

missed basically to miss what I said

basically what you're gonna do is this

this you guys you're gonna get them on

facebook or craigslist or wherever you

sell your car you're gonna type in your

car you're gonna find other all the

other cars that are similar to yours and


drivetrain upgrades and everything else

once you find those group of cars you're

going to look at the cost of all those

cars how much they're being sold for and

you're going to price yours according to

those so if yours if the top best corner

is seven grand and the worst car on

there is five grand you want your car to

be priced in that six here yeah that's

how you determine the market value the

market value is going to tell you that

your cars worth about yeah between five

to seven thousand dollars or my sales

between fifteen to twenty-five hundred

dollars or maybe it might just be worth

$1,300 that's how I determine it that's

how I've always priced my cars and when

I've sold them and I've yet outside of

Hades here any car I've put up has

always sold you know what I mean so

they're gonna be people that's not gonna

like this they're gonna be people that

disagree there's gonna be people that

don't understand that I'm gonna have to

answer emails or comments under and

there's gonna be people that like it

understand it and then are going to be

able to take this concept and move

forward now for all you guys that don't

like it let me be the first to say kiss

my ass I will delete your comments if I

don't like what you say I'm grateful

that I'm small enough that I can delete

and block people for you guys that don't

understand why all I mean say I don't

understand and give me your email

address or just emailed me and say hey I

don't understand can you explain some

more and I will do that no problem for

you guys they get the concept understand

it and one need some more help on how to

apply it again just email me or comment

below with your email address and I'll

get back to you as soon as I can

so that's about it concept is crazy

freaking stupid simple you know what I


you you know what I own the whole I'll

say it I even throw this in there if you

like using Kelley Blue Book if you

always use Kelley Blue Book and never

had a problem then by all means go ahead

and use Kelley Blue Book Kelley Blue

Book it's not paying me nor did they

send me angry emails like Copart used to

do that when I first started my on my

channel so hey so uh you know it's if

you're comfortable using that and it

works for you by all means you guys go

ahead and let the computers do the work

for you but if you want to be a little

bit more proactive and find out that

sometimes Kelley Blue Book kind of under

sales your vehicle

sometimes it over sales sometimes it

works for you but my method tends to

always work out for me and that's how I

determined it I didn't have anybody

teach me I don't watch another YouTube

guru and take their information I came

up with this all on my own

so hope you guys like like it and

understand it all I have for you guys I

hope you guys um like this video and

again I hope you understand the

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give you a peace of mind when you're

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