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Why Comics & Collectables Are Mostly Worthless

let's talk about comic book speculation

sure the 90s which a cop in the 90s

comic books had a massive boom why do

you think that was it what is a Batman

89 potentially I don't know but comic

books were just a huge business back

then I think it's because you could just

get him a new stands that's not really a

thing now yeah but back in the day you

could just pick up one for you know 50

cents at a newsstand or whatever I don't

know what a newsstand exactly it's all

comic book stores now but I think but

like it was not uncommon if a book sold

like a hundred thousand copies yeah it

was out yeah good yeah nowadays if a

comic book sold a hundred thousand

copies that would be amazing absolutely

like it was not uncommon for like Todd

McFarlane like a Todd McFarlane or Gimli

book or whatever to sell 500 600

thousand copies the first issue is

spider-man yeah sold like 1.3 million

copies or something like that it's too

many yeah I know right

that's crazy but if what what happened

is that they all decided to you know

branch out create Image Comics whole

bunch of people whose names I can't

recall Rob Liefeld I broke Rob Liefeld

Erik Larsen the to be said before Marc

Silvestri yep Will's potatio will swell

spurt a CEO yes a couple other people

but anyway that so they all they all

came up with new number ones it was you

know spawn Savage Dragon Wetworks

cyber force whatever Rob Liefeld did all

the classics you know a lot of classics

what did rob liefeld do I should know

that no he did bloody Youngblood see the

only ones from that I'm like there's

still savages Gila Rams whatever's right

this villain still do and it's more

original it's still Erik Larsson it's

not and there's a lot of good Savage

Dragon stuff is yeah definitely yeah and

sweet because all those issue-- ones

that like there was selling like people

were collecting them thinking all their

issue ones they'll be were exactly

that's true yeah but when you sell a

million 1.3 million copies of something

it is not worth anything absolutely yeah

because the rule of anything being worth

something is it has to be at some point

worth nothing to eventually be worth

anything for example the Star Wars

figures everybody bought Star Wars

figures played with him got rid of him

threw him into being a dog item whatever

yeah but the people who kept them yeah

the very few means that those because

that because they were worth virtually

nothing which

people turfed them yep so people keep

them I had them for whatever reason then

they're worth a lot because yes

absolutely but now like you got your

limited-edition kylo ren's they sell

however many million that it that is and

everybody buys one everybody's open you

have 1 2 K exactly yeah which

essentially renders them worthless

worthless or their original price yes

exactly so that will add something like

um a red a finger on collectibles awhile

ago and you know in order for something

to be collectible year right it has to

but it not only doesn't have to get to

zero it has to go below what's called

the trough of no value so it has to be

worth negative money so you have to be

like I'll take things up I have to sell

this but also it's taken up space yes in

this crate that I could be keeping this

is like the Atari all batteries in yeah

exactly yes and so so that was the thing

about the 90s is people look back and

they went are super Action Comics number

one featuring Superman yeah that's worth

the time was worth like twenty-seven

thousand dollars or something like that

and now it's worth millions yeah

and people like oh so this is the number

one like this is the new crop of number

ones from the new hot creators all these

all these books all these characters

going to be legendary iconic characters

forever yeah so we will we'll get these

we speculate will buy all these while

the variant covers and then in 20 years

we'll sell them a maker mint all the

spawn Wetworks will Sport Asia native

networks ah bloody Shadowhawk do you

think though this could get into the

trough trough of despair or whatever now

that people are like well these aren't

we yeah well they have to eventually but

I think the timeline is extended I think

I've yeah a hundred years yeah I slowly

yeah what's that line for me Indiana

Jones you put like it all like a trinket

watch in the desert and a thousand years

it's worth like that's what I yeah


it's a good movie we should talk about

those movies let's do it now I don't

know I feel like it when you get people

like buying up all the things in

collecting everything I think it ruins

it for kids yeah boy does like it

automate okay there's this guy called

Mel the Russian comic book geek well I

like a lot oh yes

but he did this video called comics

should be for everybody yep and it's

basically how he talks about a lot of

the comic book industry has been

hijacked by people who used to be fans

as kids yeah this conversation turned to

something completely else so it's fine

it's fine

as hide people who love comics who now

go back to the store and just kind of

buy up everything and then kind of [ __ ]

on anything new and hate anybody who

doesn't know a lot about a certain thing

right and you know what the thing is

about comics or any kind of movie or

anything for me is whatever level you

like it at is okay yeah you can be new

to something or you could have a passing

interesting something that doesn't make

you less doesn't make you less of a

person because if you don't less about

spite about that another person maybe

you just maybe the exact circumstances

of your birth and life haven't led you

to liking and knowing the same amount

about spider-man as certain other person

exactly and that's why when movies come

out and people get angry at you know say

like the new x-men movie comes out and

people get angry to other people who go

you just even even like x-men you just

jumped on the bandwagon x-men movie who

[ __ ] cares man like let people can

like things or not like things it

doesn't matter like if you're the

biggest fan great if you're not who

cares yeah none of this

again I always said is none of this

matters you can you just like what you

like at whatever level you want to like

it at yeah because there are people out

there who know infinitely more than us

yeah and that's great that's most people