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How to find Sports Card Values - Baseball, Football, Basketball & Hockey

PS a collector what's going on guys it's

Matt with PS a collector calm back with

another video in today's video I'm going

to show you guys how exactly you should

be looking online to find the value of

your sports cards okay out of all the

questions I get asked this question gets

asked the most how do I find the value

of my sports cards what is this card

worth hey I can't find the value of this

card or hey I have 250,000 cards I need

to go through can you help me find the

values I'm here to tell you guys no I

can't help you I wish I could that takes

a lot of work you guys are gonna have to

do the work yourself but I'm gonna show

you how I do it and everybody across the

hobby does it okay there's no secret

formula there's no secret software that

we use or they use that doesn't exist

okay there's one way to determine the

value of your sports cards and I'm going

to show you that in this video today

okay this is the most accurate way to

determine what cards are selling for

card values change on the day to day

basis especially for the newer cards for

the older cards it's like a week to

month basis depending on the player and

the media and whatever for the most part

guys it's constantly changing okay there

is no set value if your card soap was

selling for $200 back in the 90s doesn't

mean it's gonna be worth $200 today now

if you have 200,000 cards you need to

find the value of guys it's not gonna be

a 15-minute ordeal it's gonna be a

pretty lengthy time-consuming time

investment that you got to sit down and

just bust out and do okay and as you're

doing it you're gonna learn more and

more about what to look for what cards

are valuable what cards aren't okay it

takes a little bit of experience a

little bit of practice and a lot of

patience alright so that any further ado

guys let's go ahead and jump into this

video alright guys so you probably

already know this but in order to find

the value of your sports cards you gotta

go to ebay dot-com as of February 2020

this is the most accurate way of finding

the values of your cards because this is

the most utilized platform to sell

sports cards as eBay calm now I'm going

to show you a couple tips and tricks

throughout this video to help reduce


I'm spent I'm searching for the values

alright now don't call them on eBay and

go right up to this menu right here okay

what you're gonna want to do and you can

do this on mote your mobile phone as


hit that advanced button right here the

Advanced tab and it's gonna bring up the

advanced search all right so let's say I

have a 1987 Barry Bonds Topps card

alright let's say I have this Barry

Bonds Topps card what you're gonna want

to do is you're gonna want to find

obviously the player name and the card

manufacturer so the card manufacturer

and the player name are most for the

most part gonna be lately displayed on

the front of the card alright so I'm

gonna type in Barry Bonds tops and then

you want to flip the card over and you

want to look in the small print what

year the card was printed so this year

says 1987 tops chewing-gum so I'm gonna

type in 1987 and that's all and then

you're gonna want to come down here to

search including sold listings it's

search it's gonna pull up all the

recently sold cards of this on eBay

alright so there's a tab up here you can

do edit a recent first all this lowest

highs so let's just go ahead and scroll

down look at this so this individual

card sold at auction because they had

five bids for two dollars and fifty

cents with three dollars shipping so

that particular auctions of card was

valued at two dollars and fifty cents

however scrolling down this one sold for

$0.99 with 70 cent shipping

further on down a dollar this one sold

for 665 so you're gonna have a variety

ups and downs guys it's gonna give you a

nice range that you can determine the

value so so far we've seen from $3 to $1

ungraded and raw condition now this cart

this right here this PSA 8 this is

graded it's graded by a third-party

grading company they determine the the

condition of this card was a near-mint

to mint condition all right

that's a totally different topic I'm

gonna cover that topic in a future video

on how to grade your sports cards before

you submit them the PSA I already have a

video up on how to submit the PSA but if

you have these cards you want to figure

out how to grade them before you submit

them because the owner of this card

spent probably around ten dollars to

have this car graded by PSA and only

sold for $8.50 so he lost a dollar fifty

because the cars only valued at $1 he

definitely lost money on this sale if

your card is not graded and

authenticated by a third-party grading

company you can't use those values you

have to use the values of the nine

graded cards here's a lot of two that

sold for a dollar one bid and that's

where putting your cards up for auction

to get risky because it can sell for a

lot less than the market average alright

so if you have four buy it now like the

seller did up here at 665 he probably

paid two to three dollars in shipping so

he made like three dollars sixty five

cents not a bad profit for the 1987 cops

now let's say that you want to look for

the highest selling price what's the

highest this card sold for raw and

ungraded so go up to the sort menu and

sorting by the highest first okay

obviously a PSA graded gem mint

condition card if you want to eliminate

all that mumbo jumbo you want to the raw

ungraded copies you have to use the

modified search technique which I want

to show you okay so in order to

eliminate keywords such as PSA Beckett

bgs autograph all the high value

keywords you want to do the parentheses

and then type in the keywords that you

want to eliminate so you want eliminate

PSA you want eliminate bgs Beckett auto

autograph set and let's do SGC because

that's another card grading company and

then hit the right parentheses okay and

don't forget to add the minus at the

beginning of you get to subtract equals

eliminate and you're gonna have a bunch

of search results so as you can see 135

of these cards so that option for a

hundred and fifty-two dollars if you

have a bunch of the same cards guys and

you realize that they're only worth like

a dollar apiece put them in lots and

some is a lot buyers are much more

attractive to lots

simply because they save on shipping

okay so in this slot these cards sold

for a little bit above a dollar apiece

not bad not bad

keep scrolling down here's another lot

of 50 here so here's a autograph rookie

card which that should have been

eliminated so if you want to eliminate

all these Lots go back up to your search

modified search and type in lot hit

enter and it should eliminate that word

a lot guys this is gonna take a lot of

practice and a lot of patience like I

said they ignore this stuff right here

1980 this Inc ignore that guys just

because your card has a blemish on it

that's not make it more valuable or some

kind of ink spot this did not sell that

best offer okay you have to take this

list with a grain of salt if you don't

have a graded card or if you or if you

don't have like a rare card don't go buy

the highest go buy the most recent okay

ended recently that's gonna give you the

most accurate value as you can see 250

99 cents 99 cents that's the best way to

determine the value of just a random car

that you're looking up if you have no

idea what you're looking at do what I

just showed you and you'll be on your

way just slowly learning what to look

for okay so we determine that this 1987

tops Barry Bonds rookie card is only

worth about a dollar okay so let's say

you have multiple player cards all right

type in the player name Barry Bonds

type in the minus sign you want to limit

the the keywords you want to eliminate

which for the most part are gonna be PSA

bgs autograph GMA and Beckett even

eliminate those those are high-value

keywords and then you're gonna want to

modify your search results so you're

telling a BAE what years to use right

now okay you don't want to do Barry

Bonds every single baseball card that

he's ever been printed on only the ones

that you have so let's say you have when

you left parentheses you have a 1986

1987 1988 1989 you have all Barry Bonds

cards from the 80s okay right

parentheses hit enter that's gonna pull

up only cards from the 80s okay now this

is gonna pull up the years the cards

from these years only 86 87 88 89 all

right you can even add 90 91 92 whatever

you want to do these are so these are

the cards that you have you're only

going to want to be looking for these

years you don't want to rummage through

all the other year only the years that

you have you want to build you want to

reduce the search results as small as

possible making it much more efficient

to look through all your cards okay so

do the minus left parentheses to

eliminate keywords and then just put the

keywords in parentheses to add them all

right look for only those words okay so

that's showing you the importance of

modifying your search results you don't

just type in the card and go at it

willy-nilly because you're going to

spend hours and hours looking for these

sort of search results you want to

modify your search results the exact way

I showed you how to do it the more you

search the more hours you put into

looking for these values and looking

through these search results the more

you know the more knowledge you gain the

faster you're able to tell what's

valuable what's not my best advice would

be go through separate all your cards by

Hall of Fame players first get to know

what players are in the Hall of Fame all

right you want to pull those cards first

and do exactly how I showed you all

right sell those guys and Lots and then

you start to know what to look for all

right you start be filtering through

those like an expert in no time if you

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