find the

How much is my old book worth?

rare books can sell for hundreds

thousands even millions of dollars but

what turns a book an object found in

most households into something of

tremendous financial value firstly

there's no single hard and fast rule

usually it's a combination of factors

that gives a book some sort of value

supply-and-demand usually comes into

play if demand exceeds supply then

prices rise here are a few things to

remember is the book hard to find

because only a few copies exist the

advent of the internet showed that many

collectible ebooks actually weren't that

scarce a good example of scarcity would

be the first American editions of Moby

Dick because the majority of copies were

destroyed in a warehouse fire

publishers can also artificially create

scarcity by printing a small number of

copies a limited edition in order to

create desirability does the book have

any social significance that makes it

desirable did an influenced literature

like Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice

or politics like Marx's Das Kapital in

most cases the earliest copy of the book

is the most desirable that's the true

first edition collectors want to own

books written by successful authors and

usually it's the earliest edition that

they want the most if an author has

signed a book that's going to push a

value also the death of a major author

can push up book prices too


collectors want the first edition first

printing of a book that means the titles

first appearance later editions and

reprints just don't have the same appeal

if house buying is Location Location

Location rare book buying is condition

condition condition and condition

includes the presence and condition of a

dust jacket in some first editions the

great gatsby for instance the presence

of the dust jacket is the defining

aspect of the books value condition and

Edition are very important when

assessing a books value age can affect

scarcity but it's not usually a critical

factor in a book's value attics and

basements usually contain many old books

old Bibles old encyclopedias and other

books printed in huge quantities I'm

afraid they're worth very little is your

book beautiful does it have a gorgeous

binding or has it been illustrated by a

famous artist or contain memorable

photography many book collectors do

judge a book by its cover and a pretty

book can fetch a pretty price books can

gain value by being connected with

someone of significance the most common

occurrence is when a book has been owned

by or signed by someone who is important

so if you have a beautiful first edition

of a book of some importance written by

a famous author and yet it's still in

great shape but it's become hard to find

and it was once owned by someone of

significance then you have a very

valuable book